Rehabs in Phuket Thailand

Rehabs in Phuket – why go to rehab in Phuket


In recent years, Thailand has become increasingly popular as a drug and alcohol addiction treatment destination. There are a number of reasons for Thailand’s rise as a popular addiction treatment destination and these range from the quality of care to the overall price to the luxury accommodation options.


Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist centers and due to its fame in the travel sphere, it has developed a reputation for its rehab facilities. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island. It offers you picture-perfect settings with crystal-clear waters, bright beaches, and swaying palm trees. The local population is friendly and geared towards welcoming visitors to the island paradise.


Phuket is also rich in history. All of these reasons are perfect for anyone seeking a holiday. They are also great reasons to choose Phuket for rehab as you will likely have plenty of free time when you are not attending therapy or meetings.


The benefits of rehab in Phuket

Price of travel


Many of the treatment programs at resort-style, luxury rehabs in Phuket cost less than similar programs in western countries. Phuket is able to offer treatment at lower prices even when you factor in travel costs. The travel aspect of attending rehab in Phuket is one of the key benefits of choosing treatment on the Thai island.


Travel can be very relaxing. It takes you away from the environment that may have triggered addiction. Attending rehab in Phuket is like going on vacation while undergoing treatment. It is a win-win situation for many people.

Resorts for rehab


There are rehabs in Phuket that have resort-style facilities. These rehabs are far different than the cliched facilities that many people think of when they consider drug and alcohol recovery. You will spend your time in a five-star facility that is more like a hotel and spa than it is like a treatment center. Once again, the price for staying at one of these rehabs is far more friendly than what you are likely to find in western countries. The number of rehabs regulated by the Thai Ministry of Public Health is also high.


In terms of staff, Phuket’s rehabs have welcoming staff that provide a unique stay. At many of the rehabs in Phuket, you will be well looked after with maid service, chefs, and other individuals taking care of you. It is literally comparable to the experience you would have at a five-star resort. Some Phuket-based rehabs are run by westerners who fell in love with the lifestyle provided by Phuket. These experienced therapists and counselors have built lives and careers on the island.


Top-notch treatment


Phuket rehabs use modern treatment techniques. Evidence-based therapies will be deployed to help you gain long-term sobriety. Treatments will include cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step recovery, one-to-one therapy, support groups and group therapy, family therapy and much more.


In the end, the only major difference you will notice with a luxury rehab in a western country and a luxury rehab in Phuket is the price. You will receive more for your money in Phuket, while removing yourself from the triggers of home. Phuket rehab could save your life and give you the chance to receive treatment in one of their world’s most beautiful locations.


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