Waismann Method Rapid Detox

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Waismann Method

The Waismann Method Rapid Detox Center in Orange County, California is considered by many in the business to be the leading medically assisted detox program in the country for opioid detox.


But what is it that makes it superior to other acclaimed luxury treatment centers of its kind? This is an especially pertinent question as detox and rehabilitation, in general, can be a very personal experience, and finding a center that caters to your needs and where you are going to be able to detox safely and comfortably while still feeling supported is the first key step to a successful rehabilitation path. Medical facilities are always recommended, as they provide the support needed for patients as they go through the symptoms of withdrawal.


The Waismann Method Rapid Detox Center


Waismann Method is a private full-service accredited hospital, which is partly why it is so highly regarded by other medical professionals. In a practical sense, this means that patients can visit different specialized doctors throughout their detox program, with different specialists and clinical areas for the different needs and stages of detox.


Each patient is assigned a private room, and they do not interact with each other while they stay in the hospital, allowing each to focus on their treatment journeys without the distraction or influence of other recovering addicts. There are many different detox services and programs available and which detox a patient undergoes is down to a combination of both patient needs and patient preference.

All Bedrooms come equipped with king- and queen-sized beds and en suite bathrooms. Guests will find a luxurious swimming pool, fitness area, communal areas, and lush gardens. The rehab admits up to 15 guests at one time. There are semi-private/shared rooms available.

Rapid Detox at Waismann Method


The detox program that Waismann Method is most well-known for – Rapid Detox: Anaesthesia Assisted Accelerated Detoxification – has a high success and recommendation rate.


Rapid Detox uses a variety of intravenous medications to reduce the length of time that a patient suffers from acute opioid withdrawal symptoms, which is done while the patient is sedated. However, this kind of approach to treatment is very rare as it requires a patient to be in an ICU unit of a full-service hospital. While in hospital, patients are under medical monitoring 24/7, allowing doctors to help combat the symptoms of withdrawal while monitoring vitals and combating physiological detox problems as they arrive.


Lead physician Dr. M Lowenstein MD is quadruple Board-Certified, with expertise in Rapid Detox and 20 years of experience in treating opioid addicts using these detox techniques. All the staff at the hospital aims to make detox, never an easy process, as calm, comfortable, and pain-free as is possible.


Treatment after Detox at Waismann Method


The detox provided at the hospital is only the first part of the treatment offered by the Waismann Method. Once physically stable, patients are transferred from the hospital to the Domer Retreat patient recovery center.


At the Domer Retreat, patients are taken care of in luxury accommodation, a gated house on a 6000 square foot plot of land that only accommodates 6 patients at a time. Meals are prepared for each individual by a private chef using fresh ingredients, and there is a daily maid service to ensure patients are fully taken care of, and that their full focus is on recovery and their wellbeing. Each large bedroom comes with its own bathroom, plasma TV, and wireless internet, while the rest of the house hosts a pool, jacuzzi, and billiard room.


All of the staff employed by the Waismann Method believe that addiction is a symptom of a much larger problem, and so treat the individual, rather than the addiction, which is why they believe allowing patients at the Domer Retreat to rest as much as possible and not have to put pressure on themselves to complete chores or attend any meetings, but provide them access to a psychotherapist with a specialization in addiction support when they need individual support.


There are no group sessions. A therapist also meets with each patient before they leave the retreat to discuss emotional support and aftercare for the patient once they leave, to support their transition into sober daily life. Additional sessions and therapies are on offer to patients throughout their stay at the retreat such as yoga, acupuncture, and massage, furthering the focus on respite and rest.

Waismann Method Rapid Detox

Executive Summary of Waismann Method Rapid Detox

Overall, the Waismann Method is highly rated by those who have gone through the program, and the majority of patients report continued sobriety after they have left the facility for at least several years, if not permanently. Many have noted the fact that there is no involvement of the 12-step program as part of treatment as a benefit of the Waismann Method, compared to some other medical treatment facilities where medical detox is run in combination with 12-step meetings and group therapy sessions.


Staff were described as friendly, helpful, and polite at all times, and were always open to patients’ ideas or input, particularly when that meant a patient would feel safer or more secure as a result, and therefore better able to get as much as possible out of treatment. Alumni also commented on the empathy that was shown to them by staff throughout their stay, which one commented was important given how vulnerable they were while undergoing the treatment.


Many have commented that the care they received was first class and accredited their long periods of sobriety to the standard of care they received. Comments also highlight that being treated like a medical patient with an illness was important, rather than as an addict with an ‘easily preventable’ or ‘self-inflicted’ problem, as is sometimes how drug abusers can be viewed in society, and even in rehab facilities.


Featured on Worlds Best Rehab Magazine


In conclusion, the Waismann method is highly praised by both patients and other healthcare professionals, with its unique combination of medical detox at an actual hospital and luxury retreat recovery care afterward, with individualized care every step of the way. However, it should be stressed that as rehab and detox are very personal experiences, you should always choose a program based on your needs and should consider your options carefully before deciding.


If medical detox and individualized care are best suited to you, the Waismann Method stands out as an exceptional example with an impeccable standard of care that is hard to find elsewhere.

Waismann Method

Waismann Method is a private full-service accredited hospital, which is partly why it is so highly regarded by other medical professionals.

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