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Twin Rivers Rehab Review


Twin Rivers Rehab is located in Plettenberg, South Africa and provides a rehab program based on 12-step methods. You will stay in a home-style rehab center while receiving comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.


Founded in 2011, Twin Rivers Rehab also works with clients suffering from gambling problems, Internet addiction, eating disorders, steroid use, sexual addictions, and more. The center welcomes guests from all over the globe seeking help with their addiction issues and co-occurring disorder problems.


Twin Rivers Rehab is a residential treatment center that offers exceptional, affordable help for those with addiction and mental health concerns. The Director, David Briskham has worked in this field 25 years ago when he was an addict himself-but now helps others get better by providing them services at his own facility where they can live comfortably while receiving absolutely World Class care from experienced treatment professionals.


What’s it like at Twin Rivers South Africa?


Guests at Twin Rivers Rehab include business executives, men and women, and individuals seeking help for their issues. The rehab bases its treatment program on cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), group and individual therapy, spiritual therapy, and 12-step programs.


You may undergo medically supervised detox before participating in the residential treatment program. A maximum of 12 guests can stay on-site at Twin Rivers at any one time. The rehab’s staff is made up of professionals who have experienced recovery themselves along with staff members who haven’t undergone treatment.


Twin Rivers offers additional therapies including art therapy, yoga, dance therapy, meditation and mindfulness, and more ways to heal. You may also undergo psychoeducation.


Twin Rivers Rehab is known around South Africafor its effective treatment for guests with dual diagnosis. In addition, guests who have experienced trauma have found help at Twin Rivers Rehab. Increasing your recovery are the excursions and activities Twin Rivers plans.


You will experience activities throughout your stay to create independence, teamwork, and trust. Activities are also a chance for you to get away from therapy and explore the local area.


Twin Rivers Rehab provides a variety of services to help clients. They offer medically supervised detox, extensive CBT, group and individual therapy, and place a deep spiritual and compassionate emphasis on recovery


The luxury rehab in Plettenberg South Africa can accommodates just 12 clients at a time. The therapeutic team is made up both recovering professionals or non-recovering professionals.


Twin Rivers Rehab Amenities


The rehab provides guests with residential accommodation that offers the comforts of home. The accommodation is comfortable and you will find it perfect for relaxing during your recovery.  Your accommodation comes with a small kitchen and dining area to prepare and eat meals.


Guest bedrooms can accommodate two guests during a stay. All bathrooms are shared by guests. You will have an outdoor lounge area to spend time in the comfortable South Africa weather. It gives you the chance to relax further in between therapy sessions. To make the rehab even more comfortable, there are two dogs and two parrots who live on-site.


What is the Cost of Twin Rivers Rehab?


You can book a stay at Twin Rivers Rehab for 30 to 180 days. The price of a stay costs between $10,000 to $25,000 US and represents exceptional value for some of the most professional, experienced and supportive care in the Southern Hemisphere.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment in South Africa


Dual Diagnosis is a difficult challenge that requires effective treatment. Twin Rivers Rehab provides the best therapeutic support for both addiction and mental health disorders, successfully achieving long term recovery and / or effective remission from co-occurring mental health issues.


Does Twin Rivers Rehab offer aftercare?


Twin Rivers doesn’t just offer first-class treatment for addiction, mental health issues, and co-occurring disorders. You are eligible to receive aftercare to continue your journey toward sobriety. Aftercare includes the ability to speak with a counselor, aftercare group therapy, a sober companion, and much more.


Twin Rivers is the premier rehab center in South Africa. It is known around the Africa continent and Middle East as a place to go for healing. If you are struggling with substance abuse, addiction, co-occurring disorders, and/or mental health issues, then a 30-day stay at Twin Rivers Rehab could help.

Twin Rivers Rehab has become increasingly recognized Internationally as South Africa’s most effective treatment center for clients needing professional assistance with addiction disorders - mental health disorders such as depression - dual diagnosis - trauma work & personality disorders.
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Twin Rivers Rehab
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