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Online Rehab in Centennial, Colorado

Awarded Best Online Rehab 2022 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine

Only $99 p.m. Cancel at any time with a 30-day money back guarantee

Self Recovery in Centennial, Colorado was awarded Best Online Rehab by Worlds Best Magazine 2022 in recognition of their exceptional, cost effective program that has helped many 000’s of individuals around the world find long term sobriety. Daniel Hochman M.D. is a Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Philanthropist who believes in making his online rehab program in Centennial, Colorado as accessible as possible to help the greatest number of people affected by addiction.


Self Recovery is a private rehab program that is 100% online. The addiction recovery program is evidence-based, and clients receive an on-demand program using a holistic approach. Rather than attending an in-person rehab program, Self Recovery provides clients with a platform that focuses on their individual needs.

Specializations | Burnout, Anxiety, Depression, Online Rehab in Centennial, Colorado Stress, Anger Management, Alcohol, Dependencies, Grief, Seasonal Depressive Disorder, Life Crisis, Smoking Cessation (among others)


Self-Recovery Cost | The fee for Online Rehab with Self Recovery in Centennial, Colorado is just $99 with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Online Rehab in Centennial, Colorado: What is it and how does it work?


Not every person is able to attend residential rehab in Centennial, Colorado. The good news for those individuals is there is another option to aid in the recover from alcohol and/or drug disorders. Online rehab in Centennial, Colorado is one way in which a person can get the addiction treatment needed to live a clean and sober lifestyle.


Online rehab in Centennial, Colorado is a service offered via Zoom, Skype, or video conference platforms provided by a treatment center. Online rehab in Centennial, Colorado makes it possible for clients to get a range of services from the comfort of their home over the Internet. One-to-one sessions, group therapy, and much more is on offer from rehab providers. Service providers offer a range of products and features giving clients the chance to get the most out of their rehab experience.


Skills and tools are taught via counselors. Evidence-based practices may be offered to teach clients ways to live life without drugs and alcohol. The top online rehab programs employ well-educated, experienced counselors to help clients.


Online Counseling and Therapy in Centennial, Colorado


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) can help individuals with mental health issues and addiction in Centennial, Colorado:


  • Identifying triggers: Therapy can help individuals identify and understand the triggers that lead to substance use and other addictive behaviors.
  • Coping skills: Therapy can provide individuals with new coping skills and strategies to deal with cravings and triggers.
  • Addressing underlying issues: Addiction often stems from underlying emotional or psychological issues, such as trauma or stress. Therapy can help individuals address and process these issues.
  • Building motivation: MI is a form of therapy specifically designed to increase an individual’s motivation to change their behavior.
  • Developing a support system: Therapy can provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to discuss their addiction and receive encouragement and accountability.
  • Relapse prevention: CBT and other forms of therapy can teach individuals how to recognize warning signs and develop a plan to prevent relapse.


Do ensure that any Talk Therapist or Counselor in Centennial, Colorado is vetted and checked to provide these treatments.


What are the benefits of online rehab in Centennial, Colorado?


There are a number of benefits to online rehab in Centennial, Colorado. Perhaps the most important benefit is that an individual can begin right away without needing to make plans and arrangements to attend a residential facility in Centennial, Colorado. Clients can get the help they need right away. Other benefits include:


  • Convenience as clients can attend therapy sessions in Centennial, Colorado from anywhere with Internet access
  • Privacy is granted to clients in Centennial, Colorado through privacy laws, but there is added privacy as clients do not have to engage with other residents
  • Treatment is provided by trained experts in Centennial, Colorado, just like in residential rehab. The big difference is clients can remain in the comfort of home in Centennial, Colorado
  • Social support is provided by face-to-face interaction with counselors and sober partners in Centennial, Colorado


How does online rehab in Centennial, Colorado work?


There are different types of rehabs online from Centennial, Colorado. Potential clients have some choices when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction recovery in Centennial, Colorado


  • Online IOP in Centennial, Colorado is online drug rehab with an intensive outpatient treatment program. This is perfect for individuals who have previously completed detox and inpatient rehab.


  • Self-directed online substance abuse treatment in Centennial, Colorado offers interactive workbooks or videos that can be downloaded by the client. Individuals in need of more structure may choice another type of online rehab, however.


  • Online recovery support groups in Centennial, Colorado offer peer support and regular online engagement with a clean and sober support system. An example of online recovery support groups include 12-Step Fellowships. There are a number of online recovery support groups available such as NA and AA.


Is online rehab in Centennial, Colorado a good fit for me?


Online rehab in Centennial, Colorado offers you many of the same benefits of residential or outpatient rehab. If you are ready to end the cycle of alcohol and drugs, then contacting an online rehab provider in Centennial, Colorado will allow you to learn more about specific treatment programs.


You may be able to cover the cost of rehab online in Centennial, Colorado with your insurance. Many of the top rehab centers in Centennial, Colorado now offer treatment programs over the Internet. It gives you the chance to access the care needed and get clean and sober as soon as possible.


Online Rehab in Centennial, Colorado

Online Rehab in Centennial, Colorado

Top Online Rehabs Serving Centennial, Colorado

Below is a compilation of the best rehabs serving Centennial, Colorado with local rehab reviews, amenities, cost and more.The rehabs featured below have been verified by Worlds Best Rehab as offering an exceptionally high level of care, both physically and via their online rehab. They may or may not be physically based in Centennial, Colorado, yet they extend their services along multiple time zones, ensuring true Worldwide Online Rehab coverage in the wider Centennial, Colorado area.

Centennial is a home rule municipality located in Arapahoe County, Colorado, United States. The city population was 108,418 at the 2020 United States Census, making Centennial the 11th most populous municipality in Colorado. Centennial is a part of the Denver–Aurora–Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Front Range Urban Corridor.

Centennial was formed on February 7, 2001, from portions of unincorporated Arapahoe County, including the former Castlewood and Southglenn census-designated places (CDPs). The citizens of the area had voted to incorporate on September 12, 2000, choosing Centennial as the official name during the vote. The name reflects Colorado’s admission to the Union as the 38th state in 1876, the centennial year of the United States Declaration of Independence. The state of Colorado is nicknamed the “Centennial State”.

Incorporation was approved by 77% of the voters, and the population of the area at over 100,000 made it the largest incorporation in U.S. history as of its creation. The city was incorporated in large part to prevent further annexations of unincorporated areas by the city of Greenwood Village in an attempt to improve its tax base. The taxes generated from businesses in unincorporated portions of Arapahoe County funded the majority of the county’s services, including road work. A number of court cases[specify] eventually established the right of incorporation to take precedence over the right of annexation.

The city was incorporated on a promise to keep city taxes at 1%. (One of the campaigns against incorporation appealed to voters to maintain the 3.8% sales tax of the unincorporated county.) According to the Centennial website, the current sales tax rate is two-and-a-half times the promised rate, at 2.5%.

Since the city is relatively new, some people in the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area do not yet recognize the area by the name “Centennial”, especially since neighboring Aurora, Englewood and Littleton are the default place names assigned by the United States Postal Service for ZIP codes serving Centennial. Thus, mailing addresses designated as “Aurora”, “Englewood” or “Littleton” may actually be located in Centennial. This causes considerable confusion, as Centennial and Englewood do not even share a boundary, while some portions of Centennial are surrounded by Aurora and vice versa.

In 2008, Centennial voters approved a referendum by approximately a 2-to-1 margin making Centennial a home rule city.

Centennial Airport, formerly Arapahoe County Airport, lies adjacent to Centennial, but is located in unincorporated Arapahoe County. The airport is not named after the city, as it predates the city by over 30 years.

Centennial is roughly divided in half by Interstate 25, with most of its business and entertainment centers lying west of the highway. The city’s boundaries are highly irregular and evocative of a gerrymander, particularly the overwhelmingly residential eastern portions of the city, which appear with Foxfield, portions of Aurora, and unincorporated areas as a distorted checkerboard on the city’s map.

Centennial has many hills, gullies and ravines, and its open spaces are usually accompanied by recreational trails and parks, including Dry Creek Dam, DeKoevend Park, the High line Canal Trail, Willow Creek Trail, as well as Big Dry Creek and Little Dry Creek Trails. Centennial hosts most native wildlife and is a good reflection of Colorado’s front range ecosystem. Centennial has seen a boost in coyote populations in recent years, leading to resident education on how to deter coyotes from eating family pets.

Centennial is located at 39°35’47” North, 104°50’38” West (39.5963, −104.8439).

At the 2020 United States Census, the city had a total area of 19,115 acres (77.355 km) including 94 acres (0.379 km2) of water.

The city is approximately composed of 87.4% White, 4.8% Hispanic or Latino, 3.6% Asian, 2.4% African American, 0.4% Native American, and 0.3% from other races.

The median age is 37.2 years, in comparison to the 35.3-year national average. For every 100 females, there are 98 males.

National CineMedia and United Launch Alliance are among the companies based in Centennial. Blackjack Pizza was headquartered in Centennial.

According to Centennial’s 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:

Most of Centennial is within the territory of the Cherry Creek Public Schools while the western portion of the city in the territory of Littleton Public Schools. Centennial is also served by a few private schools.

Private Elementary and Middle Schools


The city is governed under the council-manager form of government which limits the power of the city to levy and collect taxes. The city council has eight members. The Mayor and Council Members are all part-time officials who hold other full-time jobs.

Notable individuals who were born in or have lived in Centennial include:


Online Therapists in Centennial, Colorado

Business Name Rating Categories Phone Number Address
Thrive CounselingThrive Counseling
7 reviews
Counseling & Mental Health +13032092592 8801 E Hampden Ave, Ste 210, Denver, CO 80231
Estelle Keren, PSY DEstelle Keren, PSY D
4 reviews
Psychologists +17204319336 2755 S Locust St, Ste 219, Denver, CO 80222
Individual & Relationship Therapy CenterIndividual & Relationship Therapy Center
13 reviews
Counseling & Mental Health +17206397724 425 S Cherry St, Ste 810, Denver, CO 80246
The Stratford ClinicThe Stratford Clinic
1 review
Counseling & Mental Health, Psychiatrists +17207357649 5350 S Roslyn St, Ste 460, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Lindsay Hanson, LCSWLindsay Hanson, LCSW
3 reviews
Counseling & Mental Health +13037755059 1221 S Clarkson St, Ste 206, Denver, CO 80210
AllHealth NetworkAllHealth Network
1 review
Counseling & Mental Health +13037308858 200 Plaza Dr, Ste 200, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Modern Love CounselingModern Love Counseling
3 reviews
Counseling & Mental Health +13039008514 975 Lincoln St, Ste 205, Denver, CO 80203
Christa Smith, PsyDChrista Smith, PsyD
1 review
Psychologists +17205365776 8158 E 5th Ave, Ste 260, Denver, CO 80230
iPerformance ConsultantsiPerformance Consultants
1 review
Psychologists, Sports Psychologists +13039605711 88 Inverness Cir E, A207, Englewood, CO 80112
Sharona Stone, MED LCSW DCHSharona Stone, MED LCSW DCH
2 reviews
Psychologists +13037791699 6851 S Holly Cir, Ste 135, Centennial, CO 80112
Natural Health & WellnessNatural Health & Wellness
29 reviews
Colonics, Reiki, Alternative Medicine +13032212621 7180 E Orchard Rd, Ste 111, Centennial, CO 80111
Mountain Vista PsychologyMountain Vista Psychology
1 review
Counseling & Mental Health +17205839332 88 Inverness Cir E, Bldg E, Ste 103, Englewood, CO 80112
Denver Hypnosis ClinicDenver Hypnosis Clinic
1 review
Counseling & Mental Health +17204322212 8400 E Prentice Ave, Ste 301, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Colorado Relationship RecoveryColorado Relationship Recovery
7 reviews
Counseling & Mental Health +13032172658 1777 S Bellaire St, Ste 420, Denver, CO 80222
Mile High PsychiatryMile High Psychiatry
42 reviews
Counseling & Mental Health +18555865525 14221 E 4th Ave, Ste 2-126, Aurora, CO 80011
Valiant LivingValiant Living
1 review
Counseling & Mental Health +17204466585 7120 E Orchard Rd, Ste 260, Centennial, CO 80111
Life. Health. HappinessLife. Health. Happiness
2 reviews
Nutritionists, Saunas, Geneticists +13036190499 88 Inverness Cir E, Bldg H, Ste 105-106, Centennial, CO 80112
Colorado Wellness Center for GirlsColorado Wellness Center for Girls
2 reviews
Counseling & Mental Health +17209255824 3775 Chase St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80212
Aurora Mental HealthAurora Mental Health
11 reviews
+13033418032 1290 Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80011
Parker Family CareParker Family Care
26 reviews
Medical Centers, Family Practice +13038052273 10259 S Parker Rd, Ste 200, Parker, CO 80134

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