Pia Mellody

Worlds Best Rehab Top 50 Power List

Congratulations to Pia Mellody and members of the 2021 Worlds Best Rehab List: The most influential and purposeful treatment professionals of  2021

Every year Worlds Best Rehab celebrates the key people of influence making waves in International Recovery. The 50 individuals on this list are forging new paths in recovery, saving and rebuilding lives through innovative, dedicated and client centric treatment. The Recovery Rockstar list has no geographical or age bias, and favors no one treatment method or modality. These are the ones to watch in Global Treatment.

Over the past year, the treatment industry has had to adapt quickly as the state of global mental health has worsened, and we’ve aimed to recognize those leading the way with direction and purpose. The treatment professionals on our list are once again the most influential in the World. Many represent treatment brands substantial market share. But they are more than just successful clinic owners and treatment professionals. They seek to communicate and engage communities with meaningful work and action that can make a difference. As senior leaders in the industry half of the professionals on this list are making a return appearance, having earned their stripes in a challenging year.

While the list was again subject to much debate and many rounds of intense discussion among Worlds Best Rehab editors, we’re confident that the list represents the very best of the best.

Pia Mellody: The Meadows / the Pia Mellody Method

Pia Mellody is a world-renowned lecturer on the origins of childhood emotional dysfunction. Mellody’s recovery and treatment workshops have helped people from around the globe. Her bestselling books are a popular resource for individuals seeking recovery and professionals. Mellody’s books have been translated into a variety of languages enabling people from all over the globe to learn about the origins of childhood emotional dysfunction.

While Mellody is a bestselling author, she is also a faculty member at the Meadows Treatment center in Wickenburg, Arizona. There, she works in the residential rehab center with victims of emotional abuse, addiction, and trauma.

The Meadows is a leading rehab facility in the American southwest. The facility employs knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate staff members to work with individuals to gain freedom from their addictions and mental health challenges. The Meadows provides quality, cutting-edge healthcare and receives input from leading treatment experts. Mellody and the team at the Meadows work exhaustively to help clients in their recovery program.

As a Senior Clinical Advisor for The Meadows and Clinical Consultant for Mellody House and Dakota, Mellody is known in the industry as a preeminent authority on recovery1http://www.piamellody.com/. Mellody is an expert on addictions and relationships, and focuses much of her work on lecturing and educating others on the subjects.

Her work on boundaries, codependence, and the effects of childhood trauma on emotional development profoundly influences the treatment of addictions and issues around forming and maintaining relationships. Mellody has authored a number of bestselling books, including Facing Codependence, Facing Love Addiction and The Intimacy Factor. In total, the addiction and mental health expert has authored four books during her illustrious career.

The model in which the Meadows administers rehabilitation to clients was created by Mellody herself. Known as the Pia Mellody Method or the Meadows Model, the program was created in the 1970s and has been a part of the rehabilitation center’s foundation ever since.

Mellody discovered an increasing number of clients who identified less-than-nurturing, abusive family systems from their childhood. This led to codependency in adulthood. Codependency patterns turned into addictions, mood disorders, and physical illness.

Mellody concluded through her work with clients that individuals with codependence develop despair and actually die from the effects of their codependence. The Meadows Model was born out of her research. Along with the Model of Developmental Immaturity, the Meadows Model is still incorporated in every area of each Meadows Behavioral Healthcare treatment program. All staff members are trained in the Meadows Model created by Mellody. This ensures clients receive the utmost care and treatment during their stay.

The Meadows is one of North America’s most high-profile rehab facility. It has welcomed Hollywood A-listers and other celebrities in need of addiction help. Its success working with celebrities has allowed the Meadows to achieve mega-star status as a go-to treatment rehab center. Mellody’s late-husband founded the facility before passing away in 2016.

Today, Mellody lecturers regularly at workshops, speaking to other professionals in the addiction treatment industry. Her books have helped millions of people and educated professionals on how to treat addiction and mental health trauma.

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