Dr Howard Gluss, Daraknot Health

Originally from Canada and now residing in both California and New Mexcio, Dr Howard Gluss PhD is one of the true pioneers of progressive addiction treatment and care.


A respected and experienced Clinical Psychologist (CA: Psy21522 and NM: PSY-2022-0099), Author, Speaker, and Radio, Podcast and Television host, Dr Howard Gluss has taught graduate courses in Psychology, Stage Fright, Domestic Violence and Personality Disorders. Dr. Gluss is currently the Clinical Director of a rehab program as Clinical Supervisor, Addiction Coach, and consultant for Program Development.


Dr Howard Gluss & Daraknot Health


Dr Gluss is a true pioneer in the field of addiction treatment. He conceptualized the creation of what has become known as ‘at home addiction treatment. An innovative new method of addiction treatment in the United States.


Daraknot Health is the brainchild of Dr Gluss, and he leads a team of highly experienced, World Class addiction specialists treating individuals and families in a clients home, rather than have them attend a traditional residential ‘rehab’ facility.  Supported by a specially-trained team of addiction professionals, Dr Gluss and his team deliver a best-in-class in-home addiction treatment program backed by both logic and data.


What is ‘In Home Addiction Treatment’?


In Home Addiction Treatment from Daraknot Health delivers private, in-home drug and alcohol rehab care by providing their clients a discrete, individualized program that meets them where they are. Daraknot Health treatment programs are uniquely tailored to the professional needs of an individual client, allowing them to begin their journey to sobriety in their home or one of their partner resorts.


In Home Addiction Treatment vs Residential Rehab


Жақында жүргізілген зерттеуге сәйкес1https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5844157/ only 1 out of 5 people that seek help through a treatment center will stay sober their first year in recover. And even those who are in recovery a full two years still have a 40% chance of relapsing. commitment, addiction treatment can be successful. The most common attributing factors to relapse are issues around mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and unresolved Trauma.


No matter how and bespoke and individualized a residential treatment center claims to be, the structure around treatment can never be truly harmonious with a clients specific requirements. To solve this problem Dr Howard and the team at Даракнот денсаулық created ‘At Home Addiction Treatment’.


The Daraknot Health Program


In home recovery with Dr Gluss and the team at Daraknot Health usually starts with a Medical Detox; being the first step needed to begin drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Daraknot Health delivers a highly effective 5 to 7-day medical detox in a clients home. The discreet, individualized program can include:


  • 24/7 nursing care in the first three days
  • 2 – 4 additional days of 12 hour/day nursing care
  • Psychological assessment and supervision by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Addiction Coaching sessions with a licensed mental health professional
  • Medical assessment and supervision by a board certified Addiction Specialist or Psychiatrist


After the critical medical detox phase Daraknot Health offers Concierge Care through 30-day, 60-day and 90-day programs tailored to meet their client’s needs. These programs include:

  • Program planning and consultations with client’s provider and family
    Addiction Coaching sessions with a licensed mental health professional
  • Help with client accountability in maintaining sobriety with SoberLink® and Quenza®
  • Personalized services that can include sober coaching, physical training, yoga, massage therapy, narrative coaching, art therapy, business coaching, outdoor adventure therapy, cinema therapy
  • Resort amenities may include spa, gym, golf course, pool, fine dining
  • Nursing Wellness Program as weekly/biweekly visits to monitor overall health status such as physical check ups, monitoring vitals, IV vitamin infusions and nutrition counseling


Dr Howard Gluss PhD


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