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Claudia Black Young Adult Center

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center provides individuals aged 18 to 26 with expert treatment for addiction, emotional trauma, and mental health. The center is a part of the famed Meadows group and offers in-patient care to clients seeking an escape from their addictions and issues.

Like many of the Meadows’ highly regarded treatment facilities, the Claudia Black Center is situated in Wickenburg, Arizona, just a short distance from Phoenix. The luxury rehab facility’s remote location on the edge of the Sonoran Desert gives residents the chance to get away from home and many of the triggers they experience.

The rehab center was founded by Dr. Claudia Black, who is known around the world for her cutting-edge treatment. Dr. Black first rose to fame in the 1970s working with children affected by drug and alcohol addiction. She developed the treatment plan utilized by the center that now bears her name.

The Claudia Black Center is located on the same premises as the Meadows rehab facility. It offers a niche treatment program to clients based on Dr. Black’s research. Clients complete a 45-day treatment program at the center and can go through detox upon arrival. The 45-day treatment plan consists of 12-step, evidence-based practices, and new-age approaches. The combination of the three elements offers a holistic treatment plan that enables residents to heal completely.

Guests will experience a five-star hotel-style stay at the Claudia Black Center. On-site chefs prepare highly nutritious meals in the cafe while residents live in double occupancy bedrooms. A maid service is also available to keep living quarters clean.

What is a day like at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center?

Residents begin their days early at the Claudia Black Center and each day is highly structured to keep everyone busy. All residents must attend daily AA and/or NA meetings. There are also meditation classes and community meetings residents must participate in.

The center makes great use of group therapy and clients attend these sessions three times a day Monday through Friday. Group therapy is used to create communication skills between residents and combat triggers. Residents will also attend individual therapy during the day where they can experience CBT, DBT, MI, and EMDR treatments. In addition, guests can participate in anger management sessions, relapse prevention, and exercise classes such as yoga.

Each day is packed with activities at the Claudia Black Center and guests may find the highly structured format to be difficult to get into right away. However, the center remains one of the most popular young adult centers in the United States thanks to its focus on routine.

Claudia Black Center Cost

The luxury rehab center takes private insurance allowing residents to pay for their treatment. Payment plans and financing are also available. The cost of a 45-day treatment program at the Claudia Black Center is $35,000. The price of the rehab not only gives residents world-class addiction, mental health, and emotional trauma therapy, but it gives them the chance to live on the beautiful campus and take advantage of nutritious meals throughout their stay.

The center’s treatment program was developed in the 1970s by Pia Melody. The program focuses heavily on childhood trauma and identity issues.

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