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Tabula Rasa Retreat is a budget conscious treatment facility in Europe specializing in ibogaine-assisted detox. Ibogaine has made headlines around the world for its experimental use in aiding individuals going through detox. Tabula Rasa Retreat’s use of ibogaine has made use of Portugal’s liberal laws as a number of countries have outlawed psychedelic assisted therapy including the United States and France.


The treatment facility is situated in Portugal and offers male and female guests the chance to combat their substance issues. Tabula Rasa Retreat was opened in 2015 providing guests with holistic supplemental therapies and methadone alternatives. Individuals suffering from Codeine, Fentanyl, Oxy, heroin, or alcohol addiction have experienced Tabula Rasa’s treatment programs. Ibogaine treatment is most effective for Opioid addiction.


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy


Psychedelics have been used for millennia, yet after pioneering research in the 1960’s they were largely prohibited in medical research and treatment. Nonetheless, there are a number of studies which suggest that Psychedelics have potential applications in the treatment of addictions. Ibogaine treatment has been proven especially useful in Opioid withdrawal and longer term recovery.1[Psychedelics and quasi-psychedelics in the light of contemporary research: medical cannabis, MDMA, salvinorin A, ibogaine and ayahuasca].


Psychedelics are generally classified as Schedule I, citing no proven medical uses and misuse potential However, there is a growing body of evidence indicating their potential in treating a range of mental health issues and addiction treatment.2 Evidence from John Hopkins University suggests that the psychedelics have a higher safety profile, low levels of mortality, and create very little physical dependence.


Tabula Rasa is an alternative for the budget conscious, located in rural Portugal. Lush green fields surround the center and visitors can spend their afternoons in the warm sun sitting outside enjoying nature. The residential area is located in a countryside farm house rather than a stuffy rehab center. The setting not only provides privacy but a way to get through the stressful issues that rehab can bring on.


Individuals looking for an alternative to the often used 12-step program will enjoy the treatment offered at Tabula Rasa. The rehab center does not subscribe to the one size fits all methodology of 12-step programming. Guests suffering from co-occurring disorders can receive support for anxiety, depression, and different forms of trauma.


A day at Tabula Rasa Retreat


Clients will undergo a medical exam before being admitted to the rehab center. The evaluation will include a medical history of the client along with a complete list of drugs and substances used. Individuals will undergo an evaluation on their liver function, metabolic tests, and an EKG.


Once admitted to the center, residents will complete a medical detox program featuring ibogaine3 The substance enables guests to undergo detox without experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine medical detox can last up to 72 hours. Guests can vary their length of stay but are encouraged to remain for a few weeks to see the full results from ibogaine detox.


Although Tabula Rasa Retreat specializes in ibogaine-assisted detox, the center offers other treatment options with nutrition, yoga, massage, meditation, Psychoeducation and even drum circles. Sound therapy is also offered to guests. One on one counseling and group therapy sessions conducted by in-house counsellors are daily occurrences.


Tabula Rasa Retreat Cost


The countryside rehab center offers stays from one to four weeks. All guests are required to stay a minimum of one week while encouraged to remain on site for a few weeks after ibogaine treatment to get the best results possible. A one-week stay at Tabula Rasa is €5,000.


Tabula Rasa Accommodation


Tabula Rasa Retreat is located in a humble country farmhouse in the rural area of Portugal. Situated two hours from the capital of Lisbon, the area around the rehab center is certainly out of the way to provide privacy. There is no hustle and bustle and it is easy to get lost in the natural environment.


Residential rooms are located in the Farm of Faith house. Guests will find large common rooms where they can communicate with other guests. There are five bedrooms with queen-sized beds. Rooms also come with en suite bathrooms and spacious terraces. There is a swimming pool and workout facility on-site.


Tabula Rasa Retreat Privacy


Thanks to Tabula Rasa’s location in the hills of southern Portugal, individuals will feel a strong sense of privacy. The rehab center only allows a maximum of five residents to stay at any one time. Individuals can stay for as little as one week and will have their own room to help protect their privacy.


Tabula Rasa Retreat Treatment


Medical-assisted detox is Tabula Rasa’s specialty and combines it with follow-up treatment programs allowing residents to end their dependency issues. One on one counselling and group therapy sessions are delivered to guests following detox. Other treatment areas of treatment include yoga, meditation, and nutrition education.


Tabula Rasa Retreat Amenities


The Farm of Faith house is a humble setting for recovery. Individuals stay at the lush farm in the green hills of sunny southern Portugal. The residential area comes with a swimming pool, and each room has a terrace allowing guests to spend time in the fresh air.


The house accommodates a maximum of five guests at any one time. Guests are provided individual rooms with queen-sized beds, en suite bathrooms, and terraces allowing them to sunbathe during the day. Guests can also relax in the common areas and mingle with other guests. Internet access is available.


Ibogaine Safety


Tabula Rasa Rehab stresses that it offers a safe medical setting for individuals to recover from addiction. However, ibogaine treatment is not completely risk-free. According to the rehab facility, ibogaine treatment results in one death per 427 treatments. The treatment is still arguably safer than methadone assisted detox which results in one death per 364 treatments.


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