Headwaters at Origins

Authored by Pin Ng

Edited by Michael Por

Reviewed by Alexander Bentley

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Headwaters at Origins, 933 45th St, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, United States

Headwaters at Origins


Headwaters at Origins is a premier luxury rehab located in West Palm, Beach, Florida. The five-star resort-style rehab welcomes executives from all over the globe. With on-site detox, Headwaters at Origins provides treatment for co-occurring disorders.


The center is ASAM-certified, meaning you will get the best luxury rehab experience available. While staying at Headwaters Origins, you can take advantage of the rehab’s concierge approach for professionals, executives, and high-profile clients. You will receive the utmost privacy during your stay.


Headwaters at Origins welcomes up to 14 clients at a time to keep in-take levels low. The center was founded in 2009 and for over a decade, has provided guests with high-quality treatment. You will find evidence-based holistic treatment thanks to the rehab’s customized recovery plans. Headwaters at Origins likes to get clients’ families involved with the healing process.


Typical day at Headwaters at Origins


The five-star resort-style rehab stress it is for clients of affluence. A month-long stay at the rehab costs approximately $80,000. The experience provided by Headwaters at Origins is second to none and many executive clients believe it to be well worth the price.


Headwaters at Origins stresses its team has experience working with affluent clients and have the ability to work with the demanding issues affluent residents present.


The low number of clients on campus at one time provides an experience like few others. You won’t have to battle to see your therapist. The treatment programs are tailored to each client to ensure guests get the best experience possible. After an in-depth assessment, you will receive your customized treatment plan and the healing will commence.


During the assessment process, you will undergo psychological testing to search for co-occurring disorders. You stay at Headwaters at Origins will help you uncover the issues that led to addiction. The rehab prides itself on the quality of one-to-one therapy available which includes Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and marriage and family counseling. You will also experience mindfulness and meditation training sessions.


Headwaters at Origins makes every attempt to get residents’ families involved with treatment. According to the rehab, addiction is often multi-generational and getting family involved helps long-term sobriety.


Headwaters Amenities


You will spend your time at Headwaters at Origins in a private suite. Each suite is furnished in luxurious style. Your suite will be your home during the stay and it will be a place you can retreat to at the end of each day.


One of the advantages executives have when staying at Headwaters at Origins is the allowances the rehab provides residents to complete work. Electronic devices are allowed letting clients complete work tasks.


You will have access to a personal trainer, swimming pool, walking trails, and tennis courts during your stay. Snacks are provided throughout the day and gourmet meals are served to guests prepared by trained chefs.


Headwaters at Origins offers a luxury experience to residents from affluent backgrounds and high-profile guests. You will receive a completely private and safe stay while taking your life back from addiction.