‘Intimate Fame’: A Captivating Audio Drama Podcast

Get Up Close and Personal with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and More in Intimate Fame: A Riveting Audio Drama Podcast by Scott Edward Smith


The new Audio Drama Series, Intimate Fame, from Scott Edward Smith offers both an entertaining glimpse into the lives of some of the most famous and infamous people who ever lived. From Marylin Monroe to Mary, Queen of Scots, and James Dean to Alexander the Great. But along with the entertainment comes a profound psychological insight to rediscover such timelessly public personalities within their private lives. What made them tic? How did their lives change with success, fame, power? Scott Edward Smith gives us a “fly on the wall” experience of just what might have made these individuals who they were. Each character is presented in 3 – 5 episodes, bi-monthly and can be heard on podcast platforms of your choice.


Intimate Fame is an exceptional podcast that takes listeners on a captivating journey through the lives of some of the most iconic figures in history. Scott Edward Smith delivers compelling and emotional portrayals of complex personalities and the attention to detail in each episode is impressive, transporting listeners back in time to experience the intimate and personal moments of these icons’ lives. “Intimate Fame” is a must-listen podcast for anyone interested in history, Hollywood, psycology and the human experience.


Scott Edward Smith is a writer experienced in historical plays and limited series, solo performance work, novel to screen adaptation, episodic television, and original dramas reimagining iconic voices of the past. The podcast is produced by Dr. Howard Gluss, a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Daraknot Health: Addiction Coaching and Private In-Home Rehab Care. Dr. Gluss is also an executive coach, speaker, author, psychotherapist, and television talk show host. His podcast, a revival of his radio show Dr. G: Engaging Minds, focuses on sobriety, success, and mental health. Dr. Gluss is a popular speaker, giving talks about addiction, obesity and disease, and is also Director and Chief Psychology Officer of CounselorsandTherapists.com.


The podcast is also produced by Melissa Jobe, an actress, singer, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles. Melissa originated the role of Wallis Simpson in the stage production of THAT WOMAN! at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She’s appeared in several films and TV shows, including Jane the Virgin and DARK/Web. Melissa is also a producer and content creator with the talk-show, Dr. G: Engaging Minds.


The original score and sound design for Intimate Fame is by Chesney Hawkes, who was catapulted to fame in 1991 at age 19 as the lead in the feature film Buddy’s Song alongside Roger Daltrey. Following the film, “The One and Only,” the first single from the soundtrack, became an instant hit shooting to the top of the charts in the UK and making the top ten stateside. Since then, many albums and a lot of touring have followed as well as countless TV, Film, and Theatre appearances. Chesney co-hosts the podcast Ferguson Harrington Hawkes and recently released his career-spanning boxset, The Complete Picture on Chrysalis records.


Each episode of Intimate Fame takes you on a journey through the life and times of a different icon, featuring Scott Edward Smith’s masterful performances and Chesney Hawkes’ beautiful original score and sound design. The podcast is an excellent source of entertainment for history buffs, fans of classic Hollywood, and anyone interested in the inner lives of famous people.


Through Scott Edward Smith’s fictionalized audio dramas, you’ll get a glimpse into the private moments and motivations of some of the most iconic figures in history. From Marilyn Monroe’s struggle with fame to James Dean’s rebellious streak, each episode will transport you back in time and give you a new perspective on these legends.


Intimate Fame humanizes these larger-than-life figures. By getting up close and personal with their inner thoughts and feelings, audiences are treated to a deeply engrossing listening experience that creates a profound understanding of what drove these figures to become cultural icons. The exquisite original score and sound design by Chesney Hawkes elevates this already immersive audio journey to new heights, infusing each episode with a palpable emotional depth that expertly brings the intimate lives of historical and screen icons to life