Tarzana Treatment Center

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Tarzana Treatment Center


Tarzana Treatment Center provides clients with healthcare that fills an important role in Los Angeles County. The full-service organization gives clients high-quality, cost-effective treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. Clients from of all ages are welcome at the Tarzana Treatment Centers as the organization enables each client the opportunity to get better and rid themselves of multiple problems.


Tarzana Treatment Centers are accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed in California. There are multiple Tarzana Treatment Center locations in Southern California. You will find facilities in Reseda, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Long Beach, and Antelope Valley.


Each member of the Tazana Treatment Centers’ family is a non-profit, community-based group. They operate a psychiatric hospital, residential and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment, and family medical clinics.


The centers have been in operation since 1972. Since opening their doors, the centers have given thousands of people comprehensive healthcare services. You will find a variety of services provided including, outpatient alcohol and drug treatment rehab, transitional and supportive housing, family services, mental health programs, outreach and community education, HIV and AIDs services, court-based services, dual diagnosis for individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental health problems, intervention for domestic violence, and tele-health services. The number of services provided enable Tarzana Treatment Center to reach a large base of individuals suffering from multiple issues.

What is a day at Tarzana Treatment Center like?


Tarzana Treatment Center receives much of its funding from public tax dollars. Around 85% of the centers’ funding comes from California taxes. Situated in California’s San Fernando Valley, many locals in the region end up attending the Tarzana Treatment Center for various reasons.


Tarzana’s philosophy for treatment is in line with industry standards. This means that treatment plans address co-occurring disorders while treating addiction. You may need to undergo detox upon arrival which is overseen by Dr. Duane Carmalt and his team of professionals.


You will work with a primary counselor from the first day. It won’t take long to build a strong relationship with your counselor as they play a part in your detox. If you undergo detox and treatment for opioid addiction, you will be given methadone during your stay.


Each day consists of one-to-one counseling, group counseling, classes and lectures, relapse prevention groups, family counseling, and 12-step programs such as NA or AA. Tarzana Treatment Center encourages spirituality for clients’ long-term recovery from drugs and mental health issues. HIV-positive patients are well-looked after at the rehab. In addition, there are specific programs for women and children to address their needs. An on-site nursery makes it possible for mothers attending outpatient programs to attend the centers.

Tarzana Treatment Center Accommodation


There are a total of nine Tarzana Treatment Center locations around Los Angeles County. However, just one of the facilities offers clients inpatient substance abuse treatment programs. The flagship center, which is located in Tarzana, is a 314-bed location. Clients share rooms with other clients during a stay. A cafeteria is on-site giving residents their daily meals. You will find an on-site activity room as well as an outdoor basketball court to get exercise.


As 85% of the treatment centers’ budget is paid by taxpayer dollars, there are not a lot of bells and whistle at Tarzana Treatment Center. Instead, you will receive top-notch medical care without any pretentiousness.


Along with residential rehab, Tarzana Treatment Center provides sober living houses. The sober living houses are for individuals needing the support of others during recovery. It also helps individuals make the transition from rehab into independent living. In total, there are 14 sober living houses located within a short distance to the four alcohol and drug treatment facilities provided by Tarzana Treatment Centers in the San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, and Long Beach


Tarzana Treatment Centers Privacy


Tarzana Treatment Centers are committed to the protection of your healthcare information. The facilities create a record of the services and care you undergo at the centers. Your healthcare information may be used for payment, treatment, or medical services when working with third parties. For more information on Tarzana Treatment Centers’ privacy policy, please read its updated privacy practices.

Tarzana Treatment Center Modalities


Clients needing detox services will undergo drug or alcohol detoxification upon arrival before starting the rehab program. You will experience one-to-one counseling, group counseling, classes and lectures, relapse prevention groups, family counseling, and 12-step programs. The centers work with clients suffering from HIV and provide services to those individuals. There is also a sober living house to help clients readjust to independent living.


Tarzana Treatment Center Setting


There are nine Tarzana Treatment Centers facilities across Los Angeles County. Of the nine facilities, the Tarzana Treatment Centers’ location is the flagship facility. Your stay at the Tarzana-based facility will keep you in Los Angeles County and close to the excitement of the area.


Tarzana Treatment Center Cost


Tarzana Treatment Center uses a sliding scale for cost. Fees vary based on your ability to pay for treatment. Individuals on lower incomes will pay reduced costs. There are non-profit organizations that work with Tarzana Treatment Center to provide free treatment to clients. There is also pay assistance available to clients. Medicaid, private insurance, military insurance, and funding through the Access to Recovery Program are all accepted by the centers. You can also self-pay to fund your treatment.


Tarzana Treatment Center provides no nonsense treatment to individuals in need of help. It isn’t a luxury treatment center like the facilities you will find in Malibu. Rather, Tarzana Treatment Centers are cost-effective locations end your dependence on drugs and alcohol, while recovering your mental health. The Tarzana flagship location provides residential treatment. There are 314-beds at the residential center as clients share accommodation. A cafeteria is onsite for dining.


One of the world’s best rehabs


California residents seeking substance abuse, mental healthcare, and co-occurring disorder treatment will find it at Tarzana Treatment Centers. The facilities provide comprehensive healthcare and substance abuse treatment options, which are covered by most insurance plans. Tarzana Treatment Centers is one of the few rehabs in which most insurance plans cover. Due to this, many people who go through the California justice system end up at the centers.


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