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Ibiza Calm

Ibiza Calm Rehab


Ibiza is one of the most visited Mediterranean islands off the coast of Spain. Its beautiful weather and scenic beaches attract around 6 million tourists each year. Ibiza’s warm, sunny weather and ample beaches are not the only attractions that draw people to its island shores.


The island, which sits 150 miles off the coast of Valenica, is home to Ibiza Calm, a personalized addiction treatment center. It is the only licenses addiction rehab center on Ibiza and delivers bespoke treatment packages to individuals seeking help. Ibiza Calm specializes in the treatment of drugs and alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, and mental illnesses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar illness, and eating disorders.


The island is famous for its parties, nightlife, and the electronic/club music scene. Ibiza Calm’s location on the island and focus on helping clients get better is a 180-degree change from the holiday hotspot’s reputation.


Founded in 2015, Ibiza Calm claims to be the “most personalized addiction clinic in Europe”. It is a bold claim but Ibiza Calm’s treatment of clients in its luxury setting makes for a truly relaxing personal exploration of oneself. Ibiza Calm works with clients to end their substance abuse issues, mental health problems, and behavioral addictions. The residential luxury rehab provides each guest with a bespoke treatment package in which the focus is on recovery.


Unlike other luxury rehabs in which a large number of patients are on-site at one time, Ibiza Calm only admit 10 clients at a time. The limited number of clients makes it possible for each to get the focus they need to end addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health problems.

What is a day like at Ibiza Calm?


The luxury rehab is situated on eight acres of private residential land. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island. Yet, guests are still located amongst the beauty of Ibiza. Guests stay in an authentic Spanish island home with Ibiza’s natural beauty surrounding it. Waking up each day, guests will be able to explore the rehab’s surroundings to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the island.


Guests arriving at Ibiza Calm may go through the center’s medical detox before beginning their bespoke treatment package. New client detox can range in time from a few days to a full month. Residential treatment programs are set based on the needs of each client and their goals. Clients can stay for up to a month, however, longer stays can be organized.


Following the admissions process, clients are assigned a primary therapist. The client will meet with their therapist each day and attend group therapy, psychoeducation classes, experiential therapy sessions, and holistic treatments. The center puts a lot of focus on providing holistic treatments to promote recovery. Clients may experience activities such as acupuncture and massage. Guests can also attend yoga classes and personal training sessions in the rehab’s fitness center throughout the week.

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Ibiza Calm accommodation


Accommodation is provided in the rehab’s gorgeous 500-year-old Mediterranean farmhouse. It sits on eight-acres of countryside real estate. Just 10 residents are admitted at any one time. This allows each guest to get the most out of their rehab experience. It also enables clients to have space to relax and de stress during recovery.


There is a strong smell of citrus fruit in the air as fruit groves are located nearby. It is a refreshing scent that can inspire change in clients living at the luxury estate. Clients live in single bedrooms adorned with antique furniture befitting of an old island farmhouse.


Guests will find an outdoor swimming pool enabling them to cool off in the hot Mediterranean sun. There is also a gourmet chef on staff that prepares high-quality meals that meet the needs of each resident. Clients that find it difficult to leave work behind can use the Internet to complete their responsibilities and communicate back home. However, Internet access can be monitored by Ibiza Calm staff.


Guests live in the rehab’s 500-year-old farmhouse on an estate surrounded by citrus fruit groves, trees, and island hillsides. Each resident will live in a single bedroom and can enjoy the communal living spaces. The rehab also has a gourmet chef on-site to prepare healthy meals that meet each client’s nutritional guidelines.

Ibiza Calm Privacy


The luxury rehab provides ample privacy for all guests. Each resident has their own private bedroom and only 10 clients are on-site at one time. The rehab’s luxurious eight acres of space makes it possible for clients to relax and remain secluded from other guests if desired.


Ibiza Calm Rehab Modality


The rehab uses CBT and other evidence-based modalities to treat clients. Clients are guided by their assigned therapist through a variety of activities to identify addiction and demonstrate how it has changed their lives and those of loved ones. The rehab also provides 12-step recovery meetings at the end of each day.


Ibiza Calm Facilities


Clients will find a large swimming pool and patio space to relax on. The warm Spanish sun offers plenty of Vitamin B to improve the mood. There is also a fitness room and yoga class for clients to take advantage of.


Ibiza Calm Rehab Setting


Situated on eight acres of farmland, Ibiza Calm Rehab is away from the sprawling hub of the island. The rehab is located in a 500-year-old Spanish farmhouse. The surrounding grounds allow guests to get outside and take in nature during their journey to recovery.


Ibiza Calm Cost


Ibiza Calm offers different treatment packages to guests. Care can cost between €6,000 and €12,000 per week. The cost of care depends on the treatment desired by guests. The higher priced treatments offer more in-depth care to clients.


Ibiza Calm Rehab Summary


Located on one of Spain’s most beautiful and most visited Mediterranean islands, Ibiza Calm delivers bespoke treatments to clients seeking help with addiction and mental health issues. The environment provided by the rehab is one of a kind and evokes a feeling of getting better.

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Ibiza Calm

Ibiza Calm offers highly individual treatment plans. The facility provides detox and specializes in the treatment of addiction to prescription pain medication. It facilitates treatment in both English and Spanish. In addition to substance abuse, Ibiza Calm treats other compulsive disorders, such as gambling, and mental illnesses including obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar illness and eating disorders.

Ibiza Calm, Ibiza, Spain

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Ibiza, Spain

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