Tripnotherapy™, exclusively by REMEDY Wellbeing™, the Worlds Most Exclusive Wellness Retreat

Tripnotherapy™ is a cutting-edge luxury retreat located in Portugal, the Bahamas and New Zealand. The retreat aims to help individuals heal using psychedelic assisted therapy in a medically managed enviornment. Tripnotherapy™ is one of the few, if not only, reputable luxury Psychedelic retreats in the World, attracting International guests, looking for a very different Psychedelic experience.


During a stay at Tripnotherapy™ retreat, you will experience psychological and physiological healing. The exceptional wellness center also provides ibogaine detox services. Ibogaine Detox is so effective because it blocks the actual physical detox, while cleansing and harmonizing the conscious mind with the physical and spiritual universe.


At the ceremonies you will be supported by a team of medical and hospitality experts. The individuals will make sure your experience at Tripnotherapy™ is safe, luxurious, comfortable, and above all, rewarding. Tripnotherapy™ is delivered exclusively by Remedy Wellbeing, the most exclusive wellbeing center in the World.

Tripnotherapy Exclusive Retreat

The Psychedelic retreats at Tripnotherapy™ are all about privacy and luxurious experiences. Using a range of treatments and therapies in a beautiful, serene environment, guests will focus on expanding their psychological mind in a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere. Of course, discretion, anonymity, and privacy are the mainstay of Tripnotherapy™.


Tripnotherapy™ & REMEDY Wellbeing™


Tripnotherapy™ is delivered exclusively by Remedy Wellbeing, the Worlds Most Exclusive Wellness Center. Remedy Wellbeing was the first $1 million retreat, and the first to use Psychedelic Assisted Therapy in a Luxury Rehab environment. Tripnotherapy™ is delivered by REMEDY; ensuring exceptionally well qualified and experienced staff are on hand to both pamper and support you in your life changing experience.


Tripnotherapy™ Locations


Tripnotherapy™ Retreats take place regularly throughout the year in Psychedelic friendly jurisdictions including the Bahamas, Caribbean, Portugal and New Zealand.





Tripnotherapy™ Luxury Psychedelic Retreats are priced from $10,000 USD per person, with discounts available for groups of 8+


The team at Tripnotherapy™ is a mix of highly experienced practitioners from a range of healthcare backgrounds.  All providers carry full qualifications and/or certifications and are considered incredible professionals in their respective fields.


The combined strength of our integrated multidisciplinary team sets us apart and ensures we provide the best treatment possible. Our team is comprised of medical and healthcare specialists supported by our Center of Excellence, that is responsible for overseeing all governance.

Tripnotherapy Exclusive Retreat
Tripnotherapy™ Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
Magic Mushroom Retreat
Tripnotherapy Ketamine Assisted Therapy
Tripnotherapy Alexander Bentley
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Tripnotherapy™ Privacy


The retreat operates a very comprehensive privacy policy and only retains your personal information for as long as is necessary for the purposes of your stay.


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Root Healing

Psychedelic Assisted Wellness has a history spanning millennia, it’s relative newness in the western world has harnessed a movement, dedicated to expansive thought and existential connection. Tripnotherapy™ is at the forefront of this movement and has been awarded Worlds Best Luxury Psychedelic Retreat by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine 2022.


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Occupancy 1-14