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Satori Chair for Addiction Treatment


The Satori Chair is one of the most unique relaxation and rehabilitation products available to individuals suffering from addiction, depression, obesity, anxiety, and insomnia. The chair allows users to experience an incredibly deep meditation state completely relaxing the mind and body.


Some meditation experts have claimed the Satori Chair is the most exciting thing to happen to meditation and can change the way in which individuals engage their minds in calmness. Meditation takes long hours to master but the Satori Chair allows users to gain a perfect level of calmness in a matter of minutes rather than years.


What is the Satori Chair?


The Satori Chair is a wellness system featuring a zero-gravity lounge chair that distributes soft vibrational frequencies to specific points of the body. Individuals simultaneously listen to sounds and/or music through headphones while the zero-gravity lounge chair massages the body with energy pulses.


The sounds and vibration of the chair alter the user’s brainwaves taking them into a deep state of relaxation. This ultimately leads the user into an incredibly deep state of meditation. Individuals who have experienced a Satori Chair session have raved about it refreshing the mind and body.


By definition, Satori means a sudden awareness or enlightenment, and these feelings are what the chair allows users to feel. The Satori system was created and developed by Jill and Rod Slane11.S. Chair, the creator, the creator.; Retrieved September 28, 2022, from The couple had been researching ways to maximize musical enjoyment in listeners only to discover the relaxation system now known as Satori. They researched different sound frequencies including alpha, theta, and delta frequencies to enable relaxation and healing.


Satori Chair Treatment


Satori Chair technology was first used to treat individuals experiencing combat depression, anxiety, and trauma. Members of the United States military underwent Satori Chair sessions to overcome PTSD and the American military continues to use the technology to help troops who have returned from combat. Thousands of US military personnel have experienced Satori Chair sessions and it was highly used following the Iraq War in the 2000s. The military uses the chair to help soldiers re-balance quickly to civilian and/or post-war military life.


Although Satori technology was first used to treat military members, it has made its way to the civilian world through the Worlds Best luxury rehabs. Sessions are very similar to neuro-feedback techniques which impact the mind and body using guided visualization and images along with vibrations.


Research continues to be done on acoustic therapy which is being used to help treat ADHD sufferers, cancer patients, and people battling alcohol and drug addiction. Satori technology may also benefit civilians experiencing anxiety and depression.


Patients undergoing Satori Chair sessions for drug rehabilitation have praised the therapy and it is believed a high number of individuals undergoing Satori treatment have recovered from their addictions. In addition to addiction, it is claimed the Satori Chair technology can also treat weight loss and insomnia.


Amazingly, the technology has been used for surgery patients in place of prescription drugs. According to the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute, the technology was “used in over 100 cases of hip and knee replacement surgery in place of morphine, to reduce recovery time and surgical anxiety”.


How Does Satori Chair Work?


The Satori Chair utilizes the alpha, theta, and delta frequencies sequentially, allowing the mind and body to be restored. If played sequentially, the effects on the body and mind can be incredibly positive. Individuals undergoing a Satori session will first experience alpha frequencies which unwind the brain. Serotonin levels will decrease and relaxation will begin.


Theta frequencies then make the body drowsy and individuals will experience a REM-like state. Delta frequencies provide regeneration and restoration to individuals undergoing the Satori session.


Each frequency will be distributed to the patient through headphones. Meanwhile, energy pulses and vibrations are transferred from the chair to the person. The Satori company has made even more advances in technology developing the Satori Spa and Satori Wellness System to treat addiction and a variety of disorders.


Is it Successful


According to Satori, the company’s technology has been specifically designed to aid individuals experiencing rehab. In all cases, the Satori Chair is a safe treatment method in which patients do not use medication. The Satori Chair technology works to wake up an individual’s ability to end their craving for drugs and/or alcohol. According to one study, the Satori Chair technology has an 87% success rate in drug rehab.


Although there is still research being conducted on the topic of the Satori technology, the testimonials from people who have experienced the treatment have been extremely positive. Individuals who have used the system for weight loss and fitness reasons claim the technology to work wonders.


The US military continues to use the technology as well to combat the effects of PTSD and trauma. Studies reported there was a 97% improvement in mood state for Iraqi War veterans after using the Chair.


Due to the positive response the Satori Chair has received, more luxury rehabs around the world now offer the recovery system, and more individuals are now able to access the Satori Chair to improve their mental health than ever before and so far, the results have been excellent.


Perhaps the biggest upside of Satori technology is that it eliminates the use of prescription drugs which could cause an entirely new set of issues for patients recovering from Opioid addictions as well as other mind altering substances. With more successful studies into the Satori Chair technology, it is likely a larger segment of individuals will seek out the restorative wellness system.


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