Life Crisis Coach

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Life Crisis Coach


As humans, we often go through hard times in our lives. We struggle with our relationships, with work, battle substance misuse, overcoming losses, and a thousand other things that can turn our lives upside down. When we are struggling with one area of our life it can impact all the areas. Everything in our life is connected.


Life Crisis coaching will help you get back on track with your life. To help you overcome the obstacles you are facing by arming you with the knowledge and skills to rebuild and heal. We all come across life’s challenges and often we are left without the ability to know where we need to go next.1Losch, Sabine, et al. “Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and Group Training: How Leadership Makes the Difference – PMC.” PubMed Central (PMC), 3 May 2016, You can feel frustrated, hopeless, and trapped. If your usual skills are not working, and things are not getting better a life crisis coach can help.


Crisis coaching will help you create a path to move forward. We will help you build strategies to help you overcome the difficulties you are facing and provide you with the tools and skills to get back on the path of success and health.

Crisis Coaching vs Therapy


There is a lot of overlap between a life crisis coach and therapists but there also some key differences. Therapists are like mental health surgeons they run the ER and can complete emergency complex surgeries. Coaches have first aid kits and can provide rehabilitation exercises. Life coaching can aid in helping with more minor injuries or ones that are not completely debilitating or life-threatening. Individuals that are still able to move through life despite their injuries are perfect for coaching. Sometimes coaches and therapists can work in tandem providing you with comprehensive health and well-being plan.


Therapists often provide more long-term care that focuses on diagnoses or past trauma. Often therapy is focused on the past and uses analysis and introspective techniques to work through painful experiences. They work with the clients on problematic beliefs, behaviors, relationships and sometimes physical responses to help them create a more stable and happier future.


Life crisis coaches come and walk beside their clients, they provide them with information, brainstorm and examine potential decisions and directions. They provide their clients with the tools and space to clarify goals and identify obstacles to create an action plan to achieve their desired results. Coaching focuses on the present and works to create a better future for their clients. They are action-based and help their clients to take control of their lives and steer their ship towards their goals.


Life Crisis Coaches do not diagnose the clients they work with while a therapist determines the pathologies so they can be clinically treated. Therapists will help to examine the past to explain the present while life coaches identify the problems areas so clients can work to modify them. A therapist focuses on “why” certain behaviors occur while a coach works on “how” they can move towards certain goals. Both coaches and therapists can be key to your health and well-being.


The biggest life crisis


What is considered a life crisis? Many different forms, events and experiences can result in a life crisis. Each person is also different in how an event can impact them which can determine if it is a crisis or not. We may experience a bunch of smaller ones that pile up resulting in overwhelm and an inability to cope or we may have a big life crisis that has the same effect. We are all influenced differently, and we need people to help us get through them.


There are several areas of our life that a crisis can occur, in our relationships with friends, family and our partner, business, and mental and physical health. We will break these different life crises’ down and let you know how a crisis coach would help you through it.


Grief in Close Relationships


This type of crisis can be very hard. It can be the death of a spouse, child or parent. Each one comes with its own challenges but centers around processing grief and loss. Many of us in our culture do not know how to process grief and how to let go of and accept everything that has been taken away from us.


Many people fear that if they really let themselves feel the pain of grief, they will never be able to turn it off… it will consume them. This is not the case. When we resist feelings of grief and pain, we cause them to stay longer, what we resist persists. Your crisis coach will help you process your grief, pain, and anger in a healthy way. You do not have to be alone in this dark place, but a coach will walk beside you in the pain, helping you carry the load and eventually learning to put it down.


The death of a loved one could be recent, or it could be something from the past that still haunts you and gets in your way from moving forward with your life. Like mentioned before we are not taught how to process our grief and thus is can stick around for a while stopping us from feeling present in our lives. You can learn how to process this so you can take back your life with the living.


Divorce coaching


Divorce can be an emotional roller coaster that is time consuming and detail oriented. You can be splitting up everything from your house, stuff, and sometimes pets and children. Lots of emotions can come up and it can be hard to process them effectively. There can be a lot of anger and sadness involve that can feel all-consuming. Instead of reaching for unhealthy coping strategies a crisis coach can help you stay focused, organized, emotionally supported.


Your crisis coach will be there to help you think clearly through emotionally charged issues and help you to express yourself effectively. They will help you with your communication and self-care skills. They can also help you redefine yourself now that you are single again and reconnect to your true Self.


Getting over an affair


Infidelity is a huge break in the foundation of relationships, trust. You may feel confused, hurt, betrayed, angry, or like something is wrong with you. You may feel alone and scared to share this with your close friends due to embarrassment. You may fear for your future and feel you do not have any choices or know where to turn. Often one can cause a lot more damage to the relationship after the affair out of anger, hurt and pain. An affair or infidelity does not mean the end of a relationship if you do not want it to be.


A life crisis coach will help you explore your feeling and support you in whatever direction you are wanting to go. A coach will help you through this time giving you a safe space to feel and help you explore different options and perspectives of what happened. A coach can help you gain clarity with regards to where you want to go from here and provide you will the tools and skills to communicate with your partner healthily and constructively. You do not have to be alone or feel judged through this process a coach is there to help you through this difficult time while providing you with the steppingstones to move through it.


Mental and Physical Health


Medical Diagnosis: Getting a life-threatening diagnosis such as cancer can be very detrimental to our mental and physical health. Even with the expansion of treatment methods this diagnosis can stop you and your loved ones in your tracks. Instead of the regular work and stressors your life turns to doctor’s appointments and treatment. This can be very emotional and whether it is you or your loved one that got the diagnosis it can be hard to know how to process all the emotions and stay strong. Your ability to stay strong and positive through this time is very important for your health and a coach will help you do this. A crisis coach will help you stay organized and optimistic while you go through this process.


Mental Health: Are you feeling unmotivated, depressed, or struggling with another mental health diagnosis. Even when you are stabilized you may still struggle with the every day. You may feel lost and not sure where to take your life. You may feel unclear about your direction and goals. A crisis coach will help you stay motivated and provide you with accountability as you define and move towards your goals.


Sudden accident coaching


Getting in an accident such a car crash or falling and breaking some bones can stop you in your tracks. You may not be able to go back to the same job or career if it involved physical labor or exercise. This can be very difficult. Leaving you unable to walk, exercise or do the usual daily activity.


You can start to feel stuck and stir crazy. The thought of having to reroute your life or having to take a break from everything can feel unbearable. You may have to grieve your old identity and work to create a different future. This can be a huge loss. You may be in denial about the extent of your injuries and fear getting the answers.


This can cause depression and finical strain on you and your family. In these times it’s important to process the emotions and then get clear on a new plan. A crisis coach can help guide you in a new direction looking at new options and things that inspire you. It’s important to rest and know this is not the end of your life but the opportunity for something new.


Substance misuse and addiction coaching


For many people, substance use is a coping strategy for life challenges. You may have grown up with parents that relied on alcohol and drugs to cope with their lives and emotions and thus you naturally gravitated too it. Maybe that glass of wine at night has turned into a few bottles and you can’t stop. You may feel embarrassed to talk to anyone about it because you fear being judged or admitting you have a problem.


A life crisis coach can help you address the problem in a non-judgmental way. You do not have to feel ashamed that substances have started to take over your life. You can reach out for help and gain back control. A crisis coach can help you create daily routines with built-in coping skills that will healthily support you.


If you are willing and ready for a change a coach can help connect you with the needed support. You may need to get professional help from a rehab clinic and a coach can support the admission process to rehab. A crisis coach will be there for you throughout the process supporting you in creating a better future. A future where you feel equipped with life’s challenges and can find joy and happiness in the everyday without the overuse of substances.




Having a child with a significant disability can be very challenging. Sometimes you know at birth if they will be severely disabled or sometimes it takes a few years to see the signs of different disorders such as autism. This can turn your life upside down. It can be very challenging for parents to accept and grieve this reality. Often parents can feel like it was their fault their child was born this way but this shame and guilt does more harm than good.


No parents want this for their child and often one has no control over this occurring. Your life will still be filled with joy, just like there is with any child but your world will be different. You will be exploring health care, government benefits, and special education. Navigating this can be difficult, exhausting and confusing.


Your child may suffer from mental health challenges also such as teenage substance abuse, schizophrenia, defiant disorder, ADHD or self-harm. This can cause a lot of confusion and pain as a parent. Again, wondering where you went wrong and not knowing what to do to support them and yourself.


A coach can help you through this process. Giving you a safe space to face the grief, shame, and guilt you may be feeling. Providing you with support in providing for your child and own self-care. Helping you explore different options of care and support. Having a child with these challenges can be rewarding in ways but you must have a support network around you.


Business Crisis Coaching


Financial Loss


Our careers and financial security are very important to our well-being. We have mortgages to pay and families to support when this is threatened it can cause chaos. If you experience a financial loss in your company or you are laid off from your employment it can be very distressing.


A lot of fear can rush in and it can cause you to freeze or go into fight or flight.2Grover, Simmy, and Adrian Furnham. “Coaching as a Developmental Intervention in Organisations: A Systematic Review of Its Effectiveness and the Mechanisms Underlying It – PMC.” PubMed Central (PMC), 14 July 2016, It can be hard to organize your thoughts and create a plan of action to put into place. A crisis coach can help you get back on track. Helping you to brainstorm new avenues for revenue and creating a routine and habits that support you in success. They can also help you balance the other areas of your life this crisis may be influencing.


Starting a new business


Starting a new business or struggling in your own business can be beyond stressful. You can feel scattered and alone. This can impact all areas of your life causing you to lose focus and direction. When we get overwhelmed and run over with fear you can miss out on opportunities for growth.


When we try to create from a place of desperation, fear, and disorganization it can be hard to be productive and successful. A crisis coach will help you to stay organized while helping you find clarity and direction with your business vision. Helping you create a step by step plan for success and overcoming any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


There are many other life crises you can come across such as going through a new transition such as moving, new career, a new baby, starting a new relationship. Things we believe are successes may also create stress in us. Many of us need support while going through these different life events and we may not want to burden our friends with our troubles.


Often our friends can only provide us with advice based on their own experience, or they may only tell you what they think you want to hear and that may not help you get to where you need to be healthy and productive. If you let a crisis go on over an extended period of time your mental and physical health will start to decline due to chronic stress and unproductivity.


What does a life crisis coach do?


Crisis coaches will help you gain the insight, knowledge, skills, and tools to overcome life’s challenges. They offer a safe space for emotional processing and offer healthy tools and activities that will help move you forward. They will offer guidance and provide education and tools that will help create new plans of actions. They will help you gain insight and clarity into your passions and purpose that will motivate you to make the changes you need to live a healthy life and balanced life.


Why is crisis coaching important?


Many people struggle but they have no idea how to get past certain obstacles in their lives. Individuals are left with little guidance on how to lead a life that is full not only well-being and also thriving. Many individuals face a crisis and do not have the skills or ability to overcome it because no one has taught them how to.


If you do not face your challenges with the appropriate tools you risk digging yourself a deeper hole. You risk your emotional and financial security. Crisis coaches are important because they will help you gain control over your life and create a plan to obtain the peace and happiness you strive for in this life.


There is no loss or pain you cannot overcome. You are resilient. You may never be the same as you were before, but things can be better. You always have the ability to thrive and flourish in this life and a crisis coach will be with you through the process. You do not have to feel alone, lost or stuck.

What can a life crisis coach achieve with clients?


Crisis coaches will help their clients gain back control over their life. A crisis coach is there for you in your time of need. They will provide you compassion, emotional support and relief.3Jarosz, Joanna. “What Is Life Coaching? An Integrative Review of the Evidence-based Literature.” What Is Life Coaching? An Integrative Review of the Evidence-based Literature, Accessed 12 Oct. 2022.


A crisis coach will not only offer support but will help you move through and overcome the challenge. They will give you hope. They will empower you to make the choices that will move you towards your goals with direction and purpose.


When clients work with a crisis coach, they gain more clarity around their life and no longer fear the changes they must make along their journey. They feel emotionally equipped to move forward with their life freely.

What does life feel like after crisis coaching


After crisis coaching, one is armed with the tools, skills, and knowledge to feel confident in facing lifes challenges. When life does not go according to plan, they will feel confident in their ability to navigate effectively.


After each session clients will gain a new level of empowerment. They will get to know themselves at a deeper level and understand their role in becoming the people they want to be. They will gain a clear direction for their life with regards to their career, finances, and relationships. After crisis coaching, they will feel their mental blocks dissolving and room to achieve their true potential.

The Best Life Crisis Coach


Choosing Coaching features accredited Life Crisis Coaches that help clients mentally survive traumas such as financial insecurity, crippling fear, divorce, debilitating stress, panic and anxiety.

Life coaching includes:


1) How the brain processes trauma
2) What changes you must make right now to prepare and thrive
3) What the trauma cycle is and how we can get through it
4) What blocks resiliency which is critical for adaptation
5) Key physical and nutritional changes to make to reduce stress


Choosing Coaching is an internationally acclaimed mentor and executive coach, certified Trauma Specialist and best-selling author specializing in change, trauma and transformation management.


Whether it is a person facing the end of their marriage or the chaos that comes from the closure of a business, Paula believes in the personal touch, helping people with whatever issue they are facing and on any scale. Her corporate experience has allowed her to focus on measurable and results-driven timelines which she brings to her coaching and mentorship programs. Using a project management approach which aims to create goals and hit targets quicker and more efficiently, she also acknowledges that every problem is unique to the individual going through it, and adapts her programs and approach accordingly.



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