Rise in Malibu

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Rise in Malibu

Rise in Malibu focuses on innovative, holistic treatment methods for individuals suffering from substance abuse. Founded in 2018, the 5-star luxury rehab uses traditional and modern treatment methods. These methods treat a client’s mind, body, and spirit, allowing the individual to get clean and sober.


Situated in beautiful Malibu, California, Rise provides clients a secluded and serene environment. Clients are able to focus on healing their minds and bodies as all outside distractions are eliminated. Rise in Malibu provides world-class treatments ensuring each resident receives the best help the industry has to offer.


The rehab provides luxurious accommodation that resembles a 5-star resort rather than a rehab facility. Rise in Malibu’s expert staff plays an intricate role in each client’s recovery journey. Although getting help may be difficult, scary, and confusing, Rise in Malibu works hard to make the journey to sobriety as easy as possible.


Rise in Malibu’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Mitchell, oversees the rehab’s work with clients. Mitchell is a Registered Addiction Specialist and Life Coach. He has many years of experience working with addiction and helping individuals achieve their goal of long-term sobriety. Mitchell knows the issues clients have with addiction having fought for sobriety for many years before finally achieving it.

Each suite at Rise in Malibu is private and comes with an ensuite bathroom. Clients benefit from the privacy afforded to them by Rise in Malibu. It is this privacy that helps clients recover quickly. Rather than a rehab facility, Rise in Malibu resembles an upscale home, and the coziness provides the perfect haven for recovery. The rehab admits only six clients at a time, giving each resident the chance to spend time in the beautiful accommodation without being overwhelmed by others.

What is a day at Rise in Malibu like?


Rise in Malibu’s goal is to identify, diagnose, and treat substance abuse. By addressing these three areas, Rise in Malibu focuses on the core issues of substance abuse. Along with addressing substance abuse’s core issues, the rehab is able to work with clients on co-occurring mental illnesses. These mental illnesses prevent a person from recovering from substance abuse.


Rise in Malibu has a unique program created in immediate response to the critical nature of drug and alcohol abuse. The residential program is able to address a client’s needs by keeping them on-site for therapy treatment.


The rehab’s treatment team includes a Doctorate level primary therapist, a Masters level case manager, a triple board-certified medical doctor, and a psychiatrist. There is also 24-hour nursing on-site. The combination of these professionals gives residents peace of mind when attending Rise in Malibu. Clients know they are receiving the best service in the industry.


Clients will experience a variety of treatment methods during a stay at Rise in Malibu. A number of therapies are utilized including equine, art, yoga, and more are experienced throughout the week by clients. There are one-to-one therapy sessions along with group sessions each week.


Rise in Malibu also utilizes Eye Movement Treatment, Experiential Therapy, and 12-step meetings. The therapies on offer are all used to give clients the best opportunity to recover from substance abuse.


At Rise in Malibu, they know that substance abuse is not just about the physical and mental health of an individual. It can also harm their spiritual life which leaves them feeling empty inside without any sense of meaning or direction to their lives – this goes for both addicts as well those who love having a recovering addict.

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Executive Summary of Rise in Malibu

Rise in Malibu Accommodation


The 5-star, luxury rehab offers ocean views to clients. The secluded, serene rehab gives you the chance to relax and recover in one of the most beautiful cities in America. Each suite at Rise in Malibu is private and comes with an ensuite bathroom. Only six clients are admitted at one time.


Clients appreciate the privacy afforded to them by Rise in Malibu. It is this privacy that helps clients recover quickly. Suites offer clients comfort as rehab can be grueling due to the amount of stress the body and mind go through. Of course, the discomfort of being at rehab fades, and the coziness of a private suite provides a safe haven for residents.


Rather than a rehab facility, Rise in Malibu resembles an upscale home. Clients have gorgeous hallways, well-furnished meeting areas, and a dining room for relaxed meals with other guests. Along with comfortable bedrooms, Rise in Malibu offers outdoor areas for clients to relax. These are great spaces to get to know other clients. There is a swimming pool and patio area allowing clients to enjoy the southern California sun.


Rise in Malibu Privacy


Rise in Malibu offers clients a secluded place to experience rehab. The resort-style rehab may disclose client information to third parties if Rise Malibu believes such a disclosure is reasonably necessary.

Rise in Malibu Modalities


There are a variety of therapies and treatments available at Rise Malibu. Programs are customized to each client allowing them to get the most out of a stay. You will receive one-to-one therapy, group therapy, 12-step meetings, and much more during a stay at Rise Rehab in Malibu. The doctorate-level therapists provide insight into addiction and clients can address their co-occurring disorders – which contribute to addiction.


Rise in Malibu Setting


Rise in Malibu is located in southern California in one of America’s most beautiful cities, Malibu. Clients are provided ocean views from the rehab’s location. Green foliage surrounds the facility giving you the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and spend your time recovering.


Rise in Malibu Cost


The combination of care and accommodation at Rise in Malibu makes the rehab an ideal option for anyone struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. A typical stay at Rise in Malibu is a minimum of 30 days. Clients can stay for longer if needed. The cost of a stay at Rise Rehab begins at $90,000.


If you want a rehab that offers beautiful surroundings, amazing accommodation, and a world-class staff dedicated to helping you achieve sobriety, then look no further than Rise in Malibu. The facilities are some of the best in the industry. Moreover, the therapies and treatments provided by the 5-star rehab are administered by professionals highly educated in the field of substance abuse.

Rise in Malibu Facilities

  • Fitness
  • Beach
  • Gardens
  • Gourmet Dining
  • Internet
  • Ocean View
  • TV
  • Access to Nature
  • Yoga
  • Adventure Outings
  • Beach Walks
  • Farming, Gardening
  • Hiking
  • Physical Fitness
  • Hiking
  • Movies
  • COVID-19 Measures
  • Executive Program
  • Gender-specific groups
  • Young Adults Program
  • Private Rooms

Rise in Malibu Aftercare

  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Follow-up days
  • Companion if Required

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