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Why might couples rehab be a good idea

Why Couples Rehab Could Be a Good Idea

In many ways, couples rehab is similar to any other recovery journey. Rehab and recovery is different for everyone, and a facility should create an individualized program that covers their needs of their clients. Couples rehab is, therefore, no different. Each partner will have an...

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Toxic Marriage

Are You Stuck in a Toxic Marriage?

The first step to resolving an unhealthy relationship is to understand what the signs of a toxic marriage are. While it is perfectly normal to have growing and fading intimacy and even disagreement, toxic marriages are unacceptable because they can have devastating effects on your...

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Leave a Narcissist

How to Leave a Narcissist

It's critical to note that leaving a narcissist is not like leaving another person. They're great at guilt-tripping, twisting words around, and can be very persuasive in convincing you to stay. If you end up feeling like all of the problems in your relationship really...

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Narcissistic Projection

Understanding Narcissistic Projection

Experts consider narcissistic projection as a primitive defensive strategy. The use of it distorts reality and ignores the facts of the situation. This allows a person to function and feeds their ego despite the reality of the situation not aligning with the false narrative. ...

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