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Lanna Rehab, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Founded in 2015, Lanna Rehab is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the area’s luxury resort section. You can expect a five-star luxury stay at the rehab with up to 50 members of Lanna Rehab’s staff overseeing your visit. Lanna Rehab was co-founded by Darren Lockie and Martin Peters. The duo has a number of years of experience in substance abuse treatment. Lockie and Peters have overseen the development of Lanna Rehab and its holistic recovery options.


Lanna Rehab is open to clients 18-years old and older. It provides inpatient and outpatient treatment plans. There are 12-step recovery, specialized plans, and treatment for individuals with dual diagnosis. One of the unique aspects of Lanna Rehab is its program for people in the music industry suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. Whether you are a musician, tech, or work in music production, the rehab caters to your needs.


You will receive treatment for the mind and body. The resort-style atmosphere at the rehab and tropical paradise location makes it possible to focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. You will feel like you are at a resort rather than a recovery center.

What’s it like at Lanna Rehab?


You will be given a customized treatment plan when staying at Lanna Rehab. The treatment plan will feature a number of evidence-based, holistic therapies. These hand-picked therapies are the ideal way to gain recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.


Most of your day will be filled with individual therapy sessions, group therapy classes, and various physical and mental health activities. You will also spend time enjoying yourself in the tropical paradise of Chiang Mai. An emphasis is put on enjoying the stay and getting the most out of the experience.


After completing admission, you will spend each day in individual therapy with an assigned counselor. You will undergo group therapy twice a day.


Your weekly schedule will include:


  • guided meditation
  • written assignments
  • off-site excursions
  • exercise


Treatment plans offer CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), 12-step methodology, and experiential modalities like art therapy and yoga. You are also provided with transportation to AA/NA meetings to continue the recovery process. Help for co-occurring disorders is provided by specialized groups and medication management


Along with a customized treatment plan, you will participate in excursions and activities. These excursions and activities are to promote client well-being. You may also gain valuable skills such as team work, communication, and problem solving. Excursions and activities include zip lining, elephant trekking, temple tours, waterfalls, white water rafting, golf, and more.


If you want to remain in Thailand after the inpatient program or live locally, you can participate in the outpatient program. The program offers three group sessions a week. You will live in a co-ed house on the rehab’s property during the outpatient program.


Lanna Rehab Amenities


Thailand has become a very popular destination for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. It provides clients with a gorgeous setting, luxury accommodation, and top-notch care for less than you would spend in many western countries. Lanna Rehab is no different in these ways.


Lanna Rehab is located in a lush landscape in a beautiful part of Thailand. You will spend time completing excursions to many of the historical locations around the Chiang Mai area. Along with being known for its history, Chiang Mai is famous for luxury resorts, spas, and hotels. You will even find top-notch golf courses in the region. If golf is your sport, you can pair this with your recovery.


Lanna Rehab was originally a hotel before being converted into a luxury rehab. It welcomes up to 30 clients at one time. Despite its ability to welcome a number of guests, you will receive personalized care from the rehab’s staff.


You will have your own private room with a queen-size or king-size bed. Rooms come with big screen Televisions and ensuite bathrooms. Lanna Rehab has meeting rooms, a media lounge, dining room, and communal outdoor area. There is a swimming pool and a gym for exercise and relaxation.


Your meals are prepared at Lanna Rehab by an on-site chef. The staff provides meals that adhere to your dietary requirements. You can choose from traditional Thai food or western dishes at each meal.


Lanna Rehab Privacy


Lanna Rehab puts your privacy first. It is dedicated to keeping sensitive material safe and your stay will be discreet. Lanna Rehab has worked hard to build its reputation as a reputable, trustworthy recovery center. Lanna Rehab is so well-respected that Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) has partnered with it. The center has even welcomed NRL players for addiction recovery.


One of the world’s best rehabs


You will experience one of the most progressive addiction treatment programs in a luxury rehab setting in the world. Not only is the rehab experience second-to-none, but the cost of a stay is affordable. Lanna Rehab is firmly focused on client success. You will receive the treatment needed and have an incredible, once in a lifetime stay.


Private rooms with a queen-size or king-size bed are provided. Rooms come with big screen Televisions and ensuite bathrooms. There is an on-site swimming pool and a gym for exercise and relaxation.


Lanna Rehab Treatment Methods


Clients receive therapies designed to speed up the healing process. Therapies include one-on-one counseling, 12-Step, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Psycho-Educational Training, Mindfulness Training, Physical Training, meditation, yoga, massage, and more. You will also enjoy activities and excursions.

Beautiful Chiang Mai


Lanna Rehab is located in Chiang Mai amongst many of the area’s luxury resorts and hotels. At one time, the building in which the rehab is now located was a luxury hotel. Today, the facility is one of the leading luxury resort-style rehab centers in all of Asia.


Lanna Rehab Price


Lanna Rehab provides clients with an affordable 28-day stay. The cost of a stay at the rehab is $9,995.


Booking Lanna Rehab


The facility requires a 50% reservation deposit of the first month’s fee before your arrival. The deposit is to reserve a room for your desired arrival date. Once you arrive at Lanna Rehab, the full payment must be made.

Lanna Rehab Price
Lanna Rehab Success

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