Sivana Bali

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Sivana Bali Rehab

Founded in 2014, Sivana Bali is a luxury rehab center situated in the resort town of Canggu. The Indonesian town is located near two beaches offering guests the chance to rest, relax, and recover in the lap of tropical luxury. The five-star residential facility works with men and women seeking freedom from their paralyzing addictions.


Sivana Bali resembles a boutique tropical island resort more than rehab center. Residents stay in villas with spacious outdoor areas and a large swimming pool. Sivana is an exclusive luxury rehab residential facility that only takes on six residents at a given time. The low intake number at Sivana gives each resident the chance to have maximum care from staff. It also provides each guest with privacy and limits the chances of triggering addictions.


The entire rehab center offers five-star resort amenities from the chefs down to the maid service. Sivana Bali has two luxurious swimming pools and tropical gardens to relax next to. Two beaches are within a short walk of the rehab center offering guests the opportunity to get away during down time. All rooms at Sivana possess plush beds and living areas allow residents to remain in their rooms rather than congregate in communal areas.


A 28-day recovery program is offered to visitors with the option to extend the program to 60 or 90 days. Sivana’s staff uses evidence-based treatment programs that include CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, and narrative therapy. Sivana Bali also includes a 12-step program and residents must attend at least one meeting each day. Guests are assigned a customized fitness scheduled allowing them to maximize mental and physical well-being.


What is a day at Sivana Bali like?


Clients undergo 24-hour a day supervision and are assigned both a recovery coach and psychologist upon arrival. Residents attend individual therapy twice a week, group sessions Monday through Friday, journaling, off-site meditation, and educational seminars. Guests can experience the local Bali beaches through surfing, horseback riding, and other excursions organized by Sivana’s staff.


Sivana offers an educational program that is very different from other luxury rehab facilities. Residents learn about neurobiology, addiction, coping, depression and anxiety, codependency, creating boundaries, and eliminating relapses. Schedules also include fitness and dietary education.


One of the first items incoming residents will notice from the start is a daily schedule and routine is introduced as soon as possible. Routine gets residents in the right frame of mind during a stay and keeps them from focusing on addictions and triggers. Everything is set by a schedule at Sivana Bali and each guest has their own unique daily routine.


Sivana Bali Price


Sivana is more like a boutique beach resort than a drug and alcohol rehab center. Compared to other facilities in southeast Asia, Sivana bali is a fraction of the price and offers far more amenities. Its lush location is perfect for individuals seeking to get over their addictions and disorders. Despite only taking on six residents at one time, the cost of Sivana is just $11,500 for a 28-day stay. Extended stays can be organized by request.

Sivana Bali Rehab

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