Executive Rehab

Executive Rehab

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The importance of executive rehab

The life of a top executive may look easy on the outside with large paychecks, business meetings around the globe, and dinners with other elite executives, but anyone who has experienced the lifestyle knows it is anything but undemanding. Top executives experience busy schedules with long hours at the office and relationships with friends and family can go by the wayside. Physical and mental health can also be damaged due to burnout from being overworked.

Paranoia, burnout1https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6424886/, depression, anxiety and loneliness are the most familiar sensations and feelings for most top executives including those on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. It’s very common for executives to self-medicate to change the way they feel, or simply to shut off from the day. The goto substance for self-medication is of course alcohol, yet closely followed by prescription pharmaceuticals, recreational and illicit drugs. Self-medication can also take the form of process disorders which manifest as behavioral mental health issues such as spending, eating disorders and sex addiction.

Executive mental health

Although anyone can suffer from mental health problems, gender norms affect how we respond to emotional difficulties. Girls talk about their weaknesses, while boys learn not to talk about their feelings for fear of being seen as insecure and inadequate. Thousands of young men suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses, symptoms that can be aggravated and provoked by silence.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among men under 45 in the UK2https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_in_the_United_Kingdom and the suicide rate among men of all ages is disproportionately high. For example, the data collected show that almost 40% of countries have 15 suicides per 100,000 men, while only one in five have the same rate as women.3https://www.who.int/mental_health/prevention/suicide/suicideprevent/en/ The male ideal, in which mental health is embedded, plays a role in this mental health crisis.

Many CEOs (both men and women) struggle with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, depression. The ideal image of the executive leader often consists of an image that projects a world of certainty and authority. This notion implies that the vulnerability, insecurity, and fear that make us human makes us weak.

As a result, the stress levels of executives rises steadily, while self-esteem lowers, acting as fuel for the inner critic.4https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14779757.2013.767747?scroll=top&needAccess=true&journalCode=rpcp20 Moreover, the pressure to hold everything together increases the likelihood of developing unhealthy coping mechanisms. And as a result, it prevents so many executives from talking about their difficulties with a professional.

Executive rehab creates a therapeutic bridge between sufferer and treatment. Privacy is key to any executive rehab clinic as it is still the case that a top executive in rehab or on a mental health retreat may unsettle a Board and certain shareholders.

Luxury executive rehab

Luxury executive rehabs were developed to give top executives in the business world the chance to recover and return to their lives. Executive rehab caters to the personal and professional needs of CEOs and celebrities seeking help. Rehabs that specialize in the care of executives are ideal for clients as they can still participate in daily work responsibilities while undergoing treatment.

Executive burnout clinic

Burnout is a psychological syndrome characterized by reduced personal performance, anxiety, depression and a sense of hopelessness. While burnout and depression appear to have similar symptoms, such as low self-esteem, lack of motivation, irritability, fatigue, anger, and insomnia, there is no evidence that it is the same or a different construct.5https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6424886/

Researchers disagree on the extent to which such overlaps are to be expected, and considering that burnouts are the result of chronic stress and that work environments can often trigger anxiety reactions, there are clear links between burn-out and anxiety. The link between burnout and depression has been examined in a number of studies, including the Journal of the American Psychological Association and the National Survey of Mental Health.

The Best Executive Rehab in the World

Physis Recovery is the most successful and exclusive treatment center in the world. Rated Number One by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine and includes executive recovery experiences such as a private yacht, horse riding and equine therapy on the beach, spearfishing, apnea freediving, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ adventures on deserted islands, and seaplane adventures to faraway lands, all replete in majestic 5* luxury.

The clinic provides a private escape for talented, creative, bold and enigmatic individuals, who are ready to reconnect with themselves through wide range of progressive and leading-edge treatments. Clients can undergo treatment for substance misuse, process disorders, co-occurring mental health issues, as well as luxury wellness, anti-ageing and rejuvenation programs.

Why visit a luxury executive rehab?

Rehab provides a client with 24-hour care from medical professionals. Clients are allowed to complete some of their daily work tasks but also receive a separation from the lifestyle and work that produced their burnout. Luxury inpatient rehabs provide relaxing settings that eliminate temptation and triggers. Many of the top executive rehabs are located in beautiful settings. These environments, oftentimes tropical, can give a client the peace needed to recover from the stress, strain, and seriousness of the executive world.

The stress of running a company and employing hundreds or thousands of people can take its toll on an executive. Business people must please a number of masters in their daily work and oftentimes, the one person they cannot please is themselves. This causes stress and depression that can feel impossible to shed. Programs at top executive rehabs give clients the chance to get the relaxation they do not get at home. It also takes them out of the full-on, fast-paced business life.

A focus on getting sober

Executive rehabs can focus on helping a client get over burnout and stress from their hectic lifestyles. They can also treat drug and alcohol addiction that has developed in clients. Due to the busy lifestyle many executives possess, drug and alcohol addiction can develop. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can simply be a result of coping with stress or producing stamina and energy to deal with the workday. Regardless of how it starts, an executive rehab can treat it.

Psychedelic Retreat for Executives

A resurgence in the research of psychedelic substances supports the development of medicines designed specifically to harness the unique medicinal qualities of plant based medicine.6https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5867510/ Executive rehab treatment can include medically supervised mild, moderate and larger doses of hallucinogenic and non-hallucinogenic medicines such as Esketemine™, Psilocybin and Ibogaine.

Why is executive rehab the perfect treatment?

An outpatient program is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. After treatment sessions, executives are simply whisked back into the lifestyle with little to no separation. An executive rehab provides a luxurious environment enabling recovery to take place. Clients can complete the recovery program, create separation with work while still completing some daily tasks. For many executives attending an executive rehab is the only solution to getting recharged and reinvigorated.

What to expect at Executive Rehab

Aside from intensive therapy, executive rehab may include BioChemical Restoration, Ozone Therapy, High Dose IV NAD, Non Invasive Rejuvenation, Oxygen Therapy, DNA & RNA Repair, Medical Hormone Treatment, Cosmetic Surgery and Spiritual Connection.

Some 90% of a body’s ‘feel-good’ hormone, Serotonin, is found in the gut lining and luxury anxiety retreat clinics detoxify the entire body which can reduce or often eliminate anxiety. By adapting to advanced and personalized nutritional programs, physical activity and relaxation, biochemical cells are less stressed, more concentrated and more productive.

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Alexander Bentley is the Chairman & CEO of Remedy Wellbeing™ as well as the creator & pioneer behind Tripnotherapy™, embracing ‘NextGen’ psychedelic bio-pharmaceuticals to treat burnout, addiction, depression, anxiety and psychological unease.

Under his leadership as CEO, Remedy Wellbeing™ received the accolade of Overall Winner: Worlds Best Rehab 2022 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine. Because of his incredible work, the clinic is the world’s first $1 million-plus exclusive rehab center providing an escape for individuals and families requiring absolute discretion such as Celebrities, Sportspeople, Executives, Royalty, Entrepreneurs and those subject to intense media scrutiny.

Executive Rehab
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Luxury executive rehabs were developed to give top executives in the business world the chance to recover and return to their lives. Executive rehab caters to the personal and professional needs of CEOs and celebrities seeking help. Rehabs that specialize in the care of executives are ideal for clients as they can still participate in daily work responsibilities while undergoing treatment.
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