Luxury Rehabs

Luxury Rehabs

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Luxury Rehabs

When an individual thinks about a rehab facility, they often conjure up images of places from film or television shows that depict addicts living in poor and rough conditions. While these portrayals of rehab facilities are often exaggerated, there are elements that hit the mark. However, over the last decade, luxury rehab facilities and treatment centers have become more wide spread, offering customized treatment plans for individuals seeking help and usually on a one to one personalized basis.

The recovery process can be a stressful situation both mentally and physically. Therefore, guests at rehab facilities can have their recovery stifled due to subpar conditions. At a luxury rehab clinic, a client has the facilities and amenities needed to live a normal life while gaining the help they need to recover completely.

Why stay at a luxury rehabs facility?

Luxury rehabs are an ideal treatment option for an individual seeking privacy and to feel respected by both staff and other practitioners. Confidentiality is the No. 1 reason a person chooses to stay at a luxury facility, but it isn’t the only reason. Luxury rehab enables a person to stay in a facility providing a similar lifestyle experience that guests are used to. In Luxury Rehabs that treat more than one person at a time, the social standing of clients is of a similar level in important to many seeking help.

Luxury Rehabs provide a positive experience to guests and can be different than the negative aspects “normal” rehab provides. Private suites, apartments, and even whole houses can be uses by a client to maximize their recovery. These areas are also ideal for guests to unwind and relax when not in treatment. Treatments may take place in luxury environments but recovery can still stressful on the mind and body.

Enhanced recovery at luxury rehabs

One of the areas that separates luxury rehab from other forms of recovery is the enhanced methods used to enable healing. Many of the world’s best and most expensive rehab centers including Physis Recovery provide anti-ageing therapy, access to new and evolving medications, Orthomolecular medicine and Biochemical restoration, spa treatments, private gyms, swimming pools, and luxury rehab on a yacht. Why are these offered to guests? The enhanced recovery methods allow them to ease away stress and to re-build body and mind.

Rehab isn’t a prison and attending a luxury rehab facility ensures that clients really do get the best out of the experience. The environment and accommodation are all important parts of well-being and recovery, so choosing a luxury rehab that exceeds expectations can make recovery enjoyable.

Celebrity Luxury Rehabs

Many celebrities, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Madonna, are well known and seek upscale treatment. Luxury programs offer a variety of services that go beyond and integrate traditional rehabilitation activities. However, with most celebrities falling well short of Ultra High Net Worth status many attend more regular run-of-the-mill facilities.

Luxury Rehabs often tout the phrase ‘Malibu model’ to describe their individualized treatment and it is worth noting this concept does not always have the same level of quality as a luxury mental health clinic. The essence of truly personalized care is not necessarily guaranteed by the luxury residences that claim it.

The Top 3 Luxury Rehabs in the World


1. Physis Recovery

2. Centurion Clinic

3. Prive Swiss


Physis Recovery is not a run of the mill rehab center where patients attend meetings and sit in their rooms throughout the day.

Driven by innovation and excellence in the treatment of substance use and mental health conditions, Physis Recovery is a sought-after destination for those seeking successful, long term recovery. Physis Recovery understands that not everyone has had a positive experience at a treatment center that practices the 12-Step model. The founders of Physis Recovery also don’t agree that treatment centers are the proper venue to practice the 12-Step model. According to founder Stefan Beresford,

“12-Step programs are available for free, and are something that we are happy to introduce our clients to, so they can further investigate post-treatment. We practice non-judgement and shame-free communication, never arguing or using confrontation. Above all, it is our mission to treat our clients with dignity and kindness, showing them the support, connection, and love they need to feel free and thrive.”

Physis Recovery offers a wide range of progressive and cutting-edge treatments. Clients can undergo treatment for substance abuse, process disorders, co-occurring mental health issues, as well as luxury wellness, anti-ageing and rejuvenation programs.

Single Client Luxury Rehabs

It isn’t just the accommodation and enhanced recovery methods that make luxury rehab ideal for individuals seeking help with addiction. Luxury rehabs often use holistic treatments that treat the entire individual. Guests can find customized programs that address their specific needs. These treatment plans are designed for one person’s recover, because no two people are alike.

Making luxury rehabs price higher than your average rehab is the one to one therapy offered by many of the best centers. One to one therapy allows visitors to meet with counselors and psychiatrists who devote time and energy to ending the client’s addiction. One to one therapy is possible due to low in-take numbers that only luxury treatment centers can offer.

Luxury rehabs are an ideal way to recover and eliminate addiction. From relaxing environments to personalized care, luxury rehab offers long-lasting help with addiction.

Luxury Rehabs
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Luxury Rehabs
Luxury Rehab provides individual care plans to each client & progressive treatment such as psychotherapy, orthomolecular medicine & stem cell therapy. It isn’t just the accommodation and enhanced recovery methods that make luxury rehab ideal for individuals seeking help with addiction. Luxury rehabs often use holistic treatments that treat the entire individual, with some of the most progressive therapies in the World.
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