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Passages Malibu

One of the very best rehab and treatment facilities in the World, Passages Malibu rests in the serene private hills of Malibu, California. Within these extensive grounds clients benefit from one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated treatment programs ever developed. Passages Rehab in Malibu has been instrumental in changing the modality of treatment Globally, since it was founded back in 2001 by father and son team Chris and Pax Prentiss.


If you’ve tried the 12-Step method and it didn’t work for you, or if you’ve been to other treatment centers only to find yourself lost in group meetings, hearing the same old defeating message that has no hope in it, then it’s time you came to Passages. Our program heals and empowers. When you admit into Passages, you’ll be working with a team of like-minded people who have one common goal: your success.


Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab


Passages Malibu employs over 100 staff in the main treatment million mansion, situated on magnificent grounds totaling 10 acres and commanding some of the most dramatic vistas in the area, overlooking the dynamic, rugged and dramatic Pacific Ocean.


Passages Malibu has been instrumental in changing the modality of treatment Globally, since it was founded back in 2001 by father and son team Chris and Pax Prentiss. Passages Malibu was born from a vision to assemble the finest team of professionals in the World and they have unequivocally successfully delivered on this mission, saving countless lives and rebuilding a previously unimaginable way of living for clients.


Passages Malibu is our flagship 5-Star luxury inpatient treatment center offering the most comprehensive holistic, non 12-Step drug and alcohol addiction program internationally.


One-to-One Treatment


Passages Rehab creates a team around the client in a truly 1:1 bespoke treatment model and a  recovery team usually comprises psychologists, family therapists, trainers, nurses, medical professionals, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, spiritual counselors and many others.


Admissions Process at Passages Malibu


Upon arrival after the seamless admissions process clients are assigned their personal ten-strong team of therapists who construct a truly bespoke treatment program placing the individual at the heart of recovery and while there are some group meetings and process groups the majority of time at Passages Malibu is intensive one-to-one therapy.


Addiction Ends Here


The therapeutic approach at Passages Rehab recognizes both the success and limitations of the 12-Step model and notably take a pure therapeutic and holistic approach to recovery. Back in 2001 this revolutionary approach was integral in changing Global treatment recovery models. Fast forward to the present day and the treatment modality at Passages Malibu is often imitated yet rarely beaten in terms of long-term success and complete recovery.


Stay in Touch with the World


Passages recognize that its simply too utopian an ideal to force clients to detach from the outside world during their treatment. Many clients are leaders in business, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians and leaders in their fields and are simply unable to switch themselves off from life.


While Passages Treatment Center encourages a period of isolation in early recovery it is not enforced and the facility has lightning fast secure Wi-Fi throughout.

Passages Malibu Rehab Cost


How much does it cost to go to Malibu Passages?


Passages Addiction Treatment Center in Malibu is one of the most successful and luxurious rehabs in the Worlds and costs between $85,000 and $120,000 for a month-long treatment program.


No expense or detail is spared and as well as World Class therapeutic delivery the cost of Passages Addiction Treatment unlocks the very pinnacle of hospitality with a number of pools, state of the art gym complete with the best personal trainers, extensive manicured grounds, and an expert chef fully versed in the benefits of nutritional rehabilitation and restoration.


The facility works extensively with many of the major health insurers in the United States and will work with potential clients and their insurers to facilitate admission.

Key Clinical Experts

Chris Prentiss

Passages Malibu Jobs

Pax Prentiss
CEO and Co-Founder

Malibu Passages

Luxury Rehab in California


Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center is a luxury drenched property and since opening in 2001 this palatial estate has aged well into its elegance. Many luxury rehabs in Malibu California tend toward the grandiose yet Passages Malibu comes off as effortless and it’s the little touches of seamless foresight that make the facilities rise majestically above its peers.


At Passages, we focus on healing the underlying conditions that are causing you to use drugs and alcohol. We do not use the 12-Step program because we believe that it teaches a philosophy that is detrimental to healing and can lead to relapse.


This peerless treatment facility places emphasis on healing the underlying symptoms that become the catalyst for addictive behaviors and do so by deploying a true 1:1 treatment model unmatched in the United States.


This center moves beyond the traditional 12-step model with clinically proven state-of-the-art services that keep clients engaged and enthusiastic about healing. The ‘Malibu Method’ does not deal in shame nor lecture clients about disease. The Clinicians will never refer to patients as an ‘addict’ or ‘alcoholic’ and nor will they seek to dis-empower their identities with negativity and blame.


During treatment clients report feeling “empowered” instead of powerless as the treatment modality and temp quickly rises. The clinical approach has been a revolutionary one since 2001 and targets the causes of addiction


The Four Causes of Addiction


Passages Addiction Treatment Center addresses four specific  underlying symptoms of addiction with the philosophy that if an individual is abusing drugs and alcohol, they’ll present with at least one of these underlying conditions, though more likely most, if not all elements will be manifest in some form.


  1. A Chemical Imbalance
  2. Events of the past you have not reconciled
  3. Current conditions you can’t cope with
  4. Things you believe that aren’t true


Founding Core Principles of the Passages ‘Malibu Model’


  • A non-12 Step program with a true one-on-one bespoke therapeutic approach.
  • Passages believes that addiction is not a disease and is caused by one or more of four catalysts of addictive behavior.
  • The Malibu Model believes individuals can maintain sobriety without the need for ongoing support from a sponsor.
  • The Passages philosophy is that individuals have the power to triumph over even the most powerful addictive behaviors and that it is extremely detrimental to continually identify yourself as an addict or alcoholic.
  • The founders of Passages believe sobriety to be a natural state that can be maintained by anyone, regardless of denomination, faith or belief in a Higher Power.

Passages Malibu Treatment Specializations

  • Alcoholism Treatment
  • Prescription Drug Addiction

Passages Malibu Treatment Options

Passages Malibu

Five magnificent estates, equipped with extravagant amenities, border the Pacific, giving Passages Malibu a powerful combo of luxury and proficient treatment.

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