Willow House

Authored by Pin Ng

Edited by Michael Por

Reviewed by Hugh Soames

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Willow House

Willow House Rehab


Willow House is another five-star luxury rehab offering from the Meadows group. Situated on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, the Willows is located in Wickenburg, Arizona. Willow House’s location offers isolation and privacy for guests enabling them to shake off the shackles of addiction and trauma. Willow House welcomes just 10 women at any one time and takes each individual’s privacy very seriously.


Willow House is designed for female clients suffering from sexual addiction, love addiction, and intimacy disorders. The facility offers women their own refuge to end the cycle of addiction just as the Meadow’s Gentle Path center does for male clients. The luxury rehab center provides women with a nurturing, understanding, and non-judgmental place to share themselves. The unique approach created by the Willow House has already helped women of various backgrounds overcome their addictions and disorders.


Clients can expect a highly individualized structured treatment program. Willows uses a 12-step approach to treating addiction and disorders combining it with holistic methods. The recovery program enables women to address the traumas they have experienced. In the end, clients are able to reconstruct their lives in a safe, private, comfortable place that may not have been previously offered to them.


Residents will complete a 45-day treatment program during their stay. Although 45 days is the typical stay, due to the individualized programs, guests can remain on-site for longer treatment plans.


What is a day like at Willow House?


One item that sets Willows apart from other rehab facilities is its focus on healthy eating. The rehab facility ensures that clients receive healthy, hardy meals made with organic ingredients. All meals are created by trained chefs that create well-balanced meals.


Willow House is the newest addition to the Meadows family and the modern home setting gives residents a sense of comfort and familiarity. A focus was put on making the facility resemble a home rather than a treatment center. This helps eliminate the barriers that can exist between clients and therapists.


Willows offers shared accommodation that houses up to three clients at one time. Guests can take advantage of the spacious communal living room as well as the swimming pool and lounge areas.


Like the Meadows’ other facilities in Wickenburg, Willow House offers an extremely structured day for residents. Structured days eliminate triggers that women may experience otherwise. Days typically begin early with breakfast followed by peer meetings and group sessions. Exercise and fitness sessions take place after lunch. Lectures, topic groups, and 12-step meetings occur later in the afternoon and into the evening. In addition, clients meet with senior residents at scheduled times.


Willow House Cost


The in-patient facility runs a 45-day program. Due to the facilities customizable program, guests can extend their stays. In some cases, a stay can be shorter than the 45-day program. A stay at this facility starts at $37,000 based on a 30-day stay.

Clients can expect a highly individualized structured treatment program. Willow House uses a 12-step approach to treating addiction and disorders combining it with holistic methods.