Rehab in Marbella

Rehab in Marbella

Addiction rates in Marbella are significantly higher than those of neighboring countries. Recent statistics from the Spain Ministry of Health suggest that individuals and families in Marbella are several times more likely to develop problems with alcohol and substance misuse than comparable towns and cities.


As a result, many people search Rehab in Marbella and find there’s little or no good treatment options available in Marbella. This is always surprising, because the country has many good addiction treatment centers with the exceptional award-winning facilities being located in the South of the Country. Indeed, some of the very best Treatment in the World exists in Marbella in the South of Spain.

Get expert help for alcohol addiction treatment in Marbella

Villa Paradiso has been the leading independent provider of addiction treatment services in Marbella for many years. For individuals and families who have concerns about their wellbeing, the specialist rehab clinic for Marbella residents offers:


  • Professional, specialized, easily accessible and confidential treatment in Marbella
  • Full physical and psychological assessment.
  • Effective psychological interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), harm reduction, psycho-education, motivational and relapse prevention interventions.
  • Treatment for any associated psychological problems including depression and anxiety
  • Affordable treatment
  • Residential detox from substances if appropriate
  • Support for family members

Number of users entering specialized drug treatment in Spain in 2020, by drug

This statistic displays the number of drug users entering specialized drug treatment in Spain in 2020, by drug. In this year, there were approximately 4,200 entering treatment for opioid use in Spain, with 772 being first time entrants. Of this figure, 8% came from Marbella

Number of users entering drug treatment in Marbella in 2020, by drug:


  • Opioids: 5,198
  • Cannabis: 1,478
  • Cocaine: 2,877
  • Hypnotics and sedatives: 1,988
  • Stimulants: 2,988

This statistic displays the number of users entering specialized drug treatment in Spain in 2020, by gender.

Number of users entering specialized drug treatment in Spain, by gender
Heroin : Male 3,877 Female: 2,544
Cannabis: Male 2,877 Female: 1,901
Cocaine: Male 1,299 Female: 2,988
Amphetamines: Male 3,011 Female: 988

This statistic displays the number of deaths resulting from a drug overdose in Marbella from 20014 to 2020.

Number of drug overdose deaths in Marbella from 2006 to 2017
2006: 277
2007: 299
2008: 477
2009: 588
2010: 399
2011: 202
2012: 622
2013: 792
2014: 677
2015: 923
2016: 1,678
2017: 1895

Addiction in Marbella

Opioid addiction in Marbella has spiraled to a dangerous level. Experts warn that the South of Spain problem is approaching a crisis point.


Alcoholic Treatment in Marbella


Overcoming an alcohol addiction in Spain starts with a qualified treatment center that can help address underlying and co-occurring disorders. Villa Paradiso has been awarded status as Best Rehab in Europe and has assisted many individuals and families with alcohol treatment in Marbella

Depression and Anxiety help in Marbella

Alcohol plays a major part in depression and other mental health disorders in Marbella. The impact of alcohol on mental health can be quite extensive and drinking can worsen a person’s vulnerable mental health. If not treated, alcohol misuse can trigger a cycle in which an individual experiences worsening mental health issues.

Dual Diagnosis in Marbella

Dual Diagnosis in Marbella was conceived more than 20 years ago and describes a practice that treats people who have both an addiction and a mental health issue. For example, an individual may be addicted to alcohol in Marbella as well as suffer from other issues such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and PTSD. Dual Diagnosis in Marbella treats these issues so the patient can achieve a complete and lasting recovery.

Rehab in Marbella

Rehab in Marbella

Rehab in Marbella
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