Worlds Best Rehab Clinic

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Worlds Best Rehab Clinic


Global competition is fierce for the coveted crown of Worlds Best Rehab Clinic and clients are faced with an ever-growing list of exclusive, luxury rehabs from which to choose. Given the life changing process of rehabilitation there’s an extra pressure to ‘get it right’ and find the best therapists and the most immersive overall rehab experience.


The wrong choice can have dire and existential consequences. The right choice can lead to complete recovery, or at the very least, remission from substance abuse and process addiction, which is why the exclusive tier one+ rehab facilities featured in Worlds Best Rehab Magazine are the constantly evolving to deliver on exceptional results, in sublime surroundings.


The Worlds Best Rehabs are not 12-Step


Gone are the days of the traditional 12-Step model, it’s shame based approach and non-medical ethos were created to save lives during the great Depression of the 1930’s.


While at its core the 12-Step program has certainly stood the test of time, many of the Worlds Best Rehab Clinics combine psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and holistic modalities to treat the whole self, as opposed to only one part of that psyche. All of the rehabs featured on Worlds Best Rehab have significant, World Class Dual Diagnosis experience, with extensive treatment options at their disposal.


Researching the Worlds Best Rehab Clinics


Because patients and their families generally do not have the expertise to make informed comparisons, they are somewhat disadvantaged when it comes to finding treatment facilities. It is easy for a facility to make bold claims and we’ve noticed a worrying trend of facilities ‘copycatting’ what is now the rather passé marketing phrase “one client at a time’.


These rehabs tend to be virtual affairs, without any published address. In our experience this has little to do with privacy, and is more indicative of a service which only exists when a client commits financially to treatment. For the rest of the year these therapists simply run their own clinics, with their own local patients, for a fraction of the cost.


Worlds Best Rehab Magazine exists to allow clients and their families to efficiently research all their available options, and our Luxury Rehab Brochure allows features all of the current Rehabs worth considering. Quite simply, if a Rehab isn’t featured we don’t rate it as being any good.


How Long is Treatment at the Worlds Best Rehab Clinics?


Understandably, people want to find a service that will help them recover as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, recovery from addiction and some co-occurring conditions is not such a clean and crucial process. Without an intervention that could be directly attributed to a “cure”, the best clinic in the world would show that everything is done to create the right conditions in every respect to improve the chances of recovery.


The ubiquitous 28-days of rehab was coined by the Malibu rehab industry in the 1980’s. 28 days was a Rehab Marketing ploy to help bring clients into their residential facilities. In reality while 28 days can provide some temporary relief the relapse rate globally is relatively high, especially when compared to stays of 60 to 90 days.


Worlds Best Teenage Rehab


Teenage Rehab is a complex area of therapeutic science, requiring only best in class specialists with the niche skills required to adjust destructive behaviors in youthful minds that are still growing and shaping their own identities in the World. Remedy Wellbeing is one such facility which has been instrumental in shaping the collective approach to teenage process addiction, substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.


Recovery First, Comfort Second?


It is quite possible that a luxury rehab treatment facility is the world leader only in terms of the results of its patients and does not come close to offering the highest quality of facilities or hospitality. It then becomes a matter of patient preference, which is an important factor in engaging in treatment although in order to feature in Worlds Best Rehab Magazine a clinic must demonstrate that it is exceptional not just in terms of treatment modality and success, yet also in terms of facilities, dining, accommodations, overall hospitality and value for investment.


Worlds Best Rehab Magazine: The Michelin Guide to International Luxury Rehab


Worlds Best Rehab Magazine showcases the Best Clinics in the World. Handpicked and vetted on success rate, treatment modality, therapeutic environment, facilities, cost and value. These are The Worlds Best Clinics. Delivering ultimate personalized treatment, with the goal of complete recovery.


We strive to be the best and most trusted place for treatment resources and rehab information. Worlds Best Rehab Clinic Magazine is created and curated by people who care enough to challenge international standards of treatment center care. Our award-winning professionals demand clarity in the rehab space, and our information allows our readers to get to the heart of the information that may shape their recovery.


  • We are bold
  • We are professional
  • We have a competitive spirit that drives us to be first and best resource on the Planet
  • We foster trust by operating with integrity
  • We advocate saving lives that could otherwise be lost to addiction


“There is arguably no better barometer of the most successful treatment facilities on the planet than Worlds Best Rehab. They are the Michelin Guide to International Luxury Rehab”Physis Recovery


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