One Rehab Thailand

One Rehab Thailand

Authored by Pin Ng PhD

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Situated in Thailand’s beautiful Chiang Mai, “The One Rehab” Thailand is a boutique rehabilitation center focused on clients with addiction and mental health issues. One Rehab provides visitors with world-class recovery programs to treat addiction completely.

The center is surrounded by gorgeous countryside with green forests and rolling hills. One Rehab’s idyllic location encourages recovery and the elimination of addiction once and for all. The expert medical staff at One Rehab focus on treating the complete client and not just the symptoms of addiction. Using evidence-based holistic treatments enables One Rehab’s staff to examine the best course of action for each client. Once an examination is completed, staff are able to treat each client in four ways: body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Treatment and recovery programs are a combination of Western cutting-edge therapeutic methods and Eastern medicine philosophies.

One Rehab Thailand Clinical Ratio

Clients can expect individualized care at One Rehab with a variety of supplementary classes and therapies. Guests may undergo detox upon arrival with withdrawal taking place under strict medical supervision. Along with evidence-based psychological therapies, clients undergo wellness therapy enabling them to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol. The groundwork completed at One Rehab enables clients to leave the world of addiction behind and set out on the path to their new healthy lifestyle.

One Rehab is a luxurious center in Chiang Mai with an incredible tropical setting. The grounds of the center resemble a five-star Thai resort rather than the stereotypical rehab facilities many guests may have previously experienced. As part of the recovery process, guests can spend time lounging by the center’s swimming pool or getting fit in the fitness room. There is even a Thai masseur on hand to improve blood flow and relaxation through massage.

What is a day like at One Rehab Thailand?

Clients will undergo an examination upon arrival and may experience medical detox. Once detox is completed, guests will begin their individualized treatment plan and begin their journey of recovery. One Rehab has developed programs for clients that combine fun and exercise into the recovery process. Rehab does not have to be an arduous chore and the luxury center ensures guests gain physical and mental enjoyment during their stays.

One Rehab promotes mental, physical, and spiritual healing. Clients are able to heal all three areas thanks to the holistic approach taken by the center’s medical experts. Programs heal the inside and outside of an individual empowering them to leave One Rehab and live the best life possible. All treatment programs are bespoke and take each individual’s needs into account. It is a concept that is often overlooked by rehab centers around the globe.

Clients experience a luxurious stay at One Rehab that is magnified by the exclusive care given. The center only accepts six clients at a time providing each with one to one time with medical professionals. Thailand rehab residential programs are good value for money with most a fraction of the price of treatment centers in the United States and Europe. Compared to other luxury rehabs, One Rehab provides guests with care that would cost thousands of dollars more elsewhere.

One Rehab’s unique setting and holistic approach makes getting clean of drugs and alcohol far more possible than other facilities. It is a one of a kind center that is setting the bar for five-star rehab facilities.

Location of The One Rehab Thailand

Over the past decade Chiang Mai in Thailand has become one of the most important Rehab destinations in Asia, attracting thousands of clients each years across the numerous rehabs in the area, including The One Thailand. The peaceful city and surrounding mountains create a charming, relaxed and spiritual atmosphere in comparison to other cities in Asia.

Another reason Chiang Mai and the One Rehab Thailand is such a popular rehab destination is the weather. Nestled  next to the foothills of a majestic mountain range the micro climate of Chiang Mai lends itself perfectly to a beautiful recovery experience. The weather in Chiang Mai is far less oppressive than other locations in Asia.

Getting to One Rehab Thailand

There are direct flights to Chiang Mai from many of the major cities in Asia as well as several flights a day from Bangkok. A flight from either Bangkok airport – Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang – takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Chiang Mai is also accessible by car, bus, or train from Bangkok. A bus ride from Bangkok takes over 10 hours. The train takes about 11 hours, but goes by a very scenic route. There are also overnight train options where passengers each have their own private bunk.

Contact One Rehab Thailand

Address: 122/162 Saikham Road, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200



One Rehab Thailand
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One Rehab Thailand
Situated in Thailand’s beautiful Chiang Mai, One Rehab is a boutique rehabilitation center focused on clients with addiction and mental health issues. One Rehab provides visitors with world-class recovery programs to treat addiction completely.
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