Willow Springs Recovery

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Willow Springs Recovery, 1128 TX-21, Bastrop, TX 78602, United States

Willow Springs Recovery, Texas


Willow Springs Recovery is located in Bastrop, Texas and has been delivering treatment to clients since 2016. The rehab provides accommodation for up to 50 residents at one time on its large campus. Willow Springs Recovery is Joint Commission Accredited and specializes in professional and executive rehab.


You can undergo treatment for co-occurring disorders, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and prescription drugs. Willow Springs Recovery utilizes evidence-based therapies to help clients gain freedom from addiction. An emphasis is put on individual and group therapy. The rehab also utilizes 12-step programs.


According to Willow Springs Recovery, treatment is just one part of the rehab process. Having a safe, secure, and relaxing environment enables guests to recover. The rehab is on a large 38-acre property, which provides seclusion from the outside world. Getting away from the environment that created addiction is one of the key aspects to recovery.


Typical day at Willow Springs Recovery


You will receive a customized treatment plan upon arrival at Willow Springs Recovery. On-site detox is available once you arrive at the rehab. Before undergoing detox, however, you will complete the rehab’s in-take process. The in-take process allows the rehab to determine the amount of treatment and therapies you need. A health screening and diagnostic tests will be conducted during the in-take process.


After undergoing in-take, you will work with the Willow Springs Recovery staff to build a customized rehab plan. Then, you will experience detox to rid your body of the drugs and alcohol you used previously.


Willow Springs Recovery offers inpatient, non-12-step programs, 12-step programs, SMART Recovery, dual diagnosis, and more to clients. Throughout a typical week, you will undergo individual therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and group therapy. You will also experience a number of activities that get your body active.


By participating in activities, you will learn new skills that will translate to your life back home.


The steps you will take to full recovery at Willow Spring Recovery include contacting the rehab, intake, detox, residential treatment, PHP or IOP, and aftercare. By completing these steps, you set yourself up for long-term sobriety.


Willow Springs Recovery Amenities


Willow Springs is on a sprawling 38-acre property in Bastrop, Texas. You will experience plenty of seclusion, while staying on-site. This gives you the chance to get away from the environment that helped lead to your addiction and mental health issues.


The surrounding area is incredibly beautiful and provides a great backdrop to your recovery. You can spend time at the rehab’s refreshing swimming pool. There are relaxing areas around the rehab including a beautiful pond allowing you to meditate and complete mindfulness tasks.


The rehab has cozy lounge areas allowing you to socialize with other residents. There is an on-site gym giving you the chance to work and tone your body. Tennis courts and volleyball courts are available to play on.


Willow Springs has a kitchen staffed with trained chefs to prepare all of your meals. Meals are prepared to residents’ dietary needs. Bedrooms are semi-private providing you plenty of space and a comfortable place to spend time when therapy ends.


Willow Springs Recovery Price (Verified)


Willow Springs Recovery is a large campus with space for up to 50 residents at a time. A 30-day stay costs $22,500.

Willow Springs Recovery

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