Wall Street Rehab

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Wall Street Rehab


Wall Street may appear glamorous with financial advisors, stock brokers, and money managers jetting around the globe making million-dollar deals, but the truth is men and women who work in the financial industry struggle with addiction issues that are often brought on by the job11.P. J. Adams, Addiction Industry Studies: Understanding How Proconsumption Influences Block Effective Interventions – PMC, PubMed Central (PMC).; Retrieved September 25, 2022, from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3673249/.


Drugs and alcohol addiction are rife on Wall Street as well as other addictions including sex, gambling, and eating disorders. Individuals who work on Wall Street are open to a number of addictions due to the nature and stress of their work.


REMEDY Wellbeing has the best reputation for the treatment of executives in the finance industry. The drug addiction of hedge fund managers and traders is high-end. Cocaine is often the drug of choice allowing individuals to stay up late and have the energy to work around the clock. Opioids are also popular as a way to create an instant switch off at the end of the day. For many, the addiction is worth it if the money continues to roll in. Unfortunately, the addictions not only cause physical and mental health breakdowns, but families are torn apart as well.


Long Hours and Addiction


Long hours are just one of the issues that successful hedge fund managers and traders endure. It isn’t unrealistic for these men and women to work 120 hours a week managing the money of others while making millions of their own.


The long hours and stress usually end in burnout. Executive burnout can take the form of both physical and mental breakdown with drugs and alcohol combining to make issues worse. Prescription drugs can also be used adding to a Molotov cocktail of substance misuse.


Unfortunately, individuals who are successful at their jobs, especially those people working on Wall Street, often believe they have the right to take drugs and misuse alcohol. It is a mentality that is difficult to break.


Finding Help


Success can lead to a fall from the summit and plenty of top financial executives have experienced that drop. Many Wall Streeters seek help from luxury rehab facilities when they find there is nowhere else to turn.


Treatment centers such as REMEDY welcome Wall Street hedge fund managers and traders who jet off to the treatment facility to gain much needed help from experts in a one to one setting. REMEDY Wellbeing has become a go-to center for Wall Street Rehab due to its exceptional success rate and enviable locations.


Elite rehab provides Wall Streeters with the help needed to recover from addiction and burnout. At the same time, it allows them to experience a lifestyle not too different than the one they familiar with.


For an individual who works on Wall Street, being addicted to drugs and alcohol could bring down their empire. Investors and business owners do not want to work with someone who is unstable and invests money poorly. The more a hedge fund manager or trader becomes addicted, the more erratic their behavior and work may become.


Rehabs such as Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab provide the support these individuals need to bounce back and continue working in the financial arena. A treatment plan can also remove a person from the culture of Wall Street allowing them to re-build and create a new niche free of addiction.


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