Lakeview Health

Authored by Pin Ng

Edited by Michael Por

Reviewed by Alexander Bentley

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Lakeview Health, 1900 Corporate Square Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States

Situated in Jacksonville, Florida, Lakeview Health offers clients a luxury rehab experience on a sprawling 11-acre campus. Lakeview Health provides two gender specific residential homes for clients seeking treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders.


Founded in 2001, Lakeview Health has been a leader in luxury rehab for over 20 years. The campus can accommodate up to 30 clients at one time thanks to its large available accommodation and extensive staff. Clients suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse, trauma, co-occurring disorders, and anxiety can be treated at the luxury Florida rehab.


The rehab uses evidence-based treatment for clients. Lakeview Health takes a unique approach to addiction recovery. The rehab is accredited by The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal and it was voted as one of America’s Best Treatment Centers according to Newsweek.


Lakeview Health provides gender-responsive and trauma-informed care. The rehab is a safe space for clients seeking recovery. You will find treatment for co-occurring disorders and work with board-certified physicians and master’s-level therapists during your stay at Lakeview Health. These professionals are highly trained and experienced at delivering evidence-based treatment.


Typical day at Lakeview Health like?


Lakeview Health offers multiple treatment plans. The rehab’s residential program is its crème de la crème when it comes to recovery plans. Lakeview Health’s evidence-based addiction therapy programs build structure, insight, support, and skills for clients to create a foundation for long-term healing. You will learn to replace addiction with tools that help you refrain from substance abuse.


You will have a structured stay at Lakeview Health which keeps you engaged at all times. Being engaged prevents your mind from wondering and reverting back to old thoughts and addictions. There are six areas of therapy you will experience at Lakeview Health. After detox, you will enter the rehab’s customized program which features trauma-informed therapy, family therapy, recreation therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, expressive therapy, and aftercare.


The gender-specific residences for men and women offer some different amenities. The men’s rehab provides guests with multiple activities including a putting green. Meanwhile, the women’s rehab offers a spa for complete physical and mental relaxation.


Lakeview focuses on evidence-based treatments. You will receive one-to-one counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. Additional therapies include equine therapy, mindfulness and meditation, yoga, and more activities to get you more physically active.


Lakeview Health Amenities


The rehab is split up into two parts, the men’s Star accommodation and the women’s Rose accommodation. Each offers clients its own special amenities. The men’s Star accommodation provides semi-private rooms. The rehab doesn’t want clients to experience rehab alone, because being alone could be the reason each resident turned to drugs and/or alcohol in the first place.


The men’s accommodation has a lounge allowing residents to relax and get to know each other. There are also a basketball court, putting green, wellness center, and much more to experience.


The women’s Rose accommodation features semi-private rooms as well. Once again, this allows guests to meet other residents and to gain bonds. A spa and wellness center are available at the Rose accommodation for relaxation. A swimming pool is also on-site for female residents. Meals are provided at the Oak Leaf Cafe.


Lakeview Health Price


Clients can book a 30-day stay with the option to extend. A stay at Lakeview Health starts at $4,500.