How To Get My Husband Into Rehab

Authored by Helen Parson

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How to Get My Husband Into Rehab?

In some ways, it may be more difficult to convince someone you love that they need to address their addiction through rehab than convincing yourself. There are so many reasons a person can list as to why they do not believe rehabilitation is for them if they do not want to go through it. Conversely, a person who is determined to quit will not let anything stop them.


The first barrier is that your husband will not see things the way you do. Denial is a massive part of the addiction process, so they will have no issue in denying the effect it has had on you and your family.


How to get my husband into rehab?


The longer you wait, the more damage may be done that cannot be reversed. If you see the signs of addiction, then you should do the following.


  • Approach with Caution: While the direct approach may be less time-consuming, it is sure to build up the defenses of your husband. You need to be loving and non-confrontational in starting the process of getting them the help they need. This means starting slowly and understanding that this may take some time before they see things from your point of view.


  • Avoid Ultimatums: It may work in movies, but real life is considerably different. In most cases, the ultimatum will not work and may backfire. If they do not comply and you leave, then they are still in the same situation. If you do not leave, then the ultimatum was meaningless.


  • Don’t Put Faith in Promises: Addicts will make a thousand promises, if only to buy them time. You should hold them accountable to their actions, not the promises that they make.


  • It’s Their Decision: It’s going to come down to your husband making the decision, not you. This means that you need to be patient, persistent, and keep working at it until they get the help they need.


How to get my husband into rehab? Get help


If you are not getting the response needed, then you should ask yourself the following questions:


  • How many times have I pleaded with him to get assistance?
  • Have my previous attempts worked?
  • How to get my husband into rehab?
  • How long have I felt anxious, out of control, or just crazed at trying to get him to stop?


If you have been through hell in trying to get your husband to go, it may be time to turn the spotlight on you. After all, you live in a home with an alcoholic or drug misuser who has affected you in ways that you may not realize. Quite often, the spouse of a substance misuser needs therapy and treatment as much as they do.


Are you wiling to get the treatment you need?


Consider how many people have left an abuser or even had them die only to get into another relationship with another abuser.  This means that you will need to get some counseling yourself even if your husband is still not responding. Remember, if you do not change, then your husband stands no chance of ending the addiction even if the do enter rehab.


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