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The Wave Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Situated in the heart of Muslim Kuala Lumpur, a stone’s throw from the local Mosque, the Wave Clinic specializes in treating individuals between the ages of 13- and 26-years-old. The Wave Clinic works with young people struggling with both addiction and behavior issues. The residential psychiatric rehab provides clients with a relaxed countryside setting. Its facilities are fair and offer clients a safe harbor without the triggers of home.


The Wave Clinic was created to help teenagers and young adults get the help they so desperately need to have a long, worthwhile life. The facility also helps families address the needs they are unable to at home. By all accounts, families are very important to the Wave clinic, especially when it comes to reunification issues and instances of extreme Parental Alienation, of which they have extensive first hand knowledge. Clients can receive treatments for their psychiatric, behavioral health and substance use disorders.


Residents receive bespoke treatment plans upon arrival at the clinic. The clinic tailors its work to the whole person making sure all elements are treated. Substance misuse and addiction can come from underlying issues and trauma. The Wave Clinic’s staff focuses on treating those issues to ensure complete healing.


One of the aspects the Wave Clinic says they focus greatly upon is personal growth. Programs are claimed to attempt to instill self-confidence in each person that comes through its doors seeking help. Through various activities, clients can build self-esteem and learn ways to cope with difficult situations and triggers.

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What is a day at the Wave Clinic like?


The Wave Clinic’s core program lasts 10 weeks and delivers rehabilitation programs, activities, and education to clients. The rehab focuses on being flexible and caring for its clients. This enables the staff to build long-term relationships with each resident. Long-term relationships provide better healing as clients trust that the staff can actually help.


Clients will experience treatment programs that incorporate fitness training and yoga therapy classes. Massage treatment is also used allowing clients to find relaxation during what is a stressful experience. The Wave Clinic organizes weekly excursions to get clients away from the rehab center and out into nature. Other activities include regular dog feeding and pony grooming.


The excursions are supposed to help build self-confidence and self-worth through organized activities. The families of clients are welcome and often encouraged to participate in therapy sessions. This enables the client and family to work through issues together.


The clinic claims to organize the day so clients are busy at all times. There is apparently very little downtime which prevents clients from focusing their minds on drugs and alcohol. Days include group process, psycho-educational groups, individual therapies, personal projects and reflection groups. All programs are designed to treat the complete person.


The Wave Clinic Cost


The Wave Clinic’s core treatment program is 10 weeks but clients can stay on-site for shorter periods of time. The cost of the Wave Clinic’s treatment program is $3,200 per week. A full 10-week stay at the rehab facility costs clients $32,000. The comprehensive care available to clients is also available in other parts of the world, such as in the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.


The biggest difference between the Wave Clinic and other luxury facilities around the World is the location. Rehabs in Malaysia like the Wave Clinic are popular thanks to their price. Rehabs and Teenage Treatment Centers in Malaysia are very popular with devout Islamic families because they are located so close to the plentiful Mosques in the Country and the Imams are available to visit the centers for those seeking Islamic guidance.

The Wave Clinic

The Wave Clinic
296 Jalan Senyum Matahari , Country Heights
Kuala Lumpur , 10 43000

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