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Urban Recovery: Rehab Review


Urban Recovery is a private, inpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment center located in New York City. It is New York City’s only private inpatient rehab. You will find Urban Recovery in the Red Hook Section of Brooklyn not far from the harbor in the Waterfront section of the city. The rehab center provides compassionate care and uses evidence-based therapies to treat the entire person.


The Rehab and Recovery Center was founded in 2019 in a five-level building in one of Brooklyn’s emerging areas. It is a gorgeous, modern building that houses the boutique recovery center. The rehab provides housing for 36 individuals. There is also a detox-specific are for six residents. Although Urban Recovery’s primary focus is on substance use disorders, it offers individuals help for a number of other issues.


Programs are personalized to each client. There is no one-size-fits-all model at the rehab. You may undergo inpatient medically supervised detox before starting the residential treatment. Each residential stay is based on the needs of the client. Stays vary in length depending on the needs of the individual, but are typically between 30 and 90 days. You may undergo medically assisted treatment at Urban Recovery during your stay if needed.


Urban Recovery has an experienced staff with specialists in addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry, and psychology1Urban Recovery. “The Truth About Urban Recovery – Defaulters.” Vanskil, 30 June 2019, www.defaulters.com/scam/urban-recovery.. There are also social workers, registered nurses, and a dietitian that work with clients. Along with evidence-based programs, there are art therapy, music therapy, fitness training, massage, acupuncture, biofeedback, and yoga classes available.

What is a day like at Urban Recovery


Every client is different and Urban Recovery takes that approach when working with residents. Urban Recovery assesses clients upon arrival. This allows the rehab to provide a completely tailored treatment. The personalized plan enables each resident’s stay to be as beneficial as possible.


Clients have a completely flexible schedule. You will undergo individual counseling and group counseling sessions on a weekly basis. Urban Recovery emphasizes that no two days at the rehab are alike. From day to day, the focus is likely to change. Therefore, one day you may focus on mental well-being and improvement, but the next, you work on physical health and fitness.


The average stay is between 30 and 90 days for the residential program. Although Urban Recovery has been in business just a short time, opening January 2019, the rehab has earned a well-deserved reputation for helping individuals end their addiction to drugs and alcohol.


Urban Recovery provides clients with 24-hour nursing. There are also full-time psychiatrists, counselors, and wellness professionals specializing in spirituality, arts and fitness. Urban Recovery also works with third parties to provide yoga and Pilates classes. There is an on-site chef to provide healthy meals. A fitness room gives you the chance to improve your health with daily workouts.

Urban Recovery Accommodation


Urban Recovery provides treatment for up to 36 residents at one time including six detox beds. There is a specialized detox room for those residents going through the detoxification process. After detoxing, clients move onto the full program which includes 35 hours of counseling treatment services each week. Group counseling takes place daily along with one hour of individual counseling per week. Clients receive intensive treatment to begin the recovery process and put them on the path to full healing.


Along with clean, comfortable bedrooms, you will have access to nutritious meals prepared by an onsite chef. There is a fitness room allowing you to get fit and healthy. A private rooftop deck provides breathtaking views of Brooklyn. Yoga and Pilates instructors work with clients to provide them with classes throughout the week.


The luxurious accommodation provides clients with shared bedrooms. Each client receives a single, comfortable bed for rest. Clients share bathrooms which come with showers and bathtubs. Counseling rooms are spotless and offer you the chance to share your emotions and stories.

Urban Recovery Privacy


Urban Recovery reserves the right to share your private information with other service providers. Urban Recovery will retain and use a client’s personal data when necessary to comply with its legal obligations, to resolve disputes, and enforce legal agreements and policies.

Urban Recovery Modalities


Urban Recovery uses an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to treat clients. The center’s bespoke treatments include medically assisted treatment, seeking safety therapy, and DBT. Detox is provided upon arrival and up to six clients at one time can undergo detox. Group counseling takes place seven days a week while you will undergo one hour of individual therapy per week. There is 24-hour nursing, psychiatrists, counselors, and wellness professionals on staff at Urban Recovery to work with each resident.

Urban Recovery Setting


Urban Recovery is located in the Red Hook District of Brooklyn, New York. It is in the Waterfront section in Brooklyn, one of New York City’s coolest places. The five-level building in which Urban Recovery is situated is a gorgeous new-build property. It is the only private residential treatment center in New York City. Up to 36 residents at one time, including six detox residents, can live on-site at Urban Recovery. The five-level boutique rehab is modern and provides accommodation on par with other luxury recovery centers in the United States. Clients enjoy shared accommodation with comfortable single beds. Bathrooms come with shower and bath combos. Meals are prepared by an on-site chef giving you nutritious meals.


Urban Recovery Cost

A stay at Urban Recovery varies based on the needs of the client. Most stays are between 30 and 90 days. The cost of a stay is around $50,000 and up. For up-to-date pricing, please call Urban Recovery at (646) 960-6656 or visit the rehab’s website.


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Urban Recovery may be one of the newest rehab centers in New York City, but it is already one of the leaders in substance abuse recovery. Urban Recovery offers clients bespoke treatment programs in an upscale five-level building located in Brooklyn. Clients may undergo detox before beginning their bespoke recovery program. Along with luxurious accommodation, you will receive 35 hours of group counseling per week and one hour of individual counseling per week.

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