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Rehab in Chiang Mai – why go to rehab in Chiang Mai


Thailand is the world’s No. 1 destination for medical and rehab tourism. Due to a variety of factors, people from all over the globe book trips to Thailand to receive much-need treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab has become a popular reason for travelers to visit Thailand. While the country has a reputation with drinking, drugs, and party culture, a new wave of tourists is visiting the country to end their addictions and co-occurring disorders.


The benefits of rehab in Chiang Mai


A beautiful place to recover


One of the cities that attracts people to Thailand for rehab is Chiang Mai. The historic city has a number of luxury rehabs that provide visitors with evidence-based therapies, medically assisted detox, and much more. These rehabs are welcoming hundreds, if not thousands, of clients each year who are all seeking the same goal – long-term sobriety.


Chiang Mai is the culture and history capital of Thailand. Located in the northern region of Thailand, Chiang Mai provides visitors with comfortable weather throughout the year. The great weather allows for you to visit many of the great historical sites around the area or to partake in the many activities Chiang Mai has to offer. With this as the background, you have the ability to recover from drug and alcohol addiction in one of Asia’s most beautiful cities.


Luxury rehabs in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Compared to many of the luxury rehabs in western countries, you can attend rehab at a resort-style facility in Chiang Mai for a fraction of the price. Even when you factor in the cost of travel, rehab in Chiang Mai is often cheaper. Not only is the price of the world-class care cheaper than in western countries, but you will stay at a beautiful resort-style rehab in one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations.


Combining your stay in rehab with a vacation to Chiang Mai allows you to work towards full sobriety and experience one of Thailand’s most amazing cities. After completing your stay in rehab, you can spend a few days or weeks exploring the local area. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will have plenty of time to spend in Chiang Mai’s great outdoors while staying in rehab.


High standards of addiction recovery care in Chiang Mai’s rehabs


Rehab in Chiang Mai means that you will likely stay at a center that has global standards. Due to the number of international visitors to rehabs in Chiang Mai, treatment centers must meet specific standards to attract clients. You will benefit from these high standards of care from the staff and the top-notch facilities.


One of the aspects that upsets some individuals that attend rehab is a lack of facetime with the counselors and staff. Rehabs in Chiang Mai put a focus on interaction with clients. This could mean that there are low in-take numbers are centers, giving you plenty of time to work with counselors and therapists.


Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s most beautiful cities. It is full of history, culture, and much more. With a thriving rehab industry, you will find a treatment program and facility that meets all of your needs.

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