Meadows Ranch

Authored by Pin Ng

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The Meadows Ranch

Meadows Ranch Rehab


Meadows Ranch is a luxury rehab offering from the individuals at the Meadows group in Wickenburg, Arizona. The Meadows Ranch is a niche recovery rehab center situated on the edge of the Sonoran Desert as a part of the Meadows group campus. The rehab center focuses on female residents suffering from eating disorders. Girls and women experiencing bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating disorders can find a safe place at the Meadows Ranch.


Residents will undergo a multi-dimensional recovery plan to treat co-occurring disorders. Treatment enables residents to confront their eating disorders head on, and the Meadows Ranch has space for 32 residents at any one time. The center separates adult females from adolescents ensuring they do not live in the same living quarters and residents will share rooms with as many as three women living in a dorm-style quarter.


The Meadows Ranch does not offer private rooms unless it is a very special circumstance. Having residents all live in the same room prevents anyone from isolating themselves from the remainder of the group. Living quarters come with full-sized beds, dressers, lamps, and bedside tables.


The luxury facility makes great use of its large outdoor space. Guests will work in the Meadows Ranch’s garden to grow fruits and vegetables with many of the items grown in the garden used by the on-site chefs to cook nutritious meals. A staff of nutritionists work on-site to help each resident develop a healthy diet. In addition, a workout area and swimming pool are available.


What is a day at the Meadows Ranch like?


The center’s treatment program was developed in the 1970s by Pia Melody. The program focuses heavily on childhood trauma and identity issues. All residents complete an assessment before starting treatment with detox offered along with medical services on-site.


Residents will complete group and individual therapy sessions during the day. Sessions include DBT, CBT, ACT, and EMDR treatments. Women will also experience therapies such as art and psychodrama. All residents at the Meadows Ranch must complete a 12-step recovery program with a faith-based 12-step program available to individuals seeking a religious tone.


Adolescent residents have an education program available to them as well. This allows guests to study with licensed teachers while attending rehab. Meadows Ranch also provides guest with unique treatment programs such as dog therapy, equine therapy, and tai chi classes.


The Meadows Ranch’s nutritionists and dietitians work with all residents to develop healthy eating skills. Residents must also attend meal exposure therapy. Meals are heavily monitored by the Meadows Ranch staff to ensure residents are improving. Many of the female residents at the Ranch also experience co-occurring issues such as OCD, panic attacks, social anxiety, and body dysmorphic disorder.


Meadow Ranch Cost


The Meadows Ranch accepts private insurance allowing residents to cover or partially cover their rehab needs. The 45-day program offered by the recovery center costs $57,375 with the average stay at the luxury rehab facility is between 45 and 60 days.

The center’s treatment program was developed in the 1970s by Pia Melody. The program focuses heavily on childhood trauma and identity issues.

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