Oasis Recovery Center

Oasis Recovery Center, 119 Longships Dr, Plettenberg Bay, 6600, South Africa

Oasis Recovery Center


South Africa is a beautiful country filled with gorgeous beaches, great outdoor adventure, and incredible sights to see. In recent years, South Africa has become a destination for many people seeking recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. The country gives individuals the chance to get off the beaten path when it comes to recovery. It also provides the chance for anonymity for individuals seeking treatment.


Oasis Recovery Center is one of South Africa’s top treatment rehabs. The rehab began operating in 2005 and for nearly 20 years, has been a stalwart in the fight against addiction. Oasis Recovery Center gained an all-new ownership group in 2017. The new owners continue to provide high-quality care to individuals seeking recovery.


The rehab understands that all addictions are unique and need to be treated as so. The location of Oasis Recovery Center is breathtaking and literally provides an oasis in the life of people suffering day-to-day with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.


Typical day at Oasis Recovery Center


One of the major selling points for Oasis Recovery Center, other than the gorgeous location on South Africa’s Garden Route, is the client to therapist ratio. There is one therapist for every four guests at the residential rehab. This gives you the chance to be seen, heard, and treated by the therapists at Oasis Recovery Center. Unlike other rehabs, you won’t have to struggle to see a therapist one-to-one.


Oasis Recovery Center uses evidence-based therapies to treat clients. The rehab’s team has the philosophy that all addictions are ways for people to survive and deal with stress. Using this philosophy, the team works to treat clients with therapies including schema therapy, group and one-to-one therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and emotion focused therapy.


In addition to these therapies, you will undergo supportive sessions such as 12-step meetings, volunteer programs, and activities in the surrounding nature. Additional creative and adventure therapies are provided. These include canoeing, art, elephant walks, wildlife tours, horseback riding, mountain biking, yoga, and golf. Adventure therapy aims to get you active while learning skills that can be translated to your life back home.


Oasis Recovery Center Amenities


The luxury rehab is surrounded by mountains, beaches, forests, and lakes. You will be right in the middle of South Africa’s gorgeous outdoors. The weather is comfortable all-year round, making outdoor activities possible for clients to enjoy throughout their stay.


Gender-specific housing is available on-site. There are a total of nine bedrooms and you have the opportunity to pick between private and shared accommodation. A smart TV with Netflix and Wi-Fi is in every room. You will find a swimming pool, tennis court, and library on-site, while meals are prepared by a local restaurant.


Oasis Recovery Center Price


Most guests stay on-site at Oasis Recovery Center for 30 days. The cost of a 30-day stay is approximately $7,000. The luxury rehab center welcomes a maximum of 15 guests at one time. The low number of clients makes the rehab exclusive and gives therapists the time to work one-to-one with clients.

Oasis Recovery Center

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Address: 119 Longships Dr, Plettenberg Bay, 6600, South Africa
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +27 44 533 1752
Booking: https://www.oasisrecoverycentre.com/