The Edge Rehab

The Edge Rehab

The Edge Rehab offers young men aged 18-27 a dynamic escape allowing them to recover from their addictions. The luxury rehab center is located in Thailand and provides a five-star facility for clients. The Edge focuses on young men who seek a fresh start free from addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gaming. The program also deals with sexuality, acceptance, eating disorders and anti social behavior.


The rehab center believes young men are more capable of recovering from their addictions when taken away from the negative influences in their lives.


Visiting the luxury rehab center in Thailand offers fellows that needed escape from their usual routine, triggers and trauma that has created addictive and destructive behavior.


The expert team at The Edge Rehab in Thailand are well qualified in terms of Dual Diagnosis to both identify and treat co-occurring mental health issues alongside issues of substance abuse and process addiction.


The Edge Rehab for Young Male Adults specializes in:


  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Oppositional Defiance
  • Gambling
  • Internet & Gaming


The Edge’s treatment program located at the Cabin was opened in 2009. The luxury center began simply as a nine-bed recovery facility but thanks to its reputation as having a top-notch addiction recovery program, it now has room for 80 guests at its different facilities in Chiang Mai.


The Edge Rehab in Thailand welcomes it’s young adult clients from all over the World, and often in times of crisis where all other treatment options and treatment facilities have failed.

The Edge Rehab Treatment


The Edge specializes in intensive athletic training to engage its fellows. The rehab center’s expert team knows mere words are not enough to help individuals recover from their addictions. Therefore, adding intensive athletic training to the daily routine allows each person to learn to trust themselves and others.


Confronting challenges head on while pushing themselves to the limits allow individuals to understand their bodies and minds in new ways. It is an approach that goes beyond the typical 12 step program that so many recovery centers base their work around.


Clients are matched with a therapist who works with them to understand the root of addiction. Intense therapy sessions allow clients to learn more about their addictions and how to overcome them. Meanwhile, the Edge’s athletic trainers work with each client to compete sports-based activities around the center and in the local Chiang Mai wilderness.


The Edge Rehab Cost


The luxury rehab center offers a 28-day accelerated program along with a 60- or 90-day recovery option. There is also a tailored-duration program guests can choose. The Edge does not base its recovery program on a one size fits all methodology. Programs are organized on an individual basis. Guests seeking to stay over 30 days in Thailand will need to obtain a visa to remain in the country.


A 28-day stay at The Edge luxury rehab center costs $14,000. The price of the rehab program offers visitors an all-inclusive experience with private accommodation, meals, and individual and group counseling sessions. Guests will also have access to the Edge’s fitness therapy, massage, outdoor excursions, aftercare coaching, and three-day Family Program.


The Edge Rehab Privacy


The Edge prides itself on the privacy it offers guests. Its secluded location in Chiang Mai gives residents the chance to achieve anonymity through their recovery program.

Key Staff at The Edge Rehab

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Professional Summary of The Edge Rehab

Clients will find the Edge Rehab to be more similar to a five-star beach resort rather than a drug, alcohol, and gaming recovery center. The Edge is the largest rehab center in Thailand thanks to its space for 80 guests at any one time, although the average number of clients at the Edge during any one semester month is between six and twelve.


Clients and their families arriving in Chiang Mai can reach the Edge easily due to the local airport that is serviced by flights from Bangkok. The main facility at the rehab center is known as the Cabin.


The Edge’s program is designed specifically for young men by the clinic’s expert team, who specializes in mental and behavioral health, and are highly experienced in working with young men in recovery.


The award winning Edge Rehab program is heavily centered around physical fitness training and outdoor adventure. It hopes to engage young men and stimulate their minds and bodies during the rehabilitation process.


Clients can expect luxury accommodation when staying at the Edge in Chiang Mai. Each guest will have their own spacious, modern guest room filled with state-of-the-art amenities.


Rooms come complete with king-sized bed, sofa, en suite bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator, and flat screen television. Rehab can be stressful for individuals and the Edge makes each room the perfect place to relax after a day of recovery. The five-star rehab center also provides each guest with daily laundry and room cleaning services.


The Edge Rehab Modality


Recovery programs are individualized at the Edge and make use of intensive athletic training. The Edge also uses CBT, mindfulness meditation, and a specialized 12-step approach. The center’s highly trained physical trainers play a key role allowing guests to challenge their minds and tone their bodies.


The Edge Rehab Facilities


Guests at the Edge will find world-class facilities that rival any of Thailand’s resorts. A pool and lounging area are provided outside. A gym is located on the grounds as well allowing guests to tone their bodies alongside a trainer. The Edge utilizes the local outdoors for various activities to challenge individuals.


The Edge Rehab Setting


The rehab center is situated in the beautiful northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai. The ancient city is located in the mountains and it is the landscape that plays a major role in the activities used at the Edge.


One of the World’s Best Rehabs


Thailand is famed for being a great holiday escape for travelers around the globe and offers some of the most beautiful accommodation options. The Edge is no different than many of the great five-star hotels and resorts that dot Thailand. Its accommodation, world-class facilities, and activities make it an unbelievable choice when selecting a rehab center.


Facilities aside, it is the dedicated and expert staff at The Edge Rehab that elevate this sanctuary for young adults above its peers in the region. In the past two years The Edge Rehab has gained status and reputation under new and professional stewardship.


According to its management team The Edge Rehab is an excellent inpatient choice for young men, and with a focus on mental health and well-being, clients can become healthy and create a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

The Edge Rehab Specializations

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Game addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
  • Self Esteem
  • Self-Harming
  • Aggressive behaviour

The Edge Rehab Facilities

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Airport Transfers
  • Access to Nature
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Walking Trails
  • Nutrition
  • Outdoor lounge
  • Fitness
  • Hiking
  • Movies

The Edge Rehab Treatment Options

  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Art Therapy
  • CBT
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Goal-Oriented Therapy
  • Trauma Processing
  • A challenging outdoor program
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Relapse Prevention Counseling
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Effective therapy for addiction
  • Family coaching & counselling
  • Emotion/aggression regulation

The Edge Rehab Aftercare

  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Support Meetings
  • Professional Re-entry Support
  • Follow-up Sessions (online)
  • Family Follow-up Counseling
  • Recovery Coach

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The Edge Rehab

The rehab center is situated in the beautiful northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai. The ancient city is located in the mountains and it is the landscape that plays a major role in the activities used at The Edge Rehab

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Amphur Maerim, Chiang Mai
Thailand 50330

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The Edge Rehab Key Facts


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Young Men
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