Reasons to Get Kicked Out of Rehab

Authored by Jane Squires

Edited by Alexander Bentley

Reviewed by Dr Ruth Arenas

Things that can get you kicked out of rehab


Rehab enables individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol to get the help they need to live a sober lifestyle. Not all individuals want to get help and for them, rehab is more akin to a prison than path to getting healthy. Treatment programs are not easy processes and individuals can deal with a variety of mental and physical issues when starting recovery treatment.


You may believe that the best way to avoid treatment is to get kicked out of rehab. Getting kicked of the recovery program may be one of the worst mistakes you make. Not only do you lose your opportunity to get clean and sober, but you could run afoul of the law.


Getting Sent Home from Rehab


Before doing something to get kicked out of rehab, you need to consider your options. Rehab can be court-ordered and if you are removed from a treatment program, you could be sent to jail. Relationships can be frayed with family members and friends who wanted you to get clean and sober.


Most individuals that get kicked out of rehab are sent home due to an alcohol or drug relapse. Relapses are common amongst those in rehab11.R. S. Palmer, M. K. Murphy, A. Piselli and S. A. Ball, Substance abuse treatment drop-out from client and clinician perspectives – PMC, PubMed Central (PMC).; Retrieved September 29, 2022, from The stress of rehab and the triggers can send you back down the road of drugs and alcohol. In spite of relapsing, individuals may still want to get clean and sober. There is a fear of being sent home in these individuals.


Rehab centers have their own rules. If a client relapses, they will have ways to deal with the situation. They could offer an alternative to sending you home such as restarting the program. However, this is unlikely to be without cost.


Failing a Drug Test can get you kicked out of rehab


Some drug rehabs conduct mandatory drug testing. The reason for testing is to ensure clients are not using once again. Although a client may claim they are not using drugs to prevent being kicked out, they may not be truthful. A client cannot trick a drug test and most often, a blood test is used to determine whether a person is using drugs once more.


Residential drug rehabs are often controlled environments and it is difficult for individuals to use drugs and/or alcohol on the premises. Most clients at residential rehabs will undergo a drug rehab upon entering the program. Most rehabs often give drug tests at random times to determine whether a client is using once more.


Penalties for Breaking Rehab Rules


One of the ways clients are sent home from rehab is by breaking the rules. While this may mean using drugs or alcohol, it also means breaking other rules of conduct. Different rehabs have different rules. What are some of the rules individuals can break in rehab? Sex with other clients in rehab is one of the big no-nos. Using mobile phones to contact people outside the rehab is another reason you can be sent home. Depending on the rehab facility, the use of mobile phones can be greatly restricted.


The most important thing to remember is that rehab is there to help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction. It is in your best interest to stay within the rules to prevent a relapse, going to jail or being ostracized by friends and family.


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