Signs of Depression in Women

Signs of Depression in Women

Authored by Pin Ng PhD

Edited by Hugh Soames

Reviewed by Michael Por, MD

What Are the Signs of Depression in Women

Many people think depression in women is a period of sadness that ends and allows the individual to get on with their life. That is far from accurate. Depression is a serious disorder that affects a person’s mood. It can alter a person’s daily life in extreme ways.

Women experience depression differently than men and is more common in women than it is in men. The reason that women are more often affected by depression is typically due to them seeking out help from mental healthcare professionals.

What are the signs of depression in women?


Depression isn’t easy to recognize or treat. Sufferers may not even realize they are experiencing depression. Depression can happen to women and men. However, women experience depression at almost nearly double the rate that men do. Women also suffer from different symptoms than men do, making it a very dangerous mental illness.

The most common signs of depression in women are:


  • not enjoying hobbies or interests that they previously did
  • not getting the same pleasure from hobbies and activities
  • unable to focus for very long periods
  • losing your appetite on a regular basis
  • losing an abnormal amount of weight in a short period
  • feeling weak or exhausted with no clear reason
  • feeling overwhelmingly guilty
  • feeling unworthy or inadequate
  • feeling anxious or irritable
  • lacking feelings of hope for the future
  • crying without any certain cause
  • not being able to sleep well
  • having erratic mood swings
  • having thoughts about death


The differences between women and men suffering from depression


Females and males typically experience different symptoms when dealing with depression. Differences are often the result of hormonal differences.

Women may experience major hormonal changes and depression during:


  • menstruation
  • pregnancy
  • childbirth
  • menopause


Differences are also caused by social norms. In many cultures, males are expected to be tough, physical and not show their feelings. In contrast, women are expected to be far more emotional.

The differences between females and males can cause people to show their emotions in different ways.

For example, women may show their depression by:


  • being sad
  • blaming themselves for the problems
  • turn to unhealthy habits or emotional eating


In contrast, men may show their depression by:


  • being quick to anger
  • being angry often and for long periods
  • blame people around them for their problems
  • pick fights with others
  • turn to drinking, drugs, or act erratically


How to deal with depression in women?


The best way to treat depression is to see a mental healthcare professional. A counsellor or therapist may help a person find an outlet for their feelings that can be experienced in a safe way. When a person can describe and talk about their symptoms and feelings, they are able to respond to them in a more positive way.

Other ways to improve mental health and gain clarity are to:


  • spend at minimum of 30 minutes in the sunlight each day
  • exercise regularly
  • eat a nutritious and healthy diet
  • do calming activity on a daily basis such as meditation
  • be surrounded by positive people


A positive network of individuals can improve a person’s mood dramatically. Women who are suffering from depression symptoms should seek out their doctor for help.

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