Silicon Valley Rehab

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Silicon Valley Rehab


In 2014, it was reported that illicit drug use had become part of Silicon Valley culture. The region of California has long been the home of tech companies and start-ups developing the latest Internet-based products. Like Wall Street in the 1980s, Silicon Valley is now synonymous with drug use amongst individuals that own, invest in, and work for companies in the area.


A year prior to Silicon Valley’s illicit drug reputation being reported on, Google executive Timothy Hayes died of a heroin overdose which had been injected into him by a prostitute. Hayes’ death was indicative of the vices Silicon Valley employees possess as drugs and sex are escapes from the stress of the tech industry.


Why do Silicon Valley employees turn to drugs and alcohol?


Silicon Valley executives are often high-functioning drug addicts and alcoholics. Due to their abilities to continue working on a daily basis and hold up appearances, their drug and alcohol abuse goes unseen by many colleagues. High-functioning drug and alcohol addicts go to work every day, operate automobiles, and interact with their families just like non-addicts.


The stress and pressure of working in Silicon Valley for large corporations and small start-ups are immense. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with long working hours that can see over 70 hours in the office per week.


Drugs and alcohol can help a high-functioning addict get through their workday. Individuals can take substances in their offices, bathrooms, or automobiles to get the high and energy needed to operate.


Popular Substances in Silicon Valley


  • Nootropics -Supplements that enhance brain activity, stamina, and creativity
  • Adderall - A form of amphetamine that improves performance
  • LSD - Claimed to enhance creativity in small doses
  • Crystal Methamphetamine - Boosts stamina
  • Opioids - Relieves pain and relaxes
  • Heroin - Pain reliever and creates a euphoric state


Silicon Valley Rehab Options


Rehab does not work for everyone and individuals recover from drug and alcohol addiction in their own ways. Therefore, seeking help from a luxury rehab center that caters treatment to each client is the ideal way to overcome addiction.


There are three varieties of Silicon Valley rehabs that an executive can seek out. Each delivers rehabilitation that caters to a person’s needs and can fit into an individual’s schedule.


  • Outpatient - An outpatient rehab offers a flexible schedule that fits into a person’s life and work schedule. Guests receive help through counseling and activities but do not live in the rehab.
  • Day treatment - Day treatment programs allow guests to learn to live and cope with work without drugs and/or alcohol. Clients can take a leave of absence from work to attend day treatment and return home after the sessions are completed.
  • Inpatient - Inpatient Silicon Valley rehab is the ideal way to treat clients. Inpatient rehab allows guests to live in the rehab being monitored 24 hours a day.


Silicon Valley is a pressure cooker that can lead people down a path of drugs and alcohol. A Silicon Valley rehab can help restore an individual’s mental and physical health by eliminating substance abuse. Rehab can also be the catalyst to a person keeping their professional career on the right track.


Silicon Valley Psychedelic Rehab Clinic


A resurgence in the research of psychedelic substances supports the development of medicines designed specifically to harness the unique medicinal qualities of plant based medicine.


Tripnotherapy™ is the most exclusive luxury rehab experience in the world and is fast becoming the most sought after destination rehab for Silicon Valley. Being the Worlds first psychedelic rehab certainly means it is accessible to only the top echelons of the bay area who experience not only a escape from a life of addiction, but a return to a life well lived.


As well as being the most exclusive and luxurious rehab experience on the planet, Tripnotherapy arranges depression, anxiety and substance misuse retreats in friendly jurisdictions around the World. Treatment can include mild, moderate and larger doses of hallucinogenic and non-hallucinogenic medicines such as Esketemine™, Psilocybin and Ibogaine.


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