HIPAA Digital Awarded Worlds Best Healthcare Website Agency 2024

hipaa digital awarded by worlds best rehab magazine

HIPAA Digital Awarded Worlds Best Healthcare Website Agency 2024



HIPAA Digital has been awarded Worlds Best Healthcare Marketing Agency 2024 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine, beating over 30 established industry players in the United States and globally.


In the final stages of the award, HIPAA Digital outperformed many high-profile competitors, including Creative Health Web Solutions and HCOB Partners. Each of these agencies has a strong presence in healthcare marketing, and received recognized status, but it was HIPAA Digital’s focused expertise in both HIPAA Compliance and Digital Marketing that truly set them apart from the rest of the industry. Additionally, HIPAA Digital scored exceptionally well for its overall affordability and value.


Getting serious about HIPAA compliance means a thorough audit of your current website and digital practices to identify potential non-compliance. It’s about taking proactive steps to secure patient data, minimize legal risks, and build a stronger, trust-based relationship with patients.


Worlds Best Rehab Magazine is the ‘Michelin guide’ for International Treatment. The Magazine is dedicated to recognizing the outstanding work and achievements of treatment providers and industry professionals Worldwide. The magazine is often referred to as an impartial barometer of the very best in treatment services.


According to Alexander Bentley-Sutherland, the CEO of HIPAA Digital, “This award is a testament to the HIPAA DIgital team’s dedication to excellence and our deep commitment to supporting the crucial work of treatment centers. We ensure that every website not only meets but exceeds and future-proofs HIPAA compliance standards, providing secure and effective solutions that enhance patient outreach and engagement.”


Beware website builders and marketing companies’ advice about how to create a website. In our experience, nine out of ten covered entity websites we’ve reviewed do not comply with HIPAA, including ones built by well known healthcare media agencies. HIPAA Digital is the only Dual-Expert that delivers outstanding website & marketing performance AND signs a Business Associate Agreement for HIPAA Compliance.


Michael Por MD, the panel leader of the awards committee, remarked, “HIPAA Digital’s focus on compliance and innovation sets them apart in a field of many capable agencies. Their tailored approaches and proven results in the highly specialized area of addiction treatment marketing are what made them stand out as the clear leader.”


Most Healthcare providers still regard PHI as traditional patient notes and records. They are unaware the ePHI (Electronically Identifiable Health Information) extends to to much more including but not limited to:


  • Contact forms
  • Email addresses (including the receivers address)
  • Analytics
  • Plugins
  • Website Security
  • HIPAA Website Hosting
  • Newsletters
  • Server Logs
  • Social Media


“Unfortunately, many healthcare providers and treatment centers are blissfully unaware that their site is potentially leaking ePHI, which is now a priority for OCR enforcement”. And regrettably research by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine identified that over 67% of Healthcare Providers did not have a Business Associate Agreement in place with their website providers, agencies, consultants or web hosts”


The OCR does not discriminate regarding an Organization’s size. This means that SME healthcare websites are just as liable as large Corporations. And the fines are the same, just that larger corporations will have more of them.


The use of self-built, outdated websites littered with tracking pixels, facebook widgets and social media follow buttons among SME enterprises in the healthcare sector reveals what actually appears to be a concerning disregard for the complexities of data privacy and security. It literally cannot be viewed any other way.


The notion that ignorance is not a defense holds particularly true in this context. The reliance on platforms like Wix or similar website builders often leads to easily identifiable inadequate security measures and non-compliance with HIPAA.


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