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The Kusnacht Rehab is located in the breath-taking Swiss Alps with lake views that inspire healing. The awe-inspiring location of the Kusnacht Practice improves the healing qualities making it possible for clients to get better. The rehab center’s in-house program focuses on permanent abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It also centers on residents ridding themselves of the negative behaviors that brought on drug and alcohol misuse. Clients receive treatment for both substance abuse and co-occurring disorders that may influence each other.

Is Kusnacht Rehab the most expensive clinic in the world?

For many years Kusnacht Rehab was the most exclusive (and expensive) rehab facility in the World although as with most ‘Grand Dames’ they are eventually surpassed. Let that not detract however from Kusnacht Practice and it’s one of a kind location on Lake Zurich at the foot of the Alps. It isn’t just the location and medical care that makes the Kusnacht Practice one of the most exclusive, however. Kusnacht Rehab only accepts one client at a time. Due to the low in-take of clients, Kusnacht Rehab works with a maximum of 30 residents a year. Kusnacht Practice’s clients arrive at the rehab center courtesy of a personal driver and accompanying therapist, who deliver the resident to the rehab clinic from the airport.

There are multiple residential options provided by Kusnacht Clinic. Clients can choose from a penthouse near the Alps, apartments with breath-taking mountain views, villas located near Lake Zurich, and bungalows situated near Kusnacht’s ancient castle. Each accommodation comes with a variety architecture themes and individualized decor. It all combines to provide a healing atmosphere like no other.

Each client has their own personal butler. A gourmet chef is also on staff to provide nutritious meals to guests. Guests will have plenty of space to relax and activities on site to keep their minds focused on healing.

What is a day at Kusnacht Rehab like?

Each client gets a plan developed by Kusnacht Practice’s expert staff. A client’s day is made up of an eight-hour schedule that provides one to one counseling and biochemical restoration. Clients will meet with Kusnacht Practice’s team of licensed addiction therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors. Additional therapies included at the center are CBT, EMDR for trauma, hypnotherapy, and a 12-step program.1https://www.americadailypost.com/the-worlds-first-1-million-plus-rehab-center-physis-recovery-offers-four-premier-locations-to-clients/ Kusnacht Practice aims to treat the cause and underlying problems that exist in a client and not just substance abuse.

Treatment usually lasts between four and 52 weeks and commences with an extensive full medical assessment including lab work, a full spectrum blood test, electrocardiogram and GI tests. Psychiatric testing is extensive and includes pioneering Bio-R (Biological Reference Repository) analysis, which looks deep into DNA sequencing.

Along with a team of expert medical professionals, the Kusnacht Practice offers an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, two butlers, and two fitness coaches trained in personal fitness and yoga. Kusnacht Rehab Clinic was one of the pioneers of Biochemical Restoration, a method of complimentary treatment that has been proven to greatly enhance long term recovery.

Former clients to the Kusnacht Practice include royal family members and celebrities from around the globe. Staff members at the rehab center have experience working discreetly with high-profile guests allowing them to heal in privacy.

Kusnacht Rehab Cost

The Kusnacht Clinic is one of the most exclusive rehab facilities in the world.2https://worldsbest.rehab/worlds-best-rehab-clinic/ Due to the incredible location, high-quality accommodation, medical care, and one to one program, a one-week stay at the Kusnacht Rehab costs a very reasonable $95,800. A client pays all fees to stay at the Kusnacht Practice directly. The rehab center does not work with insurance companies, so all fees must be paid by the client.


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