Hacienda Paradiso

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Hacienda Paradiso Spain

Hacienda Paradiso


Spain’s Hacienda Paradiso is the world’s very first eco-rehab. Situated in Malaga, Spain, Hacienda Paradiso works with clients to end the cycle of addiction in a completely eco-friendly atmosphere. The five-star rehab facility is nothing like traditional rehab, and is an experience like never before. Guests spend their time recovering in an affordable luxury retreat allowing you to recover in complete relaxation. Addiction and mental health recovery can be exceptionally challenging, but Hacienda Paradiso does everything to provide guests with the most comfortable stay imaginable.


Nature dominates life at Hacienda Paradiso Rehab: Magnificent views stretch across high Spanish plains, sunlight dances across the Caminito del Rey, and white Andalusian villages melt into the landscape.


For clients beginning their recovery journey at Hacienda Paradiso the in-house detox program, Purify™ is usually the first stage of becoming free from drug and alcohol dependency. Purify™ by Hacienda Paradiso was created to ease the discomfort associated with detox by restoring the body and mind in safe and comfortable surroundings, under medical supervision. The detox process will be complete within seven to ten days, with many clients beginning a successful program of recovery after the detox process is complete.


Hacienda Paradiso isn’t just a rehab for individuals seeking relief from addiction and mental health issues. As an eco-rehab, guests receive the best treatments in the world while living in a center with a focus on organic gardening, ecological restoration and water conservation.


The rehab coexists with the local area and blends in with the region’s natural beauty. The center is in direct contrast to urbanization, consumerism and other trends that take away from the world and do not give back. During your stay at Hacienda Paradiso, you will benefit from the rehab’s physical, mental, and spiritual approaches. The environment at the rehab and its treatments will make you feel at one with the surrounding nature. Hacienda Paradiso offers detox, addiction recovery, and treatment for mental health disorders.


The World Class clinical team work with clients on a truly bespoke basis and are qualified to employ a range of progressive therapeutic treatments such as:


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • EMDR
  • Dealing with feelings and emotions
  • Communication skills
  • Trauma including inner child
  • Grief
  • Support groups
  • Recovery program
  • Meditation
  • Healthy lifestyle, aims and goals
  • DNA testing
  • Transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS)

Hacienda Paradiso Luxury Rehab

Being in nature improves your mental health. Drugs and alcohol cause people to disconnect, while getting outdoors reconnects you with nature, humanity and a universal force that can sustain you through the stages of recovery. The endings and new beginnings of the natural world offer perspective about your relationship with addiction.

Hacienda Paradiso Eco Rehab

What is a day like at Hacienda Paradiso?


Hacienda Paradiso provides guests with a bespoke 28-day treatment. The package includes detox and an additional 12-month aftercare program. Guests are treated from the moment they walk in the doors with a psychiatrist evaluation upon arrival. A blood test is also administered to discover if there are any underlying health problems.


Clients attend group therapy sessions seven times per week during their stay. Onsite chefs provide exceptional meals for clients during their stay. Two healthy and nutritional meals are provided by the rehab with breakfast being the only exception.


Unlike some rehabs, Hacienda Paradiso allows guests to use their mobile phones three times a week for 30 minutes at a time. Guests are not allowed to use social media as it may cause triggers. An open-air gym workout is mandatory and guests complete their sessions on a daily basis. When clients spend time walking through the beautiful grounds of Hacienda Paradiso, they’re bathed in fresh air and treated to the ever-changing play of light, boosting their immune system and producing sleep regulating melatonin.


The majestic blue skies and breathtaking scenery of the surrounding ecosystems buck the trend towards urbanization and consumerism. And with many people seeking an opportunity to get closer to nature, Hacienda Paradiso is part of this movement. A stay at Hacienda Paradiso addresses all the benefits; physical, mental, and spiritual, that the environment can offer to those that develop a deep integral connection with nature.


Hacienda Paradiso cost


With treatment costing €20,000 per month, Hacienda Paradiso has been awarded Best Affordable rehab in Europe by Worlds Best Rehab, beating over 30 other treatment clinics in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Spain to the coveted award.


Hacienda Paradiso accommodation


Clients have the option of a single or double room at Hacienda Paradiso. The single room is more like a one-bedroom apartment. It comes with a kitchen, shower, TV, and wardrobe. It is the ideal place to retreat to following a day of therapy. There are four single rooms onsite.


The double room, or double apartment, houses two guests and is equipped with a kitchen, shower, TV, and wardrobe. The only difference is you will have another client sharing the apartment. In some cases, guests prefer to have a roommate. This allows them to get to know someone else going through the same issues.


You will find an outdoor gym, swimming pool, library, and Internet area at the rehab. Guests have access to each area and some of which are mandatory to use such as the gym.


Hacienda Paradiso privacy


Hacienda Paradiso is dedicated to its guests’ privacy. Each guest’s stay is kept private and confidential. Most clients do not want the world to know they are attending rehab. Hacienda Paradiso understands that guest privacy is important and looks after each client’s personal information.

Hacienda Paradiso
Hacienda Paradiso Rehab
Hacienda Paradiso Pool
Bedrooms at Hacienda Paradiso

Executive Summary of Hacienda Paradiso Rehab

The rehab’s approach to alcohol addiction is based on being discreet, non-judgmental and individual. Staff look past the symptoms of alcohol and drug misuse to treat the causes of the conditions to deliver successful lasting recovery and remission.

Located in Malaga, Spain, Hacienda Paradiso is in the sun-soaked Costa del Sol region. Guests and clients are spoilt for beautiful weather all-year round at the rehab. The main building itself is an old Spanish villa that has been expertly and lovingly remodeled.


Hacienda Paradiso approach


The rehab’s approach to addiction is based on being discreet, non-judgmental and individual. Staff look past the symptoms of alcohol and drug misuse to treat the causes of the conditions to deliver successful lasting recovery and remission.


One of the World’s Best Rehabs


What sets Hacienda Paradiso apart from other rehabs is its eco-friendly stance. The rehab is the world’s first eco-rehab and provides a holistic approach to healing that no other center can offer. Not only does it have an onsite eco-market, but Hacienda Paradiso uses eco-products that follow European regulations and is based on organic farming. It is unique and works hard to lessen its carbon footprint while helping clients recover from addiction and mental health disorders.

Hacienda Paradiso is part of the award-winning Villa Paradiso Group

Hacienda Paradiso Rehab Specializations

Hacienda Paradiso Luxury Rehab Facilities

  • Fitness
  • Swimming
  • Caminito del Rey
  • Access to Nature
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition
  • Eco farm
  • Hiking
  • Movies

Hacienda Paradiso Rehab Treatment Options

  • Pscyhoeducation
  • Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • EMDR
  • Dealing with feelings and emotions
  • Nutrition
  • RTMS
  • CBT
  • Positive psychology
  • Goal-Oriented Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Communication skills
  • Trauma including inner child
  • Grief
  • Support groups
  • Relapse Prevention Counseling
  • Twelve Step Facilitation
  • Recovery program
  • Healthy lifestyle, aims and goals
  • DNA testing
  • Transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS)
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Psycho social assessment
  • Physical and psychological assessments

Villa Paradiso Aftercare

  • One Year Aftercare
  • Follow-up Sessions (online)
  • Companion if Required
Hacienda Paradiso Rooms

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Hacienda Paradiso Bedrooms

Hacienda Paradiso Eco Rehab

Hacienda Paradiso is more than just a rehab clinic. It’s a vision. A way of life that effortlessly blends World Class treatment and sustainable living through water conservation, organic gardening, and ecological restoration.

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Hacienda Paradiso Luxury Rehab


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