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Fairwinds Treatment Center Review

Fairwinds Treatment Center was founded in November 1988 by Dr. M.K. El-Yousef. For over 30 years, Fairwinds has provided clients struggling with addiction and eating disorders a platform to get better. Located in Clearwater, Florida, the luxury rehab specializes in dual diagnosis for men and women suffering from substance abuse. The treatment center also works with clients struggling with eating disorders brought on by mental health issues. The eating disorder program is six to eight weeks long, while the addiction rehab program is 30 days.


Anorexia and bulimia are treated at Fairwinds Treatment Center, giving clients a healing environment to recover. Each client suffering from an eating disorder is treated on an individual basis. Fairwinds Treatment Center does not provide a one-size-fits-all service to residents. Rather, the treatment program is specialized to fit the needs of patients.


The rehab’s addiction treatment offers specialized services to residents 18 and over. Fairwinds Treatment Center’s substance abuse program lasts 30 days and clients stay on campus at the rehab’s lush estate. The rehab center houses up to 30 residents at one time. Clients stay in shared accommodation with two twin beds. Fairwinds offers clients the use of communal rooms to hang out and get to know each other. when not in therapy sessions. Inside the common rooms are televisions and comfortable furnishings allowing clients to relax during downtime.


Treatment plans are tailored to the needs of each resident. A variety of evidence-based therapies are used to give clients the tools needed to heal. The center provides inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient programs, residential, day and night treatment, and family therapy. There is a lot on offer at Fairwinds Treatment Center, giving clients the chance to gain the therapy needed to regain full control of their lives.

Typical day at Fairwinds Treatment Center

Residents begin the day at Fairwinds Treatment Center by making their beds and tiding their bedrooms. This gives residents a sense of responsibility. Breakfast follows in the cafeteria onsite. After breakfast, residents participate in their daily therapy and meeting sessions. Residents meet with a psychiatrist each day. There are also two individual therapy sessions with a primary therapist during the week. In addition, clients will have a family session once per week.


Group sessions vary with some being discussion-led, educational, or activity-centered. Topics include living a sober lifestyle, addiction, and more. Clients will work on building communication skills and interpersonal skills as part of the recovery process.


Fairwinds Treatment Center uses different therapies including CBT, DBT, 12-Step, art therapy, and wellbeing/wellness groups. Meals are prepared based on the advice of a registered dietician, who is on staff at Fairwind. The dietician is able to give clients help and advice on their nutritional needs.


Residents attending Fairwinds for substance abuse will attend Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings offsite. Individuals staying at the rehab for eating disorders and substance abuse will complete many of the same therapies with a few differences.


Inpatient and residential clients will experience a tight-knit group experience. The center offers a three to one ratio in terms of clients per therapist. Intensive Outpatient program options are available with the treatment sessions running from 9am to 5pm, five days a week.

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Fairwinds Treatment Center Reviews
Fairwinds Treatment Center
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Fairwinds Treatment Center Cost

Executive Summary of Fairwinds Treatment Center

Fairwinds Treatment Center Accommodation


Fairwinds’ residential program offers clients a homely environment during their stay. One of the reasons clients choose Fairwinds, other than for its excellent quality of care, is for the location. Fairwinds is located in Clearwater, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico coast. There are beaches just minutes away from the rehab and the ocean air provides relaxation and healing.


The rehab is a gorgeous older house on the outside, but on the inside looks slightly more like a medical clinic. Up to 30 residents can stay onsite at one time. Rooms are shared between guests and each bedroom has two twin beds. Sharing rooms gives clients the chance to provide peer support to others attending rehab.


Clients can retreat to the common rooms which offer a great place to hang out when not in therapy sessions. The common rooms come complete with televisions and cozy couches. Clients do have some chores. Besides ensuring their bedrooms are clean and beds made, they must do their own laundry.


“Therapeutic” meals are provided to residents. Clients with eating disorders work with the staff’s registered dietician to create a meal program. The dietician will review the meal plan from time to time to ensure residents are getting the most out of their food.


Fairwinds Treatment Center Privacy


State and federal laws protect the confidentiality of each client’s medical information. Protected Health Information may be disclosed to doctors, counselors, or the rehab’s staff during treatment.


Fairwinds Treatment Center Modalities


Clients attend group sessions throughout the week covering a variety of techniques, tools, and skills. Evidence-based therapies are available for clients such as CBT, DBT, 12-Step, art therapy, and wellbeing/wellness groups. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held offsite, and clients in the drug and alcohol addiction program can attend these during the evening.


Fairwinds Treatment Center Setting


Fairwinds is located on the Gulf of Mexico coast of Florida. It offers clients the chance to escape to the beach when permitted or during group activities offside. The atmosphere around the center is relaxed allowing guests to chill out before and after therapy sessions and classes. Although the entire of the facility is more in line with medical clinics, the outside of Fairwinds is leafy and peaceful.


Fairwinds Treatment Center Cost


The cost of treatment at Fairwinds begins at $33,000. Addiction treatment is 30-days while the eating disorder program runs for six to eight weeks.


One of the best world’s best rehabs


Fairwinds offers clients a robust eating disorder program designed to help clients end anorexia or bulimia while giving them the tools to maintain a healthy diet. Individuals suffering from substance abuse addiction will also find help at the Florida-based treatment facility. Clients not only receive treatment at one of the world’s leading rehabs, but it is just minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico coast.

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Fairwinds Treatment Center Specializations

  • Meth Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Bipolar
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Cocaine
  • Drug Addiction
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Chronic Pain
  • Gaming Addiction
  • Heroin
  • LSD, psychedelics
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opioids
  • Alcoholism Treatment
  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • PTSD
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • Trauma

Fairwinds Treatment Center Facilities

  • Fitness
  • Swimming
  • Sports
  • Beach
  • Internet
  • Ocean View
  • TV
  • Access to Nature
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition
  • Adventure Outings
  • Beach Walks
  • Hiking
  • Physical Fitness
  • Paid work placements
  • Hiking
  • COVID-19 Measures
  • Executive Program
  • Young Adults Program
  • Pool
  • Private or Shared Rooms

Fairwinds Treatment Center Options

  • Pscyhoeducation
  • Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Mindfulness
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Dealing with feelings and emotions
  • Nutrition
  • CBT
  • Positive psychology
  • Goal-Oriented Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Communication skills
  • Support groups
  • Relapse Prevention Counseling
  • Twelve Step Facilitation
  • Recovery program
  • Healthy lifestyle, aims and goals
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Psycho social assessment

Fairwinds Treatment Center Aftercare

  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Follow-up Sessions (online)
  • Companion if Required

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Fairwinds Treatment Center


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Residents attending Fairwinds for substance abuse will attend Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings offsite. Individuals staying at the rehab for eating disorders and substance abuse will complete many of the same therapies with a few differences.

Fairwinds Treatment Center Address: 1569 S Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL 33756, United States

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