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Betterhelp Mental Wellbeing in Florida

BetterHelp is one of the most well-known online therapy providers in the World. You may have heard of BetterHelp’s advertisements in Florida on podcasts, radio, or read about it online. According to the latest statistics provided by Betterhelp, the online therapy provider has nearly 2 million customers worldwide including many in Florida. Its client-base makes Betterhelp the world’s largest online therapy provider and a very popular choice.


Better Help ticks a lot of boxes for individuals in Florida seeking counseling and therapy to restore the right balance in their lives. All too often we fail to live our best life to our full potential because of things like drinking too much alcohol too regularly, sadness, grief, stress and burnout. The Betterhelp platform allows users to connect with therapists that can help with a variety of wellbeing concerns.

Mental Health Retreat in Florida

A Mental health retreat in Florida enables individuals suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues to receive care at inpatient facilities in or near Florida and improve their well-being. An inpatient Mental Health Retreat in Florida or nearby, can effectively help with mental health disorders far better than other types of intensive outpatient treatment plans.


Inpatient mental health retreats in Florida give clients a holistic experience that uncover the deep causes of problems. While many treatment plans simply treat the symptoms, a mental health retreat can also address the underlying reasons for their causes. The approach enables clients to heal more completely and end their mental health disorders long-term.


An immersive mental health retreat in Florida allows you to separate yourself from the triggers and issues at home. You are forced to deal with the issues of your mental health and work toward getting better. Mental health retreats in Florida also allow you to build new habits that create better well-being.


How do mental health retreats in Florida help clients?


Guests at a mental health retreat in Florida can experience an exciting experience that leads to full healing. Luxury retreats in Florida offer a variety of traditional and non-traditional treatment plans. You will experience therapy sessions with trained professionals enabling you to get to the root of the problem. Additional therapies available to clients include yoga, meditation, and working out, which all help guests recover from their mental health issues.


Mental health retreats in Florida are not just about countless therapy sessions that take place throughout the day. The days are organized to give you the optimal way to heal through varied activities. An immersive retreat in Florida can help guests begin to transform themselves physically which will improve their lives mentally.


One of the reasons individuals seek out a mental health retreat in Florida is for the variety in the day. It is more than just talking to therapists. It is an immersive experience that takes guests and changes their lives.


Why visit a mental health retreat in Florida?


Clients can find it difficult to get the help needed at home or in traditional outpatient treatment centers. A mental health retreat not only gives clients the chance to spend their entire time at the rehab center, but it gives them an around the clock focus not experienced at an outpatient facility.


Mental health retreats in Florida can also address underlying nutritional issues which may also give clients the boost needed. Depression for example, can be triggered through a poor diet just as a lack of physical fitness can. By correcting underlying nutritional deficiencies, a guest at a mental health retreat can learn how to improve their depression through diet. This process is called Orthomolecular Treatment.


A mental health retreat in Florida can inspire guests to become healthier and fitter. Luxury rehabs offer peaceful settings with experienced psychiatrists and staff to improve clients’ well-being. While resembling five-star boutique hotels, mental health retreats in Florida address the issues clients possess improving their lives and making mental health more manageable.

Top Mental Health Retreat Serving Florida

Below is a compilation of the best mental health retreats in the world serving Florida with pricing, reviews, and more. As an independent resource, we list each mental health retreat that matches our exacting criteria, ensuring that those looking for mental health treatment have a comprehensive list of the best options available locally or abroad.

Luxury Mental Health Retreats in Florida

The REMEDY, by Remedy Wellbeing, award-winning Mental Health Retreat serving Florida


Remedy Wellbeing believes that addiction and mental health issues can be attributed to, and marked by, a fundamental sense of disconnection that many of us experience in the modern-day world. We adhere to the belief that engaging with others and being a part of a loving community is essential for all people, especially those seeking recovery. We practice non-judgement and shame-free communication, never arguing or using confrontation.


The REMEDY Method® is an effective method for mental health treatment and co-occurring addiction. Remedy Wellness therapists and all staff are trained and encouraged to interact with our clients with respect and authenticity, always making sure to protect the dignity of everyone they encounter. Rather than telling our clients the solutions to their current struggles, we provide them with the opportunity and insight they need to discover it themselves.

Executive Mental Health Retreat in Florida


Top executives in Florida experience busy schedules, crippling anxiety, paralyzing fear, explicit loneliness and the constant threat of attack from within or outside the organization. Current therapeutic thinking about ‘sharing’ and ‘getting honest’ with mental health is incredibly difficult, especially in a highly public company.


Executive mental health treatment centers in Florida can focus on helping a client get over burnout and stress from their hectic lifestyles. They can also treat drug and alcohol addiction that may have developed in clients.


Divorce Retreat in Florida


Divorce can be a traumatic experience for men and women. The feelings of rejection, anger, and rage are common in individuals who get divorced. Oftentimes, it is one person in a relationship that instigates a separation with a spouse. Divorce can also make building new relationships with people difficult and nearly impossible to trust a new partner.


A divorce retreat in Florida provides attendees with tools to cope with separating from their partners. From how to cope with the emotions of splitting up to the experience of co-parenting with an ex, divorce retreats can give a client the help needed to move forward and not backwards.

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