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Paradigm Treatment Center for Teens and Young Adults

Paradigm Treatment is located in Malibu, California amongst some of the swankiest houses, businesses, and beaches in the state. The luxury rehab offers world-class treatment programs, giving clients the chance to recovery in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Paradigm Treatment has been in business for more than 10 years and provides recovery care for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, mood disorder, personality disorder, and substance abuse.


Clients can undergo Paradigm Treatment’s 35-day residential treatment program which is accredited by The Join Commission. Its accreditation shows just how high the quality the care provided by Paradigm Treatment is. Each client receives a comprehensive treatment program. The center offers clients a number of therapy sessions, including one-on-one therapy five to six times a day each week.


Paradigm Treatment specializes in helping young individuals and their families identify and address the issues that hinder their ability to live productive, meaningful, and connected lives. The rehab center uses a treatment methodology that goes beyond modifying the client’s behavior. This allows the center’s staff to locate and address the root of the problem. Clients will work closely with a team of mental health experts to address their issues.


Paradigm Treatment’s holistic rehab treatment approach enables teens and young adults to alter their lives in sustainable ways. Since its foundation, Paradigm Treatment has been the leader in teen and young adult rehab.

What is a day at Paradigm Treatment Center like?


Paradigm Treatment Center delivers programs for a variety of disorders. Clients suffering from depression, anxiety, personality disorders, substance abuse, behavioral addictions and eating disorders are all treated at the rehab center.  Paradigm Treatment Center also offers help to teens suffering from more “common” issues including parents’ divorce, gaming, issues with being adopted, self-harm treatment, and grief and loss.


Each client receives a comprehensive treatment program. The center offers clients a number of therapy sessions, including one-on-one therapy five to six times a day each week. The amount of therapy provided on a one-to-one basis gives clients the chance to let their emotions out and get to know their mental healthcare professional.


Individual therapy sessions give clients a self-empowering start to the day. Sessions begin swiftly following breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Clients are provided a unique on-site classroom to complete their educations. Lectures are conducted by certified teachers and students from UCLA. This gives clients the chance to connect with someone near their age who can be a role model for recovery.


Clients also undergo weekly family and group therapy. Due to teens being young and vulnerable, parents and family are encouraged to be a part of their recovery treatment. Psychiatric counseling is also provided to clients each week.


Along with a high-level mental healthcare staff on hand at Paradigm Treatment Center, the rehab employs a dance therapist, nutritionist, music therapist, art therapist, and uses a therapeutic writing session allowing clients to express their feelings. Psychologists and social workers are also on hand and a part of every-day life at Paradigm Treatment.

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Executive Summary of Paradigm Treatment

Paradigm Treatment accommodation


Paradigm Treatment Malibu as a capacity of up to 12 clients at a time. This means clients won’t be overlooked and each receives the dedicated treatment they deserve. Therapy is personalized to each client ensuring they receive the most out of their stay at Paradigm Treatment Malibu. Clients enjoy a well-appointed room with full-size bed. Clients typically share rooms, but some single rooms are provided. Clients do not participate in chores, but are responsible for keeping their rooms clean. Clients must make their beds and do laundry. Maid services are provided as are nutritious meals.


The Paradigm campus is made up three different buildings. Bedrooms come with full-size beds, living rooms, spacious outdoor areas, and lush gardens. Although the rehab takes its job seriously and the rules can be strict at times, it is well-aware that clients are young people.


Paradigm Treatment Malibu provides clients with high-quality facilities including an athletic field, basketball court, picnic area, and swimming pool. Clients can use these facilities at their leisure. There is a home away from home feeling to the rehab which allows teens and young adults to relax during their stay.


The facilities allow clients to enjoy a variety of sports, yoga, acupuncture, and dance. There is also the opportunity for clients to partake in extracurricular activities. A computer lab and movie night are available, but supervised by staff. Due to the age of the clients, staff monitor them and provide a strict set of rules that must be followed.


Paradigm Treatment Center Privacy


Privacy is taken very seriously at Paradigm Treatment. Working with young person’s makes this an even bigger responsibility for the center. Paradigm Treatment ensures each client’s stay is kept private and confidential. The three-building campus enables clients to remain on-site while still fulfilling education needs along with therapy.

One of the world’s best rehabs


Few, if any, rehabs in the world treat teens and young adults for as many substance abuse and mental illness issues as Paradigm Treatment Malibu. In addition, Clients are able to continue their studies while on campus, allowing them to leave and return to school without missing a beat.


Treatment Modality


Clients complete a holistic treatment at Paradigm in which they complete five to six therapy sessions per day. Along with attending classes, clients participate in exercise sessions and extra-curricular events. Family therapy sessions are also conducted once a week.

Treatment Setting


Paradigm Treatment’s main center is located in one of America’s most beautiful cities, Malibu. Clients can see the Santa Monica Mountains outside and can breathe in the fresh ocean air. The gardens are green and peaceful, providing the perfect spot to recover.

Paradigm Treatment Center Cost


Paradigm Treatment provides guests with a 35-day stay at a cost of $49,000. The rehab accepts health insurance and credit card payments. It also works with American Healthcare Lending Inc. to support clients. Although the typical stay is for 35 days, some clients remain in the rehab for longer.

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Paradigm Treatment Specializations

  • Alcohol
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Stress
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Codependency
  • Depression
  • Gaming
  • Internet Addiction
  • Marijuana
  • OCD

Paradigm Teen Treatment Center Facilities

  • Access to Nature
  • Air-Conditioned Rooms
  • Airport Transfers
  • Armchair or Sofa
  • Basketball Court
  • Beach Access
  • Coffee Maker and Tea
  • En Suite Bathroom
  • Fitness Center
  • Gardens
  • Hot Tub
  • Housekeeping
  • Internet
  • Internet Access
  • Laundry Service
  • Ocean View
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Pool
  • Private Rooms Only
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Snacks
  • Tennis Court
  • View
  • Walking Trails

Paradigm Treatment Options

Paradigm Treatment Aftercare

  • Alumni Events & Get-Togethers
  • Family Follow-up Counseling
  • Follow-up Sessions (online)

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Paradigm Treatment

Paradigm Treatment specializes in helping young individuals and their families identify and address the issues that hinder their ability to live productive, meaningful, and connected lives.

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