Single Client Rehab

Single Client Rehab

Authored by Pin Ng PhD

Reviewed by Michael Por, MD

Single Client Rehab

The need to get clean and sober has led to an increase in luxury rehab treatment options solely based on treating individual clients. For decades now, individuals with addiction issues have been lumped into rehab facilities together in the hopes they will all emerge free of the problems that put them there. Unfortunately, these rehabs can fail in their ultimate goals of getting clients clean and sober. In some cases, multi-client rehabs can make matters worse.

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Southern Spain

Villa Paradiso Rehab in Spain has been awarded ‘Best Rehab in Europe 2020’

Specializations | Alcohol, Trauma, Substance, Anxiety, Depression, Gambling Life Crisis, Eating Disorder, Secondary Rehab, Process Addiction (among others)

Price | €18000 – €25.000 (per month)

Single Client Rehab
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Single Client Rehab
Single Client Rehab & Private Clinics are gaining popularity with bespoke clinics like Physis Recovery leading the charge in Luxury Private Treatment. The bespoke treatment plans provided cater to the needs of each individual which is something that group rehabs cannot do. These highly innovative, safe, and private single client rehabs are designed for high-profile individuals from celebrities to athletes to politicians.
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