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WinGate Wilderness Therapy Review

WinGate Wilderness Therapy was founded in 2008 to provide young adults and adolescents with immersive therapy in a unique experience. As a world-leader in rehab treatment, WinGate Wilderness Therapy offers clients treatment to battle alcohol and substance abuse. You can also receive help for behavioral issues and co-occurring disorders.


What makes WinGate Wilderness Therapy so unique is that it is an outdoor rehab treatment program. Based in Utah, you will be situated near some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the western United States. WinGate Wilderness Therapy uses a collection of the most effective and best elements of wilderness therapy available to connect with clients.


WinGate Wilderness was founded by M. Shayne Gallagher. The thought-leader in teen and adolescent rehab has worked in outdoor therapy since 1990. Gallagher’s deep understanding of outdoor therapy comes from completing more than 1,400 hours using outdoor activities for rehabilitation. When it comes to outdoor therapeutic work, Gallagher is a pioneer.

What is a day at WinGate Wilderness Therapy like?

The entire WinGate Wilderness team is highly experienced and full of passion to provide help to those in need. By combining the power of the great outdoors and a therapeutic rehab process, you will experience a completely different type of treatment process.


The rehab focuses on the healing elements of the earth and uses these elements to bring families back together. By encouraging love and understanding, clients can find new hope and leave their substance abuse and co-occurring disorders behind.


You will undergo an eight to 12-week immersive outdoor experience at WinGate Wilderness Therapy. Clients do not undergo a detox program nor are they issued prescription medication. If you suffer from co-occurring disorders and have a dual diagnosis, WinGate Wilderness Therapy offers clients medication for psychiatric management.


What makes WinGate Wilderness Therapy different?


You will focus on teamwork, training, respect, and care. These are the aims of the program to build long-term healing and change for the future. There is a three-to-one ration when it comes clients and staff members.


During the immersive outdoor experience, WinGate’s therapists and wilderness first responders guide groups aged 13 to 17 or aged 18 to 26 through a pre-determined route in Utah’s outdoors to demonstrate the beauty, diversity, and tranquility of the landscape. The program doesn’t just feature 12-step or CBT-best treatment elements, but it combines a comprehensive and active daily schedule to engage group members.


Clients begin the day in personal circles for contemplation, meditation, or prayer. You will create daily goals and follow them up with recovery meetings all before breakfast. Then, there is the daily hike. You will travel around three to five miles a day, five days per week. Two days are used for rest. In the evening, you will set up a campsite and cook dinner. Personal mentoring also takes place at night. Therapy sessions are completed during this time period.


WinGate’s immersive outdoor therapy program is not your typical five-star luxury resort-style rehab. Kids must “rough it” outside in the Utah wilderness. You will camp under the stars, prepare your own food over the campfire and hike three to five miles per day. The program teaches kids and young adults about themselves and the world around them. It also connects individuals with nature to remove them from a destructive environment back home.

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WinGate Wilderness Therapy

Executive Summary of WinGate Wilderness Therapy

WinGate Wilderness Therapy Privacy


WinGate Wilderness Therapy adheres to all state and federal laws when it comes to keeping your information, identity, and other valuable material safe. Clients will spend their time at the rehab in the great outdoors with other campers. The staff at WinGate take every step to ensure you are physically safe during the outdoor rehab experience.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy Modalities


WinGate’s program resembles a 12-step or CBT-based treatment plan. However, there is much more to the treatment as clients spend their entire time outdoors hiking, completing tasks, and living. Family workshops and mini-visits from loved ones are organized to give clients the chance to heal with their mother, father, and siblings. There are also letter writing therapy sessions and more ways to engage with families.


WinGate Wilderness Therapy Accommodation


You won’t find traditional residential rehab accommodation at WinGate Wilderness Therapy. Of course, this is due to the rehab’s focus on an immersive outdoor experience. You will spend a lot of time outside in the great outdoors living in nature. Clients camp in Utah’s beautiful natural outdoors.

You will sleep in tents at night with the stars shining down on you. Meals are made on the camp stove and over the campfire. WinGate focuses on simplicity to clear the mind of each client. You are accountable for your own meal and building the campsite. This teaches teamwork and responsibility. If you cannot work together, then sleeping in a tent and eating a warm meal will become even more difficult.

WinGate is not a five-star luxury, resort style rehab. Yes, it is five-star in terms of the treatment offered, but you won’t be pampered during the treatment process. The meals are limited by the setting, which changes every day. Nutritionist design a meal plan for clients ensuring they receive the proper diet during the immersive experience.


One of the world’s best rehabs


Led by one of the foremost minds in teen rehab treatment, M. Shayne Gallagher, WinGate provides a unique experience in which clients must rely on themselves and others to achieve their goals. Clients spend their time outside getting to know nature and getting themselves free of substance abuse and the environments that created a dependency to drugs and/or alcohol.


WinGate Wilderness Therapy Setting

The program takes place in the great outdoors. Utah’s gorgeous natural landscape is the backdrop to the immersive wilderness experience. Clients will camp under the stars in tents and cook their own meals over the campfire.


WinGate Wilderness Therapy Cost


The immersive therapy program costs $15,750 for a 30-day program.  There is an upfront enrollment fee for the first 56 days of $2,700 is required. The cost of the program per day is $525.

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WinGate Wilderness Therapy Specializations

  • Meth Addiction
  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • Alcohol
  • Anxiety
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Bipolar
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Cocaine
  • Depression
  • Drug Addiction
  • Eating Disorder: Binge-eating, Weight Loss
  • Eating Disorders
  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Grief and Loss
  • LSD, psychedelics
  • Opioids
  • Personality Disorders
  • Substance Abuse
  • Synthetic Drugs

WinGate Wilderness Facilities

  • Fitness
  • Swimming
  • Sports
  • Access to Nature
  • Adventure Outings
  • Hiking
  • Hiking
  • Young Adults Program
  • Physical Fitness

WinGate Wilderness Therapy Treatment Options

  • Pscyhoeducation
  • Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Mindfulness
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Dealing with feelings and emotions
  • Nutrition
  • CBT
  • Positive psychology
  • Goal-Oriented Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Communication skills
  • Support groups
  • Relapse Prevention Counseling
  • Twelve Step Facilitation
  • Recovery program
  • Healthy lifestyle, aims and goals
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Psycho social assessment

WinGate Wilderness Therapy Aftercare

  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Follow-up Sessions (online)
  • Companion if Required

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WinGate Wilderness Therapy 5*

Led by one of the foremost minds in teen rehab treatment, M. Shayne Gallagher, WinGate provides a unique experience in which clients must rely on themselves and others to achieve their goals.

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