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Remedy Wellbeing is the perfect location for individuals seeking recovery in a luxurious and private location. With a focus on the highest-net-worth individuals, Remedy Wellbeing exists to help you find serenity according to your highest values, whatever those values may be. Stress free, non-judgemental treatments of emotional, physical and psychological wellness. Remedy Wellbeing supports a wide range of wellness issues including dependencies, anxiety, insomnia, depression, burnout, trauma, weight-loss, rejuvenation & anti-aging as well as biochemical restoration and nutritional balance.


Specializations | The Remedy Wellbeing flagship rehabilitation program is built upon a far-reaching, nine-hour-a-day treatment regimen. The program addresses every element of human function and wellness and includes psychotherapy, value based neurological conditioning, trauma therapy through EMDR, somatic experiencing, CBT, NFB, family therapy and mindfulness work.


Price | $304,000 USD per week

Rehab in Marbella; Luxury, Exclusivity, Privacy

Why attend rehab in Marbella?


Spain’s Marbella region is one of the most luxurious areas and is home to a number of world-class resorts. Marbella’s holiday resorts attract individuals from all over the world thanks to their incredible setting and amenities. Individuals seeking a relaxing, beautiful beach setting can find rehab in Marbella to be an ideal choice for recovery.


Marbella and its surrounding area provide you with a home away from home. The relaxing setting of Marbella is accompanied by rehab centers with world-class treatment plans. Centers for rehab in Marbella rival the resorts that travelers stay at during a holiday. The city’s environment is perfect for the recovery process and eases drug and alcohol addiction treatment.


These are the Rehabs in Marbella everyone is talking about, including some of the most progressive and experienced clinicians in the World. Marbella Rehabs are well known for Luxury, Exclusivity and Privacy. While there are many rehabs in Marbella, it’s important to choose the right one that fits your needs. Villa Paradiso Spain, for example, was recently awarded the prestigious accolade of ‘Best Rehab in Europe’.


Residential rehab in Marbella


Drug and alcohol addiction can take everything out of you. Attending a rehab can be emotionally and physically draining, and finding a treatment program in a safe environment can make it easier to recover.


Rehab in Marbella provides clients with first-class treatment plans for drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment plans include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medically supervised detoxes, group therapy and individual counselling sessions, and family therapy. You will find rehab treatment programs offering a combination of clinical and holistic practices.


Many of the treatment programs offered are personalized to each individual. Bespoke recovery plans give you the chance to heal completely and promote long-term recovery. Drug and alcohol recovery are not a one size fits all treatment. Many individuals that attend rehab with a cookie cutter recovery plan succumb to the triggers of addiction once they return home. Marbella rehab offers you the chance to learn how to cope with triggers once completing the program.


Unbeatable atmosphere and environment


Millions of travelers seeking sun and fun visit Marbella each year. Just because you are in rehab, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the local setting. Marbella’s weather is some of the best in Europe and travelers will find it to be perfect for recovery.


Marbella receives 3,000 hours of sunlight each year and ranks as the sunniest in Spain. You can spend your days outside soaking up the healing sun. Great weather can improve the recovery process and spending your time outdoors in Marbella before and after therapy can be incredible rewarding.


Getting better at rehab in Marbella


You will find Marbella rehab to have everything needed to make a full recovery. Along with clinical and holistic practices, you will find many of the same great perks that the Marbella resorts offer guests. You will have a personal chef serving up nutritious meals. Learning to eat healthy foods enables the recovery process and teaches you to live a better lifestyle.


Many rehab centers also provide outdoor activities thanks to the Marbella weather and coastal area. From hikes to wakeboarding to swimming, you can find a way to get back to being the person you were before drugs and alcohol took over.


Marbella’s therapeutic treatment plans offer personalized programs in a beautiful setting to enhance the recovery process. With tailor-made programs for clients, rehab in Marbella is an ideal way to end your dependency on drugs and alcohol.


Marbella rehabs cover all treatment modalities, from those following a more group focused 12-step recovery model right through the spectrum of treatment delivery to those centers that have pioneered their own modality of treatment away from the 12-step approach to a fully holistic and therapeutic model.


Best Marbella Rehab


Worlds Best Rehab feature a guide to the very best rehabs in Marbella. These rehabs are chosen not just for their all-round luxury, yet also for the quality of service and commitment to the goal of long-term complete recovery.


Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab


After the decision has been made to undertake a period of rehabilitation one of the first decisions will be to choose between inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment. At Worlds Best Rehab we are firm advocates of inpatient treatment models, given the greater chance of long-term complete recovery.


Statistically, those choosing residential treatment in 48-day, 60-day or 90-day programs stand a greater chance of success long-term. The 28-day rehab model can also be successful although do remember that if the 28-days includes a period of medical detox then the total number of ‘therapeutic days’ will be greatly reduced. For this very reason many rehabs in Marbella have after care or secondary treatment options to assist a client reintegrate into their new life in recovery.


Marbella Detox


Phase one of inpatient Marbella rehab usually starts detoxification and it’s the detox phase of recovery that presents the most brutal physical symptoms of addiction. Detox can be undertaken in a medically supervised home detox environment though this must be under the guidance and direction of a Marbella rehab physician. A poorly managed detox can be fatal as the potentially life-threatening effects of suddenly quitting (withdrawing) from alcohol and substance abuse can be very severe.


For many people it is safest and preferable to detox under medical supervision in a Marbella rehab facility.


Outpatient Rehab Options in Marbella


Outpatient treatment varies in length, depending on the specific needs of the patient and might require 13-26 hours of treatment participation per week and can last from 3 to 12 months. Outpatient treatment in Marbella can be successful, of that there is no doubt. Though many patients need to draw upon huge reserves of self-motivation and self-discipline to fully recover. And during active addiction such reserves have generally been exhausted through the very cycle of addiction that leads a patient or their loved ones to consider rehab in Marbella as the only option.


Addiction Treatment in Marbella

Addiction Treatment in Marbella


Alcohol Detox in Marbella

Alcohol Detox in Marbella


Next Phase of Marbella Rehab


After a successful detox, therapeutic efforts begin at the in earnest at the Marbella rehab of choice to address the underlying symptoms and catalysts that lead to substance abuse and behavioural disorder. During inpatient Marbella rehab this phase of recovery includes therapy, counselling, peer support and medical care if required.


Additionally, many holistic and nutritional therapies can be applied at this stage including nutritional rehabilitation, biochemical restoration, equine therapy, art therapy, yoga, exercise and a raft of local and international techniques.


When to go to Rehab in Marbella


Substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths globally though when it comes to addiction it can prove very difficult to admit that a problem exists.


As a general guide if substance abuse and addictive behaviors are causing a negative effect on any aspect of your life then it’s time to consider a period of rehabilitation and recovery. If you’re questioning whether or not you may need help in rehabilitating your life then it’s very likely that you do, especially if your concerns are around alcohol, opioids or any other psychoactive substance.


Understanding the Severity of Addiction in Marbella


According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), Addiction in Marbella is diagnosed on a spectrum of eleven criteria, including:


  • Lack of control
  • Desire to quit but unable
  • Spending a lot of time trying to get the substance
  • Cravings
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Problems with relationships
  • Loss of interest
  • Dangerous use
  • Worsening situations
  • Tolerance
  • Withdrawal


The severity is determined by how many criteria you meet. For example, if two to three of the criteria apply to you, you would have a mild substance use disorder. But even if you have a mild diagnosis, you should still seek the help of qualified professionals.


Admissions Process for Marbella Rehab


There are many different pathways into rehab in Marbella and we still believe that reaching out to rehabs and treatment centers directly is the best way.


You may be referred by your medical specialist or interventionist but it pays to ask whether that physician or referrer will receive a commission for your admission. Be sure not to accept the first recommendation for a Rehab Facility in Marbella and check our full list of handpicked and expertly vetted facilities in Marbella.


From making the initial enquiry to a Marbella Rehab our featured treatment centers will work with you to understand the nature of the clients condition and to assess whether their facility or treatment models are best suited to the individual needs and requirements. Often, a client will be based out of State or indeed internationally and the rehab team will work closely alongside other medical and sober transport agencies to ensure a safe and secure transport pathway to admission.


Cost of Rehab in Marbella


Rehab in Marbella can cost between $10,000 and $1million+ per month depending on the individual rehab.


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