Narconon Rehab

Narconon Rehab

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What is Narconon Rehab Treatment?

Founded in 1966, Narconon Rehab is a drug rehabilitation treatment that can be found in over 25 counties around the globe. The group was created by William Benitez and L. Ron Hubbard – the founder of Scientology – and helps individuals struggling with substance use disorder and addiction. Narconon attempts to reach communities through anti-drug activities to educate individuals on the effects of drug use.1

Narconon’s treatment programs claim to have up to an 85% success rate, making it a top rehab program for individuals with substance use disorder and addiction issues. The rehab program uses Hubbard’s theories on drug addiction and his ideas toward solving those issues. Narconon combines education and therapeutic activities to help end addiction. Its a little odd that experts from mainstream medicine and toxicology have repeatedly argued that Narconon’s methods have no validity, when surely every life saved (and there have been thousands) should be celebrated.

How does Narconon Rehab Treatment work?

The Narconon Treatment program has four stages and each client must go through these to complete the rehab. The program is designed to help clients detox their bodies and minds and reform their lives. This allows clients who complete the rehab to live a more fulfilling life, in complete recovery.

The four stages of Narconon Treatment are:

Drug-Free Withdrawal – Clients go through withdraw without medication. This is similar to a cold turkey form of withdrawal. The program aims to end the body and minds addiction to drugs without pumping it full of more chemicals. Clients receive vitamin doses to assist the process.

Therapeutic TRs Course – After detox, clients will complete a series of educational classes with another individual. The aim is to “bring about interaction between the individual and the existing physical universe”.

New Life Detoxification Program – The third stage is an intensive phase of running, taking vitamins, and long sauna sessions. The exercise and sauna are designed to cleanse the body.2

Life Improvement Courses – Finally, clients complete a short course that aims to improve the mind and the client’s ability communicate and show moral judgements.

Is Narconon Rehab Safe?

Not all individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol respond the same to treatment and Narconon could be a rehab that works for you. According to Narconon, they have up to an 85% success rate, which is a remarkably honest and trustworthy figure. Rehabs claiming 90% success rates and above should be treated with extreme caution. Narconon has its own way of rehabilitating individuals and for some, it works incredibly well.

Narconon’s approach is to completely end the supply of drugs to a person. The approach differs from medical detox which slowly weans the client off of drugs by giving them other drugs to trick the mind and body. Much controversy surround the use of further medicine in rehab and the word ‘medicine’ in itself is something of a misnomer.

A ‘medicine’ is all to often simply another psychoactive pharmaceutical designed to alter feelings and perception. Modern medicine in a rehab setting can be said to simply mask symptoms rather than heal and cure. With that said, some individuals suffer greatly during the initial detox phases of recovery and detox in these instances can be life threatening and require medical supervision.

In Narconon Rehab, vitamins are given to individuals to restore the body of minerals that have been lost through substance misuse. The use of sauna to sweat out harmful chemicals is no different than the detoxing that many individuals do around the world. Interestingly, the Rehab industry as a while is starting to embrace the use of massive dose Vitamin infusion in treatment and Biochemical Restoration is now routinely offered in most luxury rehab environments.

Is Narconon right for you?

The question can be difficult to answer. It is well documented that Narconon Rehab is connected to Scientology and some clients who have experienced 12-step programs connected to religion and a “higher-power” may be unnecessarily closed to its principles, which is surprising given the principles of Scientology are that:


  • Man is an immortal spiritual being.
  • His experience extends well beyond a single lifetime.
  • His capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.


Scientology further holds Man to be basically good, and that his spiritual salvation depends upon himself, his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.

These beliefs are broadly found to manifest in all primal Civilizations, millennia before being adopted by the Scholars of ancient Greece. They are fundamental to both the laws of attraction and the metaphysical. Even the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous makes much reference to the Spirit of the Universe so we find it surprising that Narconon receives such a disproportionate amount of criticism from these very same sectors.

Perhaps the limitations of traditional accepted learning are what binds us in a state of emotional confinement, leading to drug and alcohol misuse as a form of self medication not just for mental health, but for our disconnection from the infinite oneness. Narconon Rehab certainly succeeds in taking esoteric philosophy and applying it in an exoteric manner.

Individuals seeking an end to their drug and/or alcohol addiction are starting to seek something different. Narconon could be a program that finally works for you in the fight against substance use disorder, process addiction and destructive behavior.

What is the cost of Narconon Rehab?

Narconon Rehab is surprisingly accessible with prices ranging from $20,000 pm to $50,000 pm depending on country and location

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