Advertising Opportunities

Millions of treatment admission journeys begin on Worlds Best Rehab each month. Individuals come to us 24/7 with a strong intent to get better. Whether you’re a treatment center, brand, doctor, or pharma, Worlds Best Rehab is the acquisition tool that grows your business.

Established in 2019, Worlds Best Rehab has grown to be one of the leading treatment center websites in the world in terms of both size and traffic. The Worlds Best Rehab website is in the top 5% of addiction treatment websites in the World. With Series B funding completed, the site is set to grow even further both organically and through acquisition over the next 12 months. 

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is what you traditionally see on websites, including banners, skyscrapers, entry & exit pop ups and interstitial. Display advertising formats can also include iframes & buttons. Clients typically secure advertising on a month by month basis, with no lock in contracts.

Geographic Targeting Explained

Display Advertising is sold on an exclusive geographic basis. This means that you pick the countries you want to target and then all visitors from that country or region see only your display advertising. Geo-Targeting is available for every country in the World and every US State.

What is a Guest Post? Q&A

When you write on your own blog it’s  a “post”, but on someone else’s site the writer is a ‘guest’. We accept Guest Posts only from treatment center advertisers by prior approval. We do not accept speculative contributions and all Guest Posts are appropriately marked as Sponsored.

Treatment Center Showcase Feature

Let us take your feature listing to a level unsurpassed in the industry. Each feature is hand crafted after extensive communication. We incorporate images, video, reviews and any other elements required by your brand. Our showcase features are unmatched for depth, scale and impact.